Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 95

Election fever is on in India. People are now talking about elections only. Who will win this time and who will lose? This is the thing which is now been talked about in every corner of the country. After all, the general election is the thing which affects every aspect of the lives of people living in this country. And the world is watching over the largest democracy in the world. But the fact is that more than half of the population in India is not going to vote. It’s because the empty promises of the politicians. There is no politician in this country that fulfils every promise made by him or her during the election rallies. And now more and more people are deviating from voting. They have adopted a new system of pointing out the failures of the government every time. But those people, who are not voting, are forgetting that they, themselves, are responsible for the failure of the system. I want to ask one question from them. If they haven’t participated in any debate or any social activity then can they take the credit of its success? No, they can’t. In the same way, they can’t point out the failures or bad decisions of the government if they haven’t voted. They don’t have any right to say that the government is not functioning well. Because the government is formed by the elected representatives of the people. And the people who haven’t voted their representatives don’t have anything to say about the decisions of the government. If you think that the elected people are not right then vote against them in the next election. There is no one who can know that you have voted whom. So take that fear out of your mind. And just go and vote against the last representative of your constituency, if you are not satisfied with the work done by him or her. Just keep in mind that No Work then No Vote.

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