Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 98

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to understand the understanding and thinking of Indian politicians. Recently what happened in Pilibhit is known to all of us. Now the Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh has book Varun Gandhi under National Security Law. All the political parties are now targeting Varun Gandhi and BJP. All of them are trying to get political advantage of the current issue. But I want to know that which is the bigger crime? Saying something against a particular caste or religion? Or attacking the Parliament of a country to blast it? Now I want to get the answer of these questions. If attacking the Parliament of a country is a bigger crime, then why Afzhal Guru still alive? He has been awarded capital punishment by the Supreme Court. But still he is alive in Indian prison. Why? Isn’t the crime which he did come under National Security Law? Why he is still alive? Are we again waiting for another plane hijack like the one which happened in December 1999?
I am not favouring Varun Gandhi. I am just thinking about two persons who are now under the same Act. Why one hardcore convict is still alive in spite of having capital punishment and other one is been constantly targeted of being a communal? I don’t remember that there was any issue few years back when Rahul Gandhi made some speech in which he stated that Pakistan was formed due to his family. That time, he was not been said so much. So why there is so much difference between two sons of the same family? One has become the youth icon of the country and another one is been targeted at the beginning of his political career. There are so many things which seem contradictory to each other.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 97

Now a day, all the political parties are making new alliances with other parties. There are many things going on in the Indian political scenario. All the parties are trying to convince the voters in their favour. It’s all to get the maximum number of seats in the Lok Sabha to form next government. They are focusing on the star campaigners of their parties. They are lineing up outside the house of film stars also. Just to come to their rallies. All the political leaders are very much busy these days. But if they would have done something constructive in their constituencies in the last five years then they would have been in a better position. But they didn’t indulge themselves in any constructive work. All the promises which they made were just on the papers. And every time, they play the card of caste, creed, language and religion. And indeed, few people are there who got trapped in these destructive things. And the politicians always take advantage of the sentiment of the trapped people. Many people in the public believe that there religion or caste or the language they speak is superior than others. And this leads to communal imbalance. Every political party says that it is a secular party but all of them favour a religion or another. No one is secular in this date of modern India. All of them say like that just to have vote. I sometimes really wonder that how long the people of this country will allow politicians to make them fool again and again. How long these politicians will divide us on the basis of caste, creed, religion and language? How long there will be communal riots in this country? Are the people of this country a puppet in the hands of just handful politicians? Is someone out there who can answer my questions? If anyone is there then please tell me the answers to my questions.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 96

I know that it’s a long time that I have written anything on the blog. Actually I was bit busy in some another work. This is the secondary reason. The primary reason is that I wasn’t feeling anything to write. It was something which I can’t explain. Something for which I don’t have any word. You will be thinking that I have gone mad. But let me tell you one thing. That’s not the case. Actually I was busy in thinking. I was reviewing all my posts on the blog. And reading 96-97 posts takes time. Actually I was reviewing it to check whether I am writing in a proper way or not. Because in spite of requesting many times, I am not getting comments. Anyway, I don’t want to say the same thing again and again. No comment from your side is making me to think that I am improving as a writer. Well I think like that. If you disagree then comment me. And I was expecting that I will receive some comments to the new posts. But it seems that you are not convinced with my ideas. But these are the things which we can do. And now this country needs change.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 95

Election fever is on in India. People are now talking about elections only. Who will win this time and who will lose? This is the thing which is now been talked about in every corner of the country. After all, the general election is the thing which affects every aspect of the lives of people living in this country. And the world is watching over the largest democracy in the world. But the fact is that more than half of the population in India is not going to vote. It’s because the empty promises of the politicians. There is no politician in this country that fulfils every promise made by him or her during the election rallies. And now more and more people are deviating from voting. They have adopted a new system of pointing out the failures of the government every time. But those people, who are not voting, are forgetting that they, themselves, are responsible for the failure of the system. I want to ask one question from them. If they haven’t participated in any debate or any social activity then can they take the credit of its success? No, they can’t. In the same way, they can’t point out the failures or bad decisions of the government if they haven’t voted. They don’t have any right to say that the government is not functioning well. Because the government is formed by the elected representatives of the people. And the people who haven’t voted their representatives don’t have anything to say about the decisions of the government. If you think that the elected people are not right then vote against them in the next election. There is no one who can know that you have voted whom. So take that fear out of your mind. And just go and vote against the last representative of your constituency, if you are not satisfied with the work done by him or her. Just keep in mind that No Work then No Vote.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 94

Now the atmosphere in India is changed. Everywhere, everyone is talking about only one topic. Election. Many regional parties are now tieing up with each other or with the national parties. In some states, the old coalitions are breaking up. In some states the coalition in not happy with its partners on the issue of seat division. And during elections, there are some things happening which wasn’t ever dreamt of also. Like the coalition between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan. These two leaders were having differences since 2005, the year in which Bihar had its assembly election. Yesterday both of them have joined hands for the elections and the have cornered Congress at one side. Lalu Yadav has taken the lion’s share in the distribution of the seats. Congress is feeling insulted now. Well, this is the politics. Now both, Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan, are thinking themselves the king makers. But they are forgetting that they have the same thinking in the assembly election of Bihar. And all of us know the end result. As far as Congress is concerned then it should start thinking that it’s not going to come in the power at Centre again. Its time is over now. The parties which the Congress thought to be small and only regional parties are now showing their backs to the Congress. This is proving that the dream of Congress to return in the power will remain a dream only.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 93

When someone says that you are doing something good or when someone says that the work you had done is pretty good then you feel very pleased and happy. Same thing happened with me today. One of my friends just said that he liked my posts very much. I was very much pleased. But my main intention is to know that how many people like my ideas. That’s the main thing in my mind. Because there are a lot of things going on in my mind. I want your support in this. I want you people to say something about my posts. What are your views on my posts? What are your opinions about my writing? What you think that is it going to work? There are many things to know. I want to know all these things.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 92

Today is Holi. And on this auspicious day, I wish you people a very HAPPY & PROSPEROUS HOLI. I wish and I pray to almighty, the supreme God that each one of us has every day filled with many colours through out our life. Let the peace reside on this world now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 91

When the Congress party, came in the power in 2004, with the collaboration of many regional parties and with the outside support from the Left parties, then it issues a momentum. It was called Common Minimum Programme (CMP), by the UPA government. But after five years, none of the promises made in this CMP were made. Typical Congress style. Make promises in the election time and then remember those promises in the next election. And then give assurance to do the public that the promises made in the last elections will be fulfilled if they are again voted in to form the government. I want to ask a question now. When you were in the government for the full five years, then you didn’t got the time to fulfil any promise, then how can you expect the public to vote you in again to form government, just on the assurance? Let’s have a look on some promises made by the UPA in the last election.
First promise was to enact a model comprehensive law to deal with communal violence and encourage each state to adopt that law to generate faith and confidence in minority communities. But the end result was that it didn’t work on that. It simply dropped the idea to limit itself to enact a model code for each state separately. It tried to bring a Bill in 2005. In the Bill it was authorising the Centre to declare a riot affect area as communally disturbed area without taking any account from the state government and Centre will assume the responsibility of restoring the law and order of that place. I think this was more politically motivated to turn down the states not having Congress government. But these promises were total turndown.
Second promise was to give judicial reforms to fresh momentum. But the UPA government was not able to curb the growing incidences of corruption in the higher judiciary. This led to the failure of the UPA government in converting a Bill into a law providing statutory machinery for judicial accountability. This Bill was pending since 2006. This Bill never became an act.
Third promise was to make the Lok Pal Bill into a law. But the UPA government failed in this Bill also. The main reason due to which this Bill never became a law is that no political party wanted it to become a law. Not even the Congress party. Because of the recommendation of the Administrative Reforms Commission in 2007. The recommendation was to give the ombudsman for the political corruption a constitutional status and to be named as ‘Rashtriya Lokayukta’. The Congress party wasn’t having any will to make this Bill a law because of some of the some key partners of the UPA government.
The fourth promise was about the reservation of women in all the vidhan sabhas and the Lok Sabha. Well we have been listing about this promise since ages. The promise every time been made for the one-third reservation for the women in all vidhan sabhas and Lok Sabha also. But this promise is not yet fulfilled despite of having some fanfare in the Rajya Sabha in May 2008.
The fifth promise made by the UPA government was to bring a Constitutional Amendment to ensure the democratic, autonomous and professional functioning of cooperatives. But this promise was made on the paper only like all other promises. The UPA government hold elaborate consultations on this proposal. But it really failed to reach the stage of introducing a bill to bring any Constitutional amendment for the cooperations.
These were some of the promises made by the UPA front in the last Lok Sabha elections. But these promises turned to be just empty promises. The promises that were made not to be fulfilled. And the Congress party in particular and the UPA in general still wants the people of India to vote for them in this Lok Sabha election. Now it’s your turn to think and vote. Will you vote for a government who is not coming to your expectations and its promises made to you in the last election?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 90

Well we are now going to face the elections. So obviously everyone is going to talk about election, politics and politicians. Very soon the analysis of every politician will start after the political parties finalises the candidates list and the number of seats each party is going to contest. Every party is right now busy in doing that. But we haven’t decided yet that what we have to do. Are we going to vote a particular politician just on his family background or on the basis of the political party he belongs to? Or this time, are we really going to change this system and will elect a person for the work he did in last five years? If this is the criteria then it will be good for us only. India got independence 60 years back but still we are following dynasty system in our politics. Why can’t it be Vote for Work? Can’t it be ‘No Vote for No Work’ policy from our side? If your last representative hasn’t done any work up to your expectation then don’t give him any work. It’s not necessary to vote him or her because he or she was your last representative. Not at all. So this time, your vote should go for the construction of India, not for the dynasty or any other thing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 89

Hope so that few people who had read my post yesterday has gone to www.jaagore.com for their problems related to the voter identity card. Here I want to say something that election is just not casting your vote, it’s a process of selecting a suitable person for you constituency. You are giving him the authority and responsibility to think for your betterment. And if you are not satisfied with the work and progress of the representative of your constituency then don’t cast your valuable vote in his favour just because of the fact that he belongs to your caste or religion or he is a popular person. This time you should think that you will vote for progress only. If the last representative from your constituency hasn’t done any progress work or any constructive work then there is no need to vote for him. Don’t go for the family background of any leader, just go for his progress or work background. These days, the political parties are trying to select the candidates according to the caste or religion of the voting majority population. Since independence of our country, all the major political parties are doing this and are making fool of us. Now it’s our turn to say no to that practise. We have to stop all these for making our country a more strong country. After all, it’s the youth of the country who has made India a leading country in IT and ITES sectors. So I call all the youths of the country to think only about the progress of the country. For that we have to think about the construction work and have to think above caste, creed and religion. Then only we will develop faster...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 88

Now the election dates are announced and the campaign for it is going to start. All the political parties are now gearing up for the elections. The five day event will be crucial for the political parties. With the announcement of the dates, our duty has begun. We have to think and think again before coming to any decision about to vote which party. But there are many people amongst us who know to blame only. They are still turning their backs to the duty in election. They simply refuse to vote on the Election Day. I urge them to vote on the Election Day. Because your vote is going to change the situation this time. I know that there are many people who are not giving votes just because of their thinking that their single vote is not going to change the system. And all the time we are getting bad government. Let me them that we are also the part of that system. And only politicians are not to be blamed for the bad governance. Government officials are also there who are running the government departments. So I really want those people who are not voting, to vote in this election. If you have any problem regarding the voter identity card then you can go on www.jaagore.com. All your queries regarding your photo identity card will be dealt there. And after getting the voter ID card, just go to the polling booth on the Election Day and do vote. If you are not satisfied with any political party then don’t ignore the voting. You can cast your vote to the independent candidates. But don’t be absent from the polling booth. Because to change the system first of all you have to change yourself.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...