Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 102

Jarnail Singh has become current hot topic in Indian politics. He threw his show on P Chidambaram, Union Home Minister, while a press conference. He was angry on the recommendation of CBI, which has given clean chit to Jagdish Tytler, in the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. But many questions has rise from this issue. Is it correct to show your anger in the form as Jarnail Singh has done? Well, to an extend I approve this and to an extent I don’t. I don’t approve it because P Chidambaram was not the right person on whom the anger should be shown. CBI is an autonomous body which doesn’t come under the Union Home Ministry. So he was not responsible for whatever CBI has done. And I approve this because in India, the politicians have always treated themselves above the people. Politicians have always thought that they can guide the people to any direction they want. In every elections, they make a long list of promises but after getting elected they indulge themselves in their political fights with other leaders. They don’t care about their promises and the people. That’s the reason that still after 60 years of political independence, India is still a developing country. Indians who migrated to foreign countries are doing well but India is still a developing country. Still many villages in India don’t have road, electricity and water. Still many villages don’t have any primary school and dispensaries. Instead of paying attention to these things, the leaders make themselves busy in fighting in Lok Sabha and they do walk outs also. So now the people have to wake up and now the people should start asking the leaders that about every thing. People should ask for development. People should ask for good infrastructure. The elected representatives should be made accountable to the people of their constituency for every action and every thing they do.

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