Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 349

I know for the last few days, I haven’t written anything. Actually, I do have reason for this absence. I was concentration on a particular thing to write. Actually there were many things to write upon. That’s why I was confused about which one to write first. Anyway, today I know what I have to write.
Today, I’m going to write about the ongoing romance of media with Arvind Kejriwal. Media has found new affair. Whatever he is doing or saying is becoming headlines of all the news channels and newspapers. Both forms of media are projecting Arvind Kejriwal as sort of national hero. I’m not against Arvind Kejriwal. But the focus and attention which media is giving him is something which is making me sick of it. He is doing all he can do to drive away the corruption out of the system. He is cleaning the gutter of corruption by entering in to the gutter. This is something appreciable. But media isn’t doing its work properly. Why isn’t any news channel which is showing any news about the other chief ministers? It has become breaking news that Arvind Kejriwal will host Janta Darbar from Saturday outing Delhi Secretariat but why isn’t there any news about the Janta Darbar being held by Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, for the last eight years? Where is the media which is covering that news? The answer is negative.

I don’t understand that why the media is focusing too much on a single person? If they really want to show the real news then why are they neglecting other states? Right now, it seems that Delhi is only state left in the whole country. If the media really wants to show the real news then they should focus on the corrupt practices at other places to bring the truth in front of the entire world. This will be much more beneficial to curb the corruption. But it’s not done. I think the media is getting deviated in showing the real news. In the present time, media houses are running in the race of TRPs instead of running behind the truth. It will be better if they will run behind the truth and to curb the social evils then it will be much better for the whole society over all. 

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