Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 99

Shiv Sena is helping the terrorists who are attacking India. Shiv Sena workers attacked the house of Mrs Anjali Baghmare. As its result, she has taken the decision of taking her name out of the Kasab case. Shiv Sena is not a patriotic political organisation as it claims. If it is a patriotic political organisation, then why did it do like that? It simply means that the Shiv Sena doesn’t wants to have Kasab any punishment from the court. And indirectly it is helping the terrorist’s organisations who are working against India. I am not a legal expert but I know that there can’t be any trial in any court in India. And if an accused is unable to hire a lawyer for the defence then the court arrange a lawyer for him. The same thing has happened in the case of Kasab. But instead of seeing Kasab getting punishment in the court, Shiv Sena is helping him in this manner which it did with Mrs Anjali Baghmare. Most of the people think that Shiv Sena has done this for the publicity but this is not for the publicity. It is something else. Why Shiv Sena is attacking on the house of the lawyers who are going to defend Kasab? Why Shiv Sena doesn’t want to have any trial in his case? What are the real intentions of Shiv Sena regarding Kasab? And most importantly, why Shiv Sena is trying to save Kasab?

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