Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 103

Indian politics is the place there is no retirement age also. If we look for the top leaders contesting the Lok Sabha elections then we will luminous list of people. Just think now. Our PM, Manmohan Singh is 76 years old. Sonia Gandhi is 62. L K Advani is 81.and there are many other leaders who are above 55 but still they are active. And everyone aspires to become an MP or even get a ministry of his or her choice, if the party makes the government. And it’s very common to see a lot of changing pictures during pre poll agreements and alliances. Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan were against each other. But now they are united. But after elections, again the blame game will start. Actually, there is no more option left in front of these leaders. All these leaders just want maximum number of seats in Lok Sabha and the legislative assemblies just to form the government. There is nothing much than that. And after that, instead of paying more attention to the welfare of the public, they pay more attention on the welfare of their own and their party. These politicians always make excuses that opposition parties will make hue and cry if the government do development work in their constituencies only. Actually all the politicians in India are master of making people fool. They know the art of making empty promises. And if the leader is been elected then he will not fulfil his promises. The leader will give excuses that their hands were tied due to some out of this world reasons, sometimes they will say that they couldn’t complete the development work due to un allotment of funds and a hell of other excuses. I was thinking that how long this is going to continue. Can’t these elected representatives be made accountable and responsible for all the deeds done by them? Will these things will remain promise only? Is there any law which makes these elected leaders accountable? If the law is there then why isn’t it implemented?

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