Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 325

I know I'm late in writing the blog now. I was supposed to write this blog yesterday itself. But day before yesterday evening, I got this news that Afzal Guru was hanged day before yesterday morning around 8. But somehow, I didn't write anything. Today since morning, I was busy in doing other works. But finally, I sat down to express my view on the death penalty execution.
Well, in my view, the execution has taken a long time. 12 years is indeed a very long time for any terrorist to be hanged. I think this has happened due to the long proceedings and the loop holes in our constitution. I don't want to go in the past of this case because everything is fresh in people’s mind. The death execution of Afzal Guru is a clear message to all those terrorist’s organisations who are working against India. India isn't going to compromise on the security issue whether it’s internal or on the borders. So the death execution is justified. There should be no compromise on the national security. Every country has zero tolerance about the attack on the national security. India is not any exception to this.
But few international human rights groups are saying that India should abolish the death execution. I disagree with them. I strongly condemn them. This shouldn't happen with the terrorists. Afzal Guru was the mastermind of the Indian Parliament attack. In my view, he would have been hanged immediately after the sentence was passed. Why we waited for so many years after sentence was passed? The human rights groups are saying that the death executions are brutal. I don't agree with them when the death execution is done on a terrorist mastermind or a terrorist. Terrorist mastermind or a terrorist are the people who plot the seeds of hatred and kills innocent people. There is no scope of change in hard core terrorists. One of the international human rights group’s Indian head has said that India should abolish death execution to satisfy some public opinion. I totally disagree with this statement.
Death execution of Afzal Guru wasn’t to satisfy any public opinion. He was the mastermind behind the attack on Indian Parliament. Security force’s soldiers were killed in those attacks. Why didn’t these human rights groups said anything that time? Why were they silent? Now the law has done the right thing then these groups are making hues and cries. Actually these groups are favouring the terrorist’s organisations indirectly. I support these groups if there is any atrocity on innocent but not in the case of terrorists. 

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