Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 326

Yesterday night, I was talking with one of my juniors while having dinner. Our talks were general then it got diverted towards some unsolved questions. Actually we saw a television commercial which was saying that tobacco causes cancer and alcohol is injurious to health. Our talk was on the comparison between a smoker and non smoker. A smoker is going to die early than the non smoker. But death is final. Actually death doesn’t differentiate between a smoker and a non smoker. In Hindu religion, death is called as ultimate truth. Death is inevitable. No one can escape from the clutches of death.
Then I told him that the concept of heaven and hell is man made. It’s not created by God. This doesn’t mean that I’m not a God fearing person. I believe in God. After all, the God is creator of everything in this world. He created every living and non living thing in this world including human being. The only reason that human is superior is due to its brain. Even animals have their brains with them but only human is the only species which has developed so much. This has happened due to the proper utilisation of the brain. The concept of heaven and hell is the product of human brain. Actually, every religion in this world has stated that its followers should be nice and have good actions. If the followers are on the path of helping others and performing their duties in the rightful manner then they would be rewarded as getting a place in heaven. If they don't help others and hurt others then they will be burning in the hell. This differentiation has been done to stop the followers from indulging in the destruction. Because founders or foremen of every religion were really wise persons. They knew that the mutual harmony and helping nature only can lead to the positive output like constructive work. This is the highlighted thing which has been said in every religious sculpture and has been preached.
If a person is helpful and serving to the society then he or she is highly appreciated and respected. On the other hand, if the person is hurting others and is harming the society at large then he or she is considered as villain and the person is hated. Its all like cause and effect. The cause is the action which a person does. The effect is the result of those actions. The effect is differentiated as heaven and hell. The pleasure and happiness is the heaven on earth and the pain and hatred is the hell.
The second part was that, according to Hindu philosophy, a soul is immortal. The soul doesn’t take birth and it doesn’t dies. Here rises my question. My question is if the soul is immortal and free from the cycle of life and death then the population of the world must have been constant. Then how the world’s population is increasing? It shouldn’t happen. But the population should be in control. For every living being, a soul is necessary. According to Hindu philosophy, it’s said that the soul lives in various living beings before entering a human body. Then in that case, the growth of other creatures should be in control. But it’s not happening like that also. Just as I said above that I’m a God fearing person. I’m not saying anything against him. I believe in him. But I’m not superstitious. That’s why I’m asking these questions. If anyone of you have answer then do reply me in the comment box. 

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