Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 101

These politicians are thinking that they are above the law of India. They can do whatever they want. There is no one to stop them. They are breaking all the laws and they are thinking that they will get elected. Is it right to elect a law breaker to become a law maker? I don’t think so. If those leaders are thinking that the people of their constituency are fool then they are wrong. Yes, I am talking about Abu Azmi. He is a contestant from Mumbai North West constituency from BSP. He is treating and considering himself above the law. While he was filing his nomination to the area returning officer, his brother was distributing money among people. This is clearly violation of the code of conduct. And when the Director General of Police of Maharashtra summoned him to explain this then the statement given by Abu Azmi was that he will not go to meet the DGP and then he said that even if the father of DGP will call him then also he will not go. Now this is the standard of these politicians. First of all, they will break the rule and then they will treat that they are above the law. And with this mentality and attitude he wants to get elected to the Lok Sabha. He is so shameless person that in spite of apologising he is challenging the police. This type of politicians should be arrested and then their nomination should be cancelled with immediate effect. I just wonder that how is he walking freely? And suppose that he contest the election, and then definitely he is going to lose the election. The voters are now aware. They know what is right and what is wrong.

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