Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 88

Now the election dates are announced and the campaign for it is going to start. All the political parties are now gearing up for the elections. The five day event will be crucial for the political parties. With the announcement of the dates, our duty has begun. We have to think and think again before coming to any decision about to vote which party. But there are many people amongst us who know to blame only. They are still turning their backs to the duty in election. They simply refuse to vote on the Election Day. I urge them to vote on the Election Day. Because your vote is going to change the situation this time. I know that there are many people who are not giving votes just because of their thinking that their single vote is not going to change the system. And all the time we are getting bad government. Let me them that we are also the part of that system. And only politicians are not to be blamed for the bad governance. Government officials are also there who are running the government departments. So I really want those people who are not voting, to vote in this election. If you have any problem regarding the voter identity card then you can go on www.jaagore.com. All your queries regarding your photo identity card will be dealt there. And after getting the voter ID card, just go to the polling booth on the Election Day and do vote. If you are not satisfied with any political party then don’t ignore the voting. You can cast your vote to the independent candidates. But don’t be absent from the polling booth. Because to change the system first of all you have to change yourself.

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