Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 98

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to understand the understanding and thinking of Indian politicians. Recently what happened in Pilibhit is known to all of us. Now the Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh has book Varun Gandhi under National Security Law. All the political parties are now targeting Varun Gandhi and BJP. All of them are trying to get political advantage of the current issue. But I want to know that which is the bigger crime? Saying something against a particular caste or religion? Or attacking the Parliament of a country to blast it? Now I want to get the answer of these questions. If attacking the Parliament of a country is a bigger crime, then why Afzhal Guru still alive? He has been awarded capital punishment by the Supreme Court. But still he is alive in Indian prison. Why? Isn’t the crime which he did come under National Security Law? Why he is still alive? Are we again waiting for another plane hijack like the one which happened in December 1999?
I am not favouring Varun Gandhi. I am just thinking about two persons who are now under the same Act. Why one hardcore convict is still alive in spite of having capital punishment and other one is been constantly targeted of being a communal? I don’t remember that there was any issue few years back when Rahul Gandhi made some speech in which he stated that Pakistan was formed due to his family. That time, he was not been said so much. So why there is so much difference between two sons of the same family? One has become the youth icon of the country and another one is been targeted at the beginning of his political career. There are so many things which seem contradictory to each other.

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