Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 107

After the second phase of the election, there is not so much encouraging outcome coming out. The turnover of the voters has gone down. This is not a good sign. In many areas people have boycotted the election. This is the thing which is going to hamper our country’s progress again. You might be wondering that how it’s going to hamper. There is a close correlation between this. Staying away from voting means we are not patriots. We don’t care about the country and our future. We don’t want to do our duty. We just want to stay back in our home and want every thing. We are just lazy fellows. We are expert in blaming others only and don’t want to listen our faults. Boycotting the election is making the leaders strong. I know that people are boycotting the elections because they are angry on the leaders. But this boycotting is not going to harm them. The best way to show the anger is to vote against them. Vote against them in maximum number. Because none of the political parties want to loose the election or a particular seat. And with the low percentage of turnover, it will be easy for the leaders to know that who is going to win which seat. And then it becomes to make them manipulations to make the government. And again a coalition government is going to hamper the country’s progress. Because a coalition government is more concerned about their coalition partners than the country. The present UPA coalition partners are now fighting each other now. This happens just because of the low turnover of the voters. So now it’s up to us that what we want. Again want a coalition government and dark future. Or want a one party rule and a bright future. I said one party rule because if there will be a one party rule then there is no question of coalition government. And when there will be no coalition then there will be no friction between coalition allies. Then only we will be on the path of progress.

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