Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 327

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A day for love. A day of remembrance St. Valentine for his message of love amongst each other in the human race. But I didn’t wrote anything yesterday. Actually I’m still divided between in favouring this ritual and in opposition of this. If I’m sounding confused then it’s not your fault. Actually both kinds of things are going on in my mind.
I’m in favour of this because spread of love is a good thing. Being in love isn’t a bad thing. But it shouldn’t be confined to one day in a year. It should be done and it should be expressed daily to your some one special. Love isn’t depended on the size of the gift which you give to your loved one. It’s depended on the intensity which is in your heart. Actually, love can’t be defined and it can’t be measured. It’s a feeling above the materialistic things. Rather I would call it a divine feeling. When you are in love with some one, then the happiness and a genuine sweet smile on the face of your loved one is more than the entire treasure of the world. The thing which is there when you see your loved one happy can’t be described in words. It’s a feeling which is felt by heart and soul. This is the thing which money can’t buy. So instead of celebrating love one day, we should celebrate the love everyday of our live. It’s a thing which goes on and on and increases with every passing day.
Now come to the part when I’m against the so called hype about the Valentine’s Day. Every year, some political and social parties and groups ransack the parks and restaurants where lovers meet each other and they attack the lovers. Their protest shouldn’t be confined to the westernisation of love, as they propagate, but it should be against the atrocities on women like gang rape, rape, molestation, dowry killing, sexual abuse, domestic violence and all the crimes which are being committed everywhere in the country everyday. They should target to eliminate these crimes if they really want to save the Indian society being getting worse. I would say that they should start the campaign to stop killing of unborn female kids when they are in the womb of their mother. In Indian culture and in Hindu philosophy, girls are treated as goddess. So, they should focus their attention and effort in saving girl children and in protecting their rights. They shouldn’t target lovers in parks and restaurants for the cheap publicity in the media. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 326

Yesterday night, I was talking with one of my juniors while having dinner. Our talks were general then it got diverted towards some unsolved questions. Actually we saw a television commercial which was saying that tobacco causes cancer and alcohol is injurious to health. Our talk was on the comparison between a smoker and non smoker. A smoker is going to die early than the non smoker. But death is final. Actually death doesn’t differentiate between a smoker and a non smoker. In Hindu religion, death is called as ultimate truth. Death is inevitable. No one can escape from the clutches of death.
Then I told him that the concept of heaven and hell is man made. It’s not created by God. This doesn’t mean that I’m not a God fearing person. I believe in God. After all, the God is creator of everything in this world. He created every living and non living thing in this world including human being. The only reason that human is superior is due to its brain. Even animals have their brains with them but only human is the only species which has developed so much. This has happened due to the proper utilisation of the brain. The concept of heaven and hell is the product of human brain. Actually, every religion in this world has stated that its followers should be nice and have good actions. If the followers are on the path of helping others and performing their duties in the rightful manner then they would be rewarded as getting a place in heaven. If they don't help others and hurt others then they will be burning in the hell. This differentiation has been done to stop the followers from indulging in the destruction. Because founders or foremen of every religion were really wise persons. They knew that the mutual harmony and helping nature only can lead to the positive output like constructive work. This is the highlighted thing which has been said in every religious sculpture and has been preached.
If a person is helpful and serving to the society then he or she is highly appreciated and respected. On the other hand, if the person is hurting others and is harming the society at large then he or she is considered as villain and the person is hated. Its all like cause and effect. The cause is the action which a person does. The effect is the result of those actions. The effect is differentiated as heaven and hell. The pleasure and happiness is the heaven on earth and the pain and hatred is the hell.
The second part was that, according to Hindu philosophy, a soul is immortal. The soul doesn’t take birth and it doesn’t dies. Here rises my question. My question is if the soul is immortal and free from the cycle of life and death then the population of the world must have been constant. Then how the world’s population is increasing? It shouldn’t happen. But the population should be in control. For every living being, a soul is necessary. According to Hindu philosophy, it’s said that the soul lives in various living beings before entering a human body. Then in that case, the growth of other creatures should be in control. But it’s not happening like that also. Just as I said above that I’m a God fearing person. I’m not saying anything against him. I believe in him. But I’m not superstitious. That’s why I’m asking these questions. If anyone of you have answer then do reply me in the comment box. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 325

I know I'm late in writing the blog now. I was supposed to write this blog yesterday itself. But day before yesterday evening, I got this news that Afzal Guru was hanged day before yesterday morning around 8. But somehow, I didn't write anything. Today since morning, I was busy in doing other works. But finally, I sat down to express my view on the death penalty execution.
Well, in my view, the execution has taken a long time. 12 years is indeed a very long time for any terrorist to be hanged. I think this has happened due to the long proceedings and the loop holes in our constitution. I don't want to go in the past of this case because everything is fresh in people’s mind. The death execution of Afzal Guru is a clear message to all those terrorist’s organisations who are working against India. India isn't going to compromise on the security issue whether it’s internal or on the borders. So the death execution is justified. There should be no compromise on the national security. Every country has zero tolerance about the attack on the national security. India is not any exception to this.
But few international human rights groups are saying that India should abolish the death execution. I disagree with them. I strongly condemn them. This shouldn't happen with the terrorists. Afzal Guru was the mastermind of the Indian Parliament attack. In my view, he would have been hanged immediately after the sentence was passed. Why we waited for so many years after sentence was passed? The human rights groups are saying that the death executions are brutal. I don't agree with them when the death execution is done on a terrorist mastermind or a terrorist. Terrorist mastermind or a terrorist are the people who plot the seeds of hatred and kills innocent people. There is no scope of change in hard core terrorists. One of the international human rights group’s Indian head has said that India should abolish death execution to satisfy some public opinion. I totally disagree with this statement.
Death execution of Afzal Guru wasn’t to satisfy any public opinion. He was the mastermind behind the attack on Indian Parliament. Security force’s soldiers were killed in those attacks. Why didn’t these human rights groups said anything that time? Why were they silent? Now the law has done the right thing then these groups are making hues and cries. Actually these groups are favouring the terrorist’s organisations indirectly. I support these groups if there is any atrocity on innocent but not in the case of terrorists. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 324

I was just going through the internet version of a national daily English newspaper. There was an article about the notorious Delhi gang rape. The trial of the crime has started and the Supreme Court has agreed to review the provision of the Juvenile Justice Act. At present, the Juvenile Justice Act clearly states that if the accused of any crime is less than 18 years of age then the accused will be send to a Juvenile Home on remand. Actually the Juvenile Justice Act has two sections under it, Act 82 and Act 83. Act 82 says that if the accused is under 7 years of age then there is no offence. Section 83 says that there is no offence if the child is above 7 but under 12 and has not attended the maturity stage to know his conduct and its consequences. In both the sections, its clearly stated that there is no punishment for the kids up to 12 years of age. Its true that the children up to 12 years aren’t capable of thinking about the consequences of their acts if the act is of crime. But whatever happened in Delhi gang rape is another type of crime and the accused is just 3 months short of being 18.
My point is that in another 3 months, he is going to attend the legal age and he would be considered as an adult. He knows about his acts and its consequences this means he is fully aware of the crime he did on the night of December 16, then how can he escape from being punished? The sentence should be passed against him. However the Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Central Government to lower the age of Juvenile Justice Act from 18 to 16 years of act. I think in many ways, its going to help in curbing the crime now. The accused in the gang rape case have done inhuman act. When they didn’t showed any mercy on the victim and done such cruel act after rapping her then how could they expect mercy and on which grounds? Didn’t they think for a moment that their act is going to make the victim suffer emotionally and physically? Then how could they expect that they should be treating leniently? Did they show mercy on her? On top of their shameful act, they just pleaded innocence when the judge read out the charges on them. This shows that the humanity in them has died. They are now trying to save their neck.
Well, right now, I’m not going to discuss about their mental state. Today, my intention is to write on Juvenile Justice Act. I don't know what was the intention of the law makers while making this law, but its true that the children up to 12 years aren’t capable of thinking about crime and its consequences. Their mental state isn’t that much developed. But the provision of sending them to a Juvenile home on remand to improve the accuse child of doing any crime is something troubling. There are long lists of reports where the child has escaped from the custody home or have indulged in doing crimes inside the custody home. When they came out of the custody home, then majority of the children becomes hard core criminals. Then what’s the use of such homes which becomes the training centres of the children to become criminals? In my view, the notification of reducing the age to 16 is justified because somehow for a normal child, the expectation increases that he or she would know their acts and its consequences. In poor families, the children of 16 years of age, start earning also. If the NGOs can demand for not punishing the children of 16 years and above then why aren’t they doing anything to stop the child labour? Because a person below 18 will be treated as a child. I think majority of the NGOs in the country now aren’t doing much for the social service. Lets see how the Central Government reacts on the notice sent to it by the Supreme Court. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 323

Yesterday, there was a seminar on entrepreneurship in my B school. It was conducted by one of my faculty members. He explained about how to make a business plan and what should be there in the business plan. But his opening line opened a new channel of thought for me. His opening line was that it’s better to be a job giver rather than a job seeker. I totally agree with my teacher. In today’s time, Indian job market is in pretty bad shape. Millions of MBA graduates and technical graduates like engineers and doctors are passing out of numerous B schools and technical colleges across the country. But the numbers of companies offering jobs are very much limited. There is a huge gap between the supply of fresher and the demand by the company. In this scenario, literally the slop of employment is taking a dip. In the present scenario, young entrepreneurs are required in India.
When I was in America, I had many instances when I talked with the Dean of the business school at Claflin University. Once our discussion was on the topic of entrepreneurship. He told me that India is lagging behind about 60 years in comparison of America in terms of entrepreneurship. The job seekers in India are more than those in America. But in America, job givers are much more than those in India. Actually, the mentality of Indian youth has become job seeker. To start an enterprise, an entrepreneur has to be risk taker. Business involves high risk. Now the Indian youth don't want to take the risk. The youth wants a comfortable income. Everyone expects some five or six digit salary per year in foreign currency. But they are forgetting that the knowledge, on which they are dreaming of high salary, has been gained in India. Instead of going abroad, they should utilise the same knowledge in India as an entrepreneur and can be a job giver. Being an entrepreneur will increase their prestige.
The youth in India is forgetting that every big organisation was small when it was incepted. It was the vision and the hard work of the entrepreneur which has made that company big. They took the risk of being new and took every challenge which came in their way. I think almost all the successful entrepreneur in today’s business world have started their company in a small place and with small initial capital. But today, they are multi billionaire. They accepted the challenges and took the risk with ease because they had the support of their employees. Their employees made their company rise. This is the point which I want to say. There are plenty of talents in India. They just need right direction and right opportunity. This can be achieved by giving right and correct opportunity to them. So the time has come to become an entrepreneur. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...