Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 193

I know I’m late in writing my blog. But as usual I’m also been affected by cricket fever. Like all Indians, I was also thrilled in the quarter final against Australia. It was truly nail biting match, where the suspense was there till the last ten over. But thanks to the Australian bowlers and batting of Yuvraj Singh, we made that impossible thing possible. In fact, for me, it was like the final match of world cup 2003. I prayed and wished that we would have won that match. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Anyhow, I’m pleased that the supremacy of Australia in the world cup is halted now. Don’t know in the next world cup what will be the scenario but right now I’m very much optimistic about India in this world cup. And interestingly, there are few interesting things happening in this world cup. For the 1st time, the three south Asian teams are there in the semi final of the world cup. Since 1992, one or the other south Asian team in the final. But this time, I’m praying that India and Sri Lanka are going to clash in the final of this world cup.  But the final of this world cup isn’t going to be that much exciting and thriller like the semi final between India and Pakistan. Any cricket match between India and Pakistan has always been an exciting one and worth of watching. No word can describe that feeling which comes in the minds of the viewers who leave all their work to watch India and Pakistan against each other. And this is the most watched cricket match when these two teams are in the field.
This time both the teams are ready to beat each other.  This match at Mohali isn’t a normal game. It’s a fight for the place in final of the world cup. Both the teams are gearing up for this match. India has good batting line and Pakistan has good bowling line. So it will be worth watching, nail biting game filled with last moment thriller. 

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