Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 351

Today, I’m thinking about how to start. Actually, I would have written this post yesterday itself but yesterday I was thinking about the start only. Yes, I’m talking about the recently concluded agitation by Delhi’s CM, Arvind Kejriwal. Indeed this has happened for the first time in independent India’s political history that a sitting CM has sat for the agitation. Arvind Kejriwal even spent a night on road. He and his council of ministers were on road for two days. On Tuesday morning, they were rigid that they won’t accept the partial fulfilment of their demands. But on Tuesday evening, Lt Governor told them that their demands have been partial fulfilled then they ended their agitation. Arvind Kejriwal was addressing the media and he told that he had agreed to accept the partial fulfilment of his demands. He said that it was victory of Delhi’s public.
But my question to Arvind Kejriwal is how can he brand his selfish political victory to be victory of Delhi’s public? Delhi’s public has voted him to solve their problems not to increase their problems. The public of Delhi have faced a lot of problem due to the cheap political agitation. Now who is responsible for that? I think Arvind Kejriwal. Yesterday’s Supreme Court’s statement was very true. It asked Delhi Police that in spite of having Article 144 imposed near the Rail Bhawan how come so many people were gathered there? I agree with Supreme Court. Now the only action is the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal along with his council of ministers and his party workers for breaking the law. Definitely, it’s not the victory of people of Delhi.
Today, I was reading the internet version of a leading daily newspaper of the country. It was flashing the statement of Arvind Kejriwal that Jan Lokpal Bill is ready and it will be passed in special session at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. Now this is something totally madness. If every bill will be passed like that then what was the use of having the building for the legislative assembly constructed in Delhi? It would have saved a lot of money from being wasted in construction. Then why does Arvind Kejriwal works from Delhi Secretariat building? He should demolish that and would shift his office to Ramlila Maidan. All these statements and actions of Arvind Kejriwal show that either he is mad or he is crazy for cheap publicity. Nothing more than that. Third option is that he is thinking himself above the Indian constitution and the standard procedures of running a government. I only wish that God give him some conscience so that Delhi’s people will be saved from his madness.

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