Thursday, August 17, 2017

Day 406

Today also, I don’t have any topic in my mind to write. This is becoming a serious problem. For two days in series, I don’t have any topic to write. Previously this affair was once in a month or two. That much is acceptable. But two days in series means something serious. I don’t know what’s happening with me. This is a serious concern. But why would you bother about this? I know that you won’t write a single word in comment box as feedback. So, now you don’t have any other choice but to bear with me. You know that I won’t change my habit till I get any positive feedback. Anyway leave this argument and let me enjoy my writing. I don’t care if I don’t have any topic to write.
Well, I don’t know from where I’ll start. But I won’t fail to write today. Actually, I was thinking about continuing in the same manner like I did yesterday. But I decided to turn in to something more interesting. Actually, you may think that I have lost my mental balance and I’m talking like insane. But it’s not like that. Actually, today I’m writing in style of Rahul Gandhi. Recently, he was in Bangalore for opening low cost food chain started by Karnataka government named Indira canteen. While giving speech there, Rahul Gandhi was interrupted to rectify his speech for couple of times. But then also, he continued his speech in his own style. First he made mistake and called Indira canteen as Amma canteen. Amma canteen is a programme which has been running in Tamil Nadu.
Well, that’s typical style of Rahul Gandhi. Anyway, after getting rectified twice, he continued his speech. But again his tongue slipped. Instead of saying that at every corner of Karnataka Indira canteen will be available, he said that at every corner of Bangalore Indira canteen will be available. Sometimes, I wonder that whether he does this intentionally or he has some problem. Not long back, he was addressing a rally somewhere; there he said that the state government has done rape with women. Originally it was corruption but he said rape. I don’t understand what is going in his mind while addressing the public rally.
But the entire Congress party is bowing in front of him because he belongs to Gandhi family. I wonder when Congress party will come up without dynasty rule. That’s a question which is very complicated to answer. Today, I was going through online newspaper. There I read a news article in which he was saying that Modi is a liar and he lies wherever he goes. He was saying that Make in India plan of Modi government is a flop show. Majority of the products in Indian market are Made in China. That’s true. I don’t deny that. But that’s because Congress lead government has signed the World Trade Organisation’s treaty where Indian government can’t ban the products of any member country of World Trade Organisation in Indian market. So now, Rahul Gandhi is trying to blame Modi government for the mistake which was done by the Congress government. You can see that who is lying now?
According to me, Rahul Gandhi or say the entire opposition don’t have any valid issue to counter Modi government. That’s why they are saying all the crap things. Actually, this is the thing in Indian politics. There have been a long list of corruption charges against the Gandhi family but there is no action taken till yet. Because all the things against the Gandhi family is been suppressed due to influence. Well, this is something deviating from the main topic. I was saying that due to his own controversial speeches, Rahul Gandhi has been nick named as Pappu in Indian politics.  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 405

Well, today I’m not in a right mood to write. Today I’m upset since morning. I don’t know the exact reason for this but I know that I’m upset. Something is there which is trying to prevent me in giving my best output. But I’m unable to identify that. I thought to skip writing today. But on the second thought I sat down to write. Already, I have missed so many days in this month. I don’t want to be absent for a long time. It’s not good for me and my writing. Well, I can’t say that on which topic I’ll be writing today. But I know that I’m writing today. That’s important. Sometimes it have happened with me that I sat to just write but later on I wrote on a tight topic. Hoping for the same today also.
Sometimes, it’s necessary to have bad day also. I think during bad time one identifies his or her mistakes and strengths to overcome that. Since morning, I’m just thinking that why I’m so upset? A lot of things are going on in my mind. Few recent problems may be the source of this upset. There are various things which are going on in my life over past one month. Every fifth alternative is susceptible reason of upset. I was just having my head bowed down but my mind was travelling through series of events which had happened in the last one month. But my concentration is coming to the series of events from the last week. Well, I do have a problem but I know how to overcome that. That problem is constantly is in my mind. Sometimes, I get the right path to handle the situation but something erupt which makes the situation more complicated.  
Anyway, why my mood is upset is my personal problem and why am I bothering you? This must be a question in your mind. I know that it doesn’t matter to you that what’s going on with me. But I use the blog as platform to express my feelings and thoughts to you. Rarely, I discuss my personal problems. Actually, I thought that through this platform I can discuss and share many things. A single mind can’t think about the entire things. But unfortunately, I’m not getting any feedback or comment from your side. Well, I don’t blame you for this. I know that you don’t give a damn about my writing and my views. But still, I’m writing this blog. Because I believe that one day there will be readers to my blog. Actually, I always say that you aren’t writing any feedback and comment. This is because I think that someone is there who is reading my blog today in this present time.
Actually, writing blog is like a communication between you and me. Between a writer and a reader and I feel that you are sitting in front and I’m talking with you. Instead of oral speech, its written communication between us. That’s why I say you when I have to say something which is like I’m with you and talking with you. There are many things which are there to say but sometimes it happens that due to my writing style or to keep the things confidential, I have to hide my feelings. For example, take today’s case. While writing, I have come to know why my mood is upset since morning. But I can’t disclose that. Well, it’s because on my blog I don’t want to involve any other person while making that person as an object to write. That’s why sometimes I have to hide the main problem of which solution I’m seeking for.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 404

First of all, Happy Independence Day to all of you. Independence Day isn’t just a holiday across the nation but it’s a day to remember all the martyrs who laid their lives for us. Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Khudi Ram Bose, Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqulla Khan, Sukhdev, Rajguru are few names to remember and salute. These brave men got tortured and later were hanged by the British rulers. There were many martyrs who were nameless in the Indian history but they fought for us so that we can have freedom from foreign rule and can have a nice life. But are we repaying them properly? Are we respecting their sacrifices properly? No, we aren’t. This is a shameful act by us.
I know my last blog may have hurt few people. My intention wasn’t to hurt anyone but I can’t resist myself in expressing my feelings. There are a lot of misleading things happening in our country which aren’t good for the development and peace in our country. Politically we are free from foreign rules but socially and economically we are still slaves of foreign companies. On Independence Day, we celebrate holiday and go to malls and restaurants. But how many of us host the national flag in our homes? I host national flag at my home since my childhood. I’m not advocating that I’m a true patriot. What I’m saying that I respect my country. The same thing I expect from my fellow countrymen.
Today I would like to share an interesting story with you. Actually, it’s a truth which I read somewhere. Actually, these days Modi government is saying to boycott Chinese materials so that we can beat China economically. Many people are saying that if Modi government is such serious about boycotting Chinese products then why government can’t put a ban on Chinese products. There will be no import of Chinese products and hence people won’t buy those products. Well, it’s not the fault of Modi government if the government isn’t banning the Chinese products. Actually, the Congress government has signed a treaty with World Trade Organisation where India is open for all the countries to sell their products. Same thing is with Japan. But Japanese people don’t buy any American products. American products are in Japanese market but there aren’t any buyers for those products. The reason behind this is that Japanese people boycott American products because America dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Every year, Japanese people go to memorial sites to pay their homage to those who got killed in those atomic bomb attacks.
This is the thing which isn’t in Indians. We take everything for granted. We don’t know how much sacrifice our freedom fighters gave for the country. How many of us are ready to get hanged at the aged of 23 years for our country? None. But Bhagat Singh did. But how we are repaying his sacrifice? How many of us remember that hero? Chandra Sekhar Azad shot him but never got arrested by the British police. How many of us can do that? We still are a developing country even after 70 years of Independence. We as public only curse the government for everything and think that our duty is done. We litter the park and roads and blame government that parks and roads aren’t clean. Government isn’t doing anything for cleanness. Government doctors are getting salary from government but are spending time in their private clinics where they are getting fees from poor people also. Government officials are having decent salary but still they are demanding bribes from people for doing their job. Then why we don’t complain? That that again we blame government and give the bribe.
We have to change our mindset. We have to blame against those corrupt officials to the government instead of blaming the government. Government is doing all the things for the development but all the schemes and projects won’t be successful until we, the public, give support to government. It’s a mutual partnership. If we began to participate with government then we will be a developed country. We have the stamina to be more powerful than the most developed country in the world.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 403

It has been a long time since I wrote my last post. Actually, I was extremely busy in my work. I didn’t realised how the time had fly so fast.  Well, I don’t have any major topic to write. It’s not like that. Let me rephrase myself. Well, I have major topic to write but I don’t have the right mood to write also. Actually, the gap has broken the spirit inside me. But I know how to be back on track. I need time for that. Don’t worry; I’m not going to bunk now.
Actually, I was extremely busy in my work. Both professionally and personally. I was trying to write but due to some reason or another, I wasn’t able to write full. Couple of days I was dull also. Even then I thought to write some abstract post just for the sake of writing. But that also wasn’t possible. But I must say that I have enjoyed every moment of the life which has passed since my last post and today. Whether it’s personal life or professional life. It’s true that there has been a lot of things happened around the globe.
In the last week, we have seen the Vice Presidential election in India. Former Vice President, Mr Hamid Ansari, left office after ten years of service. But one thing was there which made me unhappy. In his farewell speech, he said that Muslims aren’t safe in India. There is intolerance in India. I don’t know what made him say like that. According to me, this wasn’t expected from him at least. I accept that there have been communal riots in across India at various phase of time. But there always has been balance between all religions in India. I don’t know what was in his mind while saying this but I’m sure of one thing. His own brother wasn’t in his mind when Mr Hamid Ansari made this as a point in his farewell speech. Mukhtar Ansari is brother of Hamid Ansari.
Mukhtar Ansari is a member of Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly from BSP. But he is always called as mafia don turned politician. There is a long list of crimes in which Mukhtar Ansari is accused including murder of Krishnandan Rai in which he is prime accused. Obviously, Mukhtar Ansari has pleaded not guilty in all the crimes. He was arrested for inciting people towards violence. He has ordered for assassination of his political rival through his shooters. Actually Mukhtar Ansari is parallel name of terror in Mau constituency in Uttar Pradesh. People of Hindu religion are either forced to pay him for their lives and business or are forced to leave the area. I think former Vice President has forgotten this while giving his farewell speech. If Hamid Ansari was so much worried about the Secularism as he has said in his speech then why he forget about the people in his brother’s constituency? That’s why I said that this type of statement wasn’t expected from him at least.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 402

I’m really sad to say that so called seculars, media personals and intellectuals don’t have any morale. Their one point programme is to blame and curse Modi government. All these people are so much obsessed that they don’t want to see anything else than the demerit of Modi government. Recently, Mayawati quit her seat from Rajya Sabha about not being allowed to speak more than three minutes. She alleged that she wasn’t allowed to talk about Dalits and lower caste people and their condition in Uttar Pradesh. I wonder that why she is silent over killing of three Dalits in Kerala? I want to ask her that whether Dalits lives in Uttar Pradesh only? What about other leaders who went to Hyderabad to protest against killing of Rohit Bemulla? He wasn’t even Dalit then also all the leaders of different parties went to cry of his dead body. Where are those leaders now? Why are they silent? Leave the crying, they even bothered to know about the incidence. It’s just because Kerala doesn’t have BJP government?
All the opposition parties are having mental illness. Just to oppose the Modi government’s decision of ban on cow slaughter they had beef party on the public road. Modi government has initiated the programme of cleanliness also. So, what will the opposition leaders will do now? Will they eat the human waste in protest of that? Actually, the opposition parties led by the Congress have lost its common sense also. Instead of playing the role of an organised opposition, they are playing dirty politics. According to the opposition, a dog lover is an animal lover but a cow lover is a communal. If you wear white robe or green robe then you are secular but if you wear saffron robe then you are communal. This is pure pathetic mental condition. In this condition, they only know how to do politics about their political gain but they ignore the things which aren’t of their profit.
Well, today I was in mood to write different topic but that was related with the mentality of the politicians so I have to write so much preface. Main topic is that the disclosures which NIA is getting from the separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s close associate Devinder Singh Behal is shocking. All the preliminary enquiries are indicating that Behal is involved in money laundry, mobilising the mob and has connection with the Pakistani high commissioner. The fund which was given by the ISI by various means was with the knowledge of Behal. During investigation, it has been found that Behal has visited Pakistan 5-6 times in the past. Well, NIA is verifying this fact. But I think that after verification, it will be more tough for not only Behal but for Geelani also. According to me, the main suspicious thing is bank balance of Behal. NIA sources are saying that Behal isn’t practising much in the court in spite of being a lawyer but his bank balance is saying that he has savings of Rs 35 lakhs in his account. This will certainly raise the eyebrows.
According the evidences available with the NIA, Behal is always seen in anti India activities. In some videos, he is seeing by raising slogans about the freedom of Kashmir from India and so on. NIA is going under process to arrest Behal like the agency has arrested various Hurriyat leaders. Well, there is a surprise observation by the Jammu & Kashmir police. Since NIA has started its raids on Hurriyat leaders and their associates there is 60% fall in the stone pelting incidences. Actually, till now the separatists leaders have taken undue advantage of poverty in the remote areas of the Kashmir valley. Well, I have written about the same thing yesterday’s post.

Day 406

Today also, I don’t have any topic in my mind to write. This is becoming a serious problem. For two days in series, I don’t have any t...