Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 100

Today, I’m writing my 100th post. I know that I am not writing continuously. The frequency is going down but still completing a milestone always gives happiness. And that too on the auspicious day of RAM Navami, the birthday of Lord RAM. So it’s a cause of double happiness. So let me wish all of you a happy Ram Navami. Today I was in mood to write something about the elections and your voting rights. Actually we, the people, are taking double standards. Yes, we do it. When it comes to the sector of food, clothes, homes, films, grocery, schools, colleges, careers to pursue, we choose the best. We want the best things for us. We don’t want any compromise on these things. But when it comes to the question of our country, then we simply sit at the home. We show false patriotism. I know that you might not agree with me. And some of you might be getting angry on you. But it’s true. If you all are true patriotic then what you do on the voting day? How many of you go to cast your vote on Election Day? If you want best school, college, best job for your self then why don’t the best government for yourself? It’s not necessary that you should vote a person who was your representative in the last Lok Sabha. If he or she hasn’t done anything good then don’t vote for him or her. We, Indians, feel proud of our self that we are emerging a super power and a strong economy in the country. Then we have to choose good government for our self. And one vote can make the difference. So, just come out of the mentality that one vote of yours is not going to change the system. The system is not going to get changed by itself. We have to change it. You and I. And for that, we have to remove our laziness and come out together. So don’t let your voting right get wasted this time. Its our country. We have to change it. If we will not do it then do we expect someone else to come from America or England to change it? Just think about it.

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