Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 354

This year, I’m not happy with my presence on blog. This year it has been the minimal presence since I started blog writing. I’m unable to point out the exact reason behind this. Was it my over activity at my office? Was it lack of time and dedication? Was it lack of topic to write? Was it some other fact? What exactly was it? seriously speaking, I’m still finding the answer to these questions. I’m getting none.

Actually. I’m still trying to figure out which question is the right question to begin. Until and unless I’m not sure about the question then how could I find the answer. You may call me a crazy person but this is the fact. No, I’m not crazy but I’m a bit confused. I want to know the answer without knowing the question. This is pure state of high confusion. Its creating a bit of mental chaos also. But I know that there will be a right path if I get out of this chaos. Actually, the chaos begins when there are many alternatives. So, I would like to have some suggestions from your side. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 353

Happy Independence Day to all readers of my blog. I know that I’m writing this blog after the gap of six months. In the past six months, many things have happened in India and I have always wished to write about that. But unfortunately, I was extremely busy in my official works. My official work has hampered my blog writing. But never mind. I’ll try to resume the previous habit of writing the blog.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 352

I know I have been quiet when I have to write. But I was expecting something more to come. Anyway, I’m talking about the drama of Arvind Kejriwal. He resigned from his post in just 49 days. Actually, his aim is partially fulfilled. He thought that he has got the public’s sympathy and he can do anything by going out of the order also. One thing is bothering me now. Before forming the government, he did his drama for almost a week to seek the opinion of Delhi’s public by asking them to form the government. Then why didn’t he seek the poll opinion from the same public about his resignation. He tried to pass the Lokpal bill in the Delhi legislative assembly but he didn’t have success. Then in evening he sent his resignation to the Lt Governor of Delhi. Then why didn’t he went to the Delhi’s public with the question that whether he should resign or not?
Well, he can deceive Delhi’s people with ease but he can’t deceive whole country. His intention wasn’t to govern for the full term. He wanted to have maximum publicity in minimum time, which he got. But if we talk about the ground work then Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t done much as he promised to do. All his works turned out to be fiasco. He promised to make the Delhi government’s offices free from corruption. He opened the telephone lines for the public where the public could call and can lodge complaints against the corrupt officers. About 150 or 160 complaint calls were made and about 56 or 57 cases were lodged. But action wasn’t taken till date on any complaints. He tried to have Janta Darbar at the Delhi Secretariat without proper planning and arrangement to tackle the crowd. He has to cancel his plan of holding Janta Darbar. Again he opened a helpline number for that also. It seems that he was running a call centre government where everything was done by the helpline numbers.

I think with the unexpected success in the Delhi legislative assembly, Arvind Kejriwal began to think that he can do anything, even if he has to go out of way to get his work done. But now, I think his aim was something else. He was keeping eye on the Lok Sabha instead of Lokpal Bill. Delhi’s voters gave a chance to Arvind Kejriwal to keep his promises and to bring the change from the continues Congress rule, which had been labelled with the corruption and scams. But Arvind Kejriwal is now focusing on his personal political agenda. That’s why he resigned so early just to fulfil his ambition. With two days, he released the list of candidates who will be contesting in the up coming Lok Sabha elections. This is the clear indication that his intentions were something else and he had showed something else to the general public to gain their confidence. But I don’t think that he will get his desires fulfilled. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 351

Today, I’m thinking about how to start. Actually, I would have written this post yesterday itself but yesterday I was thinking about the start only. Yes, I’m talking about the recently concluded agitation by Delhi’s CM, Arvind Kejriwal. Indeed this has happened for the first time in independent India’s political history that a sitting CM has sat for the agitation. Arvind Kejriwal even spent a night on road. He and his council of ministers were on road for two days. On Tuesday morning, they were rigid that they won’t accept the partial fulfilment of their demands. But on Tuesday evening, Lt Governor told them that their demands have been partial fulfilled then they ended their agitation. Arvind Kejriwal was addressing the media and he told that he had agreed to accept the partial fulfilment of his demands. He said that it was victory of Delhi’s public.
But my question to Arvind Kejriwal is how can he brand his selfish political victory to be victory of Delhi’s public? Delhi’s public has voted him to solve their problems not to increase their problems. The public of Delhi have faced a lot of problem due to the cheap political agitation. Now who is responsible for that? I think Arvind Kejriwal. Yesterday’s Supreme Court’s statement was very true. It asked Delhi Police that in spite of having Article 144 imposed near the Rail Bhawan how come so many people were gathered there? I agree with Supreme Court. Now the only action is the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal along with his council of ministers and his party workers for breaking the law. Definitely, it’s not the victory of people of Delhi.
Today, I was reading the internet version of a leading daily newspaper of the country. It was flashing the statement of Arvind Kejriwal that Jan Lokpal Bill is ready and it will be passed in special session at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. Now this is something totally madness. If every bill will be passed like that then what was the use of having the building for the legislative assembly constructed in Delhi? It would have saved a lot of money from being wasted in construction. Then why does Arvind Kejriwal works from Delhi Secretariat building? He should demolish that and would shift his office to Ramlila Maidan. All these statements and actions of Arvind Kejriwal show that either he is mad or he is crazy for cheap publicity. Nothing more than that. Third option is that he is thinking himself above the Indian constitution and the standard procedures of running a government. I only wish that God give him some conscience so that Delhi’s people will be saved from his madness.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 350

Today’s headline in every newspaper is the agitation by in Delhi by the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. He and his council of ministers were protesting since Monday near Rail Bhawan over the tug of war between Delhi government and Delhi police. Delhi government is demanding that the control of the Delhi Police should be in the hands of Delhi government. Being a union territory, Delhi Police is under control of Union Home Ministry and Lt Governor of Delhi controls the police force. Now the Law Minister has got problem with the Delhi Police over issue of some raid. But the policemen refused to take action without search warrant, arrest warrant and proper procedure. This has become the root of all problems as the Law Minister refused to give the orders in writing for conducting raid without proper proceedings. That’s why there is tension between Delhi government and Delhi Police.
Arvind Kejriwal has taken this issue as his personal prestige issue. That’s why he has sat for the protest near Rail Bhawan in Delhi. Actually, he has forgotten that he isn’t only a leader of a political party but now he holds a constitutional post of Chief Minister. This is happening for the first time in the history of independent India that a sitting Chief Minister, himself, is leading a protest. I think this is an open challenge to the constitutional proceeding laid by the Indian constitution. Above that the statement of Kejriwal is for the betterment of public he will continue protests like this. Now this is something calls for the Presidential Rule in Delhi. How can a Chief Minister can challenge the constitutional functions like this? In the name of public interest, Arvind Kejriwal is fulfilling his personal as well as political interests. The type of thing which Arvind Kejriwal is doing is certainly not of a Chief Minister.
I think his debutant success has made Kejriwal arrogant. He is now he is sort of public hero and he can fulfil his political ambitions by doing protests like this. But he is forgetting that public is watching everything. The post and popularity which he is enjoying is due to public only. The problem the public is facing in Delhi is due to Kejriwal and his ego only. Public wont forgive him for this. Now his statements that Union Home Minister can’t decide the venue of Kejriwal’s protest is certainly fuelling the clash between Central government and the Delhi government. Another statement of Kejriwal is that if the Union Home Ministry didn’t fulfils his demands then he will bring more people on Raj path on Republic Day. This is certain open threat to disrupt a traditional event of the nation.
I don’t understand what his mentality is now. But certainly, this isn’t the mentality of a Chief Minister. It’s the cheap mentality of a small town political aspirant who wants name and fame and heroism overnight. I think Arvind Kejriwal is going through this mentality only. Then God saves Delhi from him. There is always a proper way to solve any problem. But a man who has become egoistic with the success can’t think like a mature person. The same thing is with Kejriwal. Certainly, the downfall of Kejriwal’s popularity chart has started.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 349

I know for the last few days, I haven’t written anything. Actually, I do have reason for this absence. I was concentration on a particular thing to write. Actually there were many things to write upon. That’s why I was confused about which one to write first. Anyway, today I know what I have to write.
Today, I’m going to write about the ongoing romance of media with Arvind Kejriwal. Media has found new affair. Whatever he is doing or saying is becoming headlines of all the news channels and newspapers. Both forms of media are projecting Arvind Kejriwal as sort of national hero. I’m not against Arvind Kejriwal. But the focus and attention which media is giving him is something which is making me sick of it. He is doing all he can do to drive away the corruption out of the system. He is cleaning the gutter of corruption by entering in to the gutter. This is something appreciable. But media isn’t doing its work properly. Why isn’t any news channel which is showing any news about the other chief ministers? It has become breaking news that Arvind Kejriwal will host Janta Darbar from Saturday outing Delhi Secretariat but why isn’t there any news about the Janta Darbar being held by Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, for the last eight years? Where is the media which is covering that news? The answer is negative.

I don’t understand that why the media is focusing too much on a single person? If they really want to show the real news then why are they neglecting other states? Right now, it seems that Delhi is only state left in the whole country. If the media really wants to show the real news then they should focus on the corrupt practices at other places to bring the truth in front of the entire world. This will be much more beneficial to curb the corruption. But it’s not done. I think the media is getting deviated in showing the real news. In the present time, media houses are running in the race of TRPs instead of running behind the truth. It will be better if they will run behind the truth and to curb the social evils then it will be much better for the whole society over all. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 348

New Year has come and the old year has gone. I know that you will be thinking that I haven’t said anything new or unusual. This happens every year. The old year passes with some memories and old year comes with new hopes, expectations and dreams. I know that these things happen. I even know that the passed year is considered to be good, average or bad on the basis of amount of our hopes, expectations and dreams.  But I wish that the New Year fulfils everyone’s dreams and bring happiness in their lives.
I just wish that all get what they deserve. It’s a huge difference between what you deserve and what you desire. Actually it’s very simple to understand also. Everyone desires to be rich and famous and want to have enormous wealth. But not everybody gets what he or she desires. When we don’t get anything as per our expectation then we began to blame God or timing or our own destiny. Actually, whatever we get is the result of our own deeds. It’s a clear relationship of cause and effect. Our actions are the cause and the result which we get is the effect.

I might be sounding as philosophical but it’s not like that. I’m just talking about the general terms. Its clearly visible everywhere and in everyone’s life. We just need to see around us and we will find the proof. Actually, its human tendency that we need evidences or logical arguments to trust or to confirm anything to be true or real. Our mind is so much dependent on the evidences that we need physical evidences or logical arguments in absence of physical evidences to trust anything. There are many things on which a person believes but the other person doesn’t believe. Just like existence of God, evil forces, witches, good souls and lots of other things. If we don’t get the proof or the physical evidence then we don’t believe such things. Then it’s called one’s perception. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...