Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 350

Today’s headline in every newspaper is the agitation by in Delhi by the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. He and his council of ministers were protesting since Monday near Rail Bhawan over the tug of war between Delhi government and Delhi police. Delhi government is demanding that the control of the Delhi Police should be in the hands of Delhi government. Being a union territory, Delhi Police is under control of Union Home Ministry and Lt Governor of Delhi controls the police force. Now the Law Minister has got problem with the Delhi Police over issue of some raid. But the policemen refused to take action without search warrant, arrest warrant and proper procedure. This has become the root of all problems as the Law Minister refused to give the orders in writing for conducting raid without proper proceedings. That’s why there is tension between Delhi government and Delhi Police.
Arvind Kejriwal has taken this issue as his personal prestige issue. That’s why he has sat for the protest near Rail Bhawan in Delhi. Actually, he has forgotten that he isn’t only a leader of a political party but now he holds a constitutional post of Chief Minister. This is happening for the first time in the history of independent India that a sitting Chief Minister, himself, is leading a protest. I think this is an open challenge to the constitutional proceeding laid by the Indian constitution. Above that the statement of Kejriwal is for the betterment of public he will continue protests like this. Now this is something calls for the Presidential Rule in Delhi. How can a Chief Minister can challenge the constitutional functions like this? In the name of public interest, Arvind Kejriwal is fulfilling his personal as well as political interests. The type of thing which Arvind Kejriwal is doing is certainly not of a Chief Minister.
I think his debutant success has made Kejriwal arrogant. He is now he is sort of public hero and he can fulfil his political ambitions by doing protests like this. But he is forgetting that public is watching everything. The post and popularity which he is enjoying is due to public only. The problem the public is facing in Delhi is due to Kejriwal and his ego only. Public wont forgive him for this. Now his statements that Union Home Minister can’t decide the venue of Kejriwal’s protest is certainly fuelling the clash between Central government and the Delhi government. Another statement of Kejriwal is that if the Union Home Ministry didn’t fulfils his demands then he will bring more people on Raj path on Republic Day. This is certain open threat to disrupt a traditional event of the nation.
I don’t understand what his mentality is now. But certainly, this isn’t the mentality of a Chief Minister. It’s the cheap mentality of a small town political aspirant who wants name and fame and heroism overnight. I think Arvind Kejriwal is going through this mentality only. Then God saves Delhi from him. There is always a proper way to solve any problem. But a man who has become egoistic with the success can’t think like a mature person. The same thing is with Kejriwal. Certainly, the downfall of Kejriwal’s popularity chart has started.

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