Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 347

I know that these days I’m focusing more and more on politics and particularly whatever is happening in Delhi. But right now, Delhi is the only state where many things are happening for the first time. For the first time, a sitting Chief Minister has lost her seat by the margin of 22,168 votes. First time, the biggest party in the newly elected assembly has shown its incapability to form the government. First time, a debuted party has won 28 seats. First time the second largest party has send the letters to two main national parties on few issues. There are few more things in this list. But right now, whatever is happening there is nothing more than drama. That’s certain. The latest thing is gathering the views of Delhi’s public through all means. I’m coming to this point only.
Now BJP has sent a 14 point letter to Aam Aadmi Party in context to the new drama of AAP. One of those questions tallied with my own thoughts. The question is that while running a government, the Chief Minister and the Ministers have to sign various files and documents, and then the AAP will take public opinion everyday like this? This is the thing which there in my mind also. Will AAP go for public opinion daily for taking the decision on each and every file? Then they have to form a new ministry to record the survey opinion. This is really something to laugh about. Now the AAP is using cheap tricks to convert the whole thing as some reality show on TV. Their act of survey is sounding like the reality show where the host ask the audience to vote for the contestants. The same thing is being done by Arvind Kejriwal and his party men. This is sort of playing with the emotions of the people to be in the limelight and to save itself from being branded as villains.
Second question in my mind is that during the sworn in ceremony as Chief Minister and Minister, the person has to take the oath in the name of Indian constitution that they will not disclose the secret things to anyone during their tenure. Now what will AAP government do if they will get some important file about which they have to be secretive then will they take the mobile in their hands and will ask the public to give their opinion? Then it will be clear violation of the constitutional process. If they won’t do anything like this then their promise of taking opinion will be broken. I know that Arvind Kejriwal isn’t that much simple as he pretend to be. Even he knows the proceedings of the government. Right now he is in ego of defeating Sheila Dixit and becoming the debuting party’s convenor that got this much seats in the assembly election. As I have repeatedly said that all the activities of Arvind Kejriwal and his party is nothing more than a drama and AAP is now trying to save its skin from the allegations. That’s it. Nothing more is happening.

In my view, the President’s Rule should be imposed in Delhi. This will not only stop the ongoing drama but will give each party a nice opportunity to work out for the re election. I think that people of Delhi should now be able to know that opinion poll and all these things are nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. It should allow any party or politicians to cheat them. Rest of the things are now in the hold of time. Only time will tell the true picture. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 346

There are a lot of things to write. I’m confused about what to write? Last night, I was asking the same question to myself. I got the answer. At the moment, the hot topic is the formation of government in Delhi. The high voltage drama which is going on Delhi is known to everyone. The Aam Aadmi Party is busy in its drama. Yesterday, I was watching a news channel. It was saying that the Aam Aadmi Party has sought time till Monday. Its writing 25 lakhs letters to every voter in Delhi and have asked their answers by Monday. On Sunday, they will announce the result of this workout. According to them, it’s a measure to know the mood of the Delhi’s public to know its view about the government formation. I have seen the news also that at Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, the leaders of Congress, BJP and AAP was sharing the dais. Dr Kumar Vishwas was saying that they will take the public opinion for everything. I think that now it’s a cover up to avoid the President’s Rule in Delhi. The public opinion is just cover up to take the U turn from AAP’s previous statement of not taking support either from the Congress or the BJP. Now the Congress has promised support and they have given it in writing also. So, all these things are eye wash to make the people fool.
When AAP came in election, then people were having expectations with them. They thought that we have got alternative of corrupt Congress. But now, AAP is playing game to negotiate with Congress and BJP. Although, BJP has denied giving support but Congress must be demanding something which is kept in dark. Arvind Kejriwal has played the move at the right time. In the name of taking the public opinion, he has sought time from Delhi’s Lt Governor. It’s enough time to deal with Congress and to make deal. It’s impossible to send 25 lakh letters and getting their reply and reading them and then categorising them in yes or no and finally making the decision based on those replies in just 3 days. No one is so innocent that he or she can’t see the basic cause.

Second thing which Arvind Kejriwal has seen is the image of his party. It’s an open secret that neither Congress, nor BJP and AAP are able to make the government. Then it’s clear that it has to be re election after six month. But the voters will get the message that the AAP is sole responsible of the re election. It has snatched seats from both the national parties. So, it’s a risky game of allowing President’s rule in Delhi. Who knows that public will again give their votes to them? It’s true that AAP has won 28 seats but it’s on the basis of popular vote. By popular votes, I mean those votes which a party gets due to sympathy or expectation of doing something new. The public was fed up of corrupt Congress rule. It needed a change. AAP entered the political and election arena just to en cash the anger towards Congress. It succeeded also. Arvind Kejriwal must have thought to that taking support from Congress is much better than going for re election and taking the risk of being the game spoiler. Now I’m waiting for Monday. Let’s see with which excuse AAP faces the public and the media?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 345

Today is 1st anniversary of Nirbhaya’s infamous rape tragedy. Last year, on this date, Nirbhaya was brutally raped, tortured and thrown out of the moving bus to die. Later on, she died due to the injuries but she gave the spirit to fight which was waved through out the country. The court has given its verdict. But the matter doesn’t end here only. I salute Nirbhaya for her spirit of fight. The way in which she showed her will power to fight the death is the example of her fighting spirit.
But there are many incidences of rape across the country after Nirbhaya’s case. Actually, in the case of rape, there is vast difference between the number of cases being reported and the number of accused being nabbed and brought to justice. There were many reports where the rape victims were threaten that if they will resist the rape then their consequences will be same as of Nirbhaya. But there wasn’t fall in the rape cases. Even though there were incidences also where the rape incidences were stopped also due to the activeness of police. I know it will sound funny that even police is active. Actually, we are always seeing the news about police’s failures in elaborated manner. But the reports of police activeness are reported in short manner.
Anyway, I’m not going in to that discussion now. Only thing which I want to say is that there are still many cases where the rape accused are roaming freely in open and the victims are suffering. There are many reasons of letting the accused out of the bars. Sometimes, the report is withdrawn due to the threat or pressure. Sometimes, there aren’t proper evidences. There are many incidences where the witnesses turn hostile. Few percent of cases aren’t properly reported. They are being categorised as sexual molestation instead of rape. In these situations, it’s very tough to bring the justice to the victims. Somewhere, the accused or the real culprits are getting benefit of these loopholes and are doing crimes again and again. I think some actions should be taken to create terror for all criminals.

It’s not the job of the government only. Public has to take part in this. People must start protesting the things like molesting and eve teasing. Molesting and eve teasing are the initial steps through which the criminals get strength. They get bolder even they aren’t resisted. So, the public should become zero tolerance in these types of things. Now its time for the government to amendment all the previous laws where the accused are getting minor punishments. The tenure of imprisonment or the degree of punishment should be hike. Most of the Sections of Indian Penal Code are at least 100 years old. Time has come to change those things and to bring new laws according to the present scenario. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 344

Today I was going through newspapers. I think that Congress party has gone crazy. The voting out of power has made the party crazy. That’s why the Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are making statement that the verdict of Supreme Court making Gay and Lesbian sex as a punishable crime is totally wrong. It won’t be wrong to see that the central government is always going with the Congress party. Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi have said that lesbian and gay sex is not a crime. I don’t understand their logic behind their statements. It’s going beyond my head. Frankly speaking, the same sex sexual relationship isn’t just against the human law but it’s against the natural law itself. Gay or lesbian sex is just for sexual pleasure and nothing more. For reproduction, one has to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.
But right now, people, who are in favour of decriminalisation of Section 377 or in favour to scrap it, aren’t seeing this simple thing.  Now the government and the Congress party are in mood to pass an ordinance in the parliament which will reduce the effect of Section 377. Their aim to give relief to millions of people. But the Congress party is taking it as the prestige issue. They are talking as if they are doing some heroic action or are going to bring the ordinance which will benefit every Indian. But in fact, they are out of their senses. That’s why they are taking this issue to cash the sentiment of an illegal minority community which indulges itself in illegal activity. The LGBT activists are saying that their same sex sexual relationship is a natural feeling which they fulfil. But I don’t think that it will be an easy job for the Congress party. I think they have become desperate to do something which will give them popularity. They are aware that their ship is sinking so they are looking for straws to save themselves. Otherwise what was the need to take this issue like this that they got ready to pass an ordinance in favour of something unnatural?
Now it depends on the political will also. Let’s see how many parties are against the ordinance which will decriminalise Section 377? In my view, it shouldn’t be decriminalise. I don’t know how many will agree with me? But I have made it clear that if something is illegal according to the natural laws then its illegal according to the human laws. Let’s see what happens in future?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 343

Today, I was just going through the internet version of a daily newspaper. There were news articles about the recent concluded assembly elections particularly about the Delhi assembly elections. The hanged assembly is there in Delhi but there is no other alternative than the re election. Even though, BJP has come as the largest party there but it don’t have much strength to prove its majority. There was a poll conducted. The outcome of the poll was that AAP has come as the favourite party of the Delhi people. But today, I’m not in mood to do another post election analysis. For the last two blogs, I have been doing the same thing. Well, one interesting news article caught my attention.
The news article said that the Supreme Court has set aside the decision of Delhi High Court which the Delhi High Court has given in 2009 related to the decriminalisation of the same sex sexual relationship. The Delhi High Court in 2009 gave the verdict in favour of decriminalisation of the same sex sexual relationship. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code says that voluntarily intercourse against the order of the nature with any man, woman or animal is a crime and the culprit shall be punished imprisonment for life or fine. Delhi High Court gave verdict that it’s not a criminal offence. Now the Supreme Court has set aside the verdict of Delhi High Court by saying that the only the Parliament is authorized to remove Section 377 the court can not legalise same sex sexual activities. The Supreme Court has said that it’s now legislature’s desirability of deleting Section 377. The judiciary can’t do that.
Now here is the catch. The lesbian and gay organisations are now going to review the apex court’s verdict. It’s because with this verdict the operation of penal provision against gay sex has come in action. Actually, this verdict is against the lesbian sex also. Both, gay and lesbian, sexual relationships have again become a punishable offence now. The Supreme Court has put the ball in to legislature’s side. Now the legislature has to do decide whether to keep the Section 377 or not. But it’s true that the gay and lesbian activists aren’t happy with the Supreme Court’s decision. They are saying that the verdict is against the law. I don’t understand their logic. How can this verdict be against the law? The Supreme Court has given the right verdict that changing any section of Indian Penal Code is the duty and responsibility of the legislative. The judiciary has the work to look whether the particular section is being implemented properly or not. If the law is violated then the judiciary will come in to action to punish the wrong doers. This is in the legal framework. So, it can’t be against the law.

Another activist of LGBT is saying that it’s not the crime if a child is born as gay or lesbian and its natural feeling. No one has the right to blame LGBT or gays. Now this is something against the law. You can’t comment against the verdict of the Supreme Court like this. No child knows that he or she will become gay or lesbian after reaching or while reaching adolescence, at its birth. This happens in due course of time and the atmosphere where the child is raised. A child doesn’t have the proper conscience to think what is right and what is wrong. This feeling is developed as the child is being taught. So, it will be unwise to say that it’s not the crime if a child is born as gay or lesbian. This thought is totally baseless and those who believe in this thought are really pathetic. I pray that they get the proper thinking very soon. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 342

The assembly election of Delhi has given unexpected results in phase wise. In the first phase, it showed that voters really want the most corrupt party out of the power. A debutant party nearly snatched the power from the ruling party of the last 15 years. No one ever thought that president of a new entry party in Indian politics will defeat the sitting Chief Minister for the last 15 years by a vast difference. This proves that Indian voters aren’t in mood to tolerate any party, directly and indirectly involved, in corruption.  Well, the first phase was full of unexpectation. The second phase is that the fractured mandate has forced the re election process to take place. 36 seats are needed out of 70 seats to form the government. But surprisingly neither BJP nor AAP is having the required number to claim the government formation. BJP is 4 seats behind and AAP is 8 seats behind the required number. Individuals are having 1 seat and 1 seat belongs to JDU. Now, its open secret that BJP can’t take support from either Congress or JDU. That’s something unthinkable. Both ideologically and practically, it’s impossible. Now the focus turns towards, AAP. Now it has always raised its voice against corruption. The present scenario is like neither Congress neither AAP can go to each other. Arvind Kejariwal has said that it will act like a constructive opposition. This means that he isn’t going to shake hands with Congress. But surprisingly, both can join hands to form the government. This coalition will not only keep the BJP out of power but it will save the re election process. But I don’t think that it’s going to happen. Otherwise, till now any announcement of such coalition would have come. But nothing has come. So, it’s final that the re election process is going to work now. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 341

The result for the assembly elections in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are out now. It’s not any surprise in Madhya Pradesh as the voters have paved the way for Mr Raman Singh for the third consecutive term on the basis of development.  Same thing happened in Chhattisgarh also. The voters have made two party assemblies in Chhattisgarh as BJP has won 49 and Congress has won 41 seats respectively out of 90 seats. There isn’t any scope of the third party. The major change or the centre of talk now is the result of Delhi assembly election. In its maiden election, Aam Aadmi Party has sought 28 seats in the 70 seats. Arvind Kejriwal has defeated Sheila Dikshit by 22,168 votes. This is something unthinkable. I can’t say that this is the first time that a Chief Minister has lost his or her seats in spite of being the Chief Minister for three consecutive terms. But there is a catch now. Out of 70 seats, BJP got 32 seats, Congress got 8 seats, AAP has got 28 seats and others have got 2 seats.  For simple majority, magical number of 36 is required for the formation of any government. But it’s not possible now. AAP has maintained equidistance from BJP and Congress. So, it won’t be possible to form the government there without the coalition between any two parties. Without that, it will be President’s Rule there. After six months, there will be re election for all 70 seats. Then it will be clear that that is going to form the government. Because if the AAP goes with either Congress or BJP then it will be going back from its promise that there will be no compromise or deal with any of the parties. I think that AAP has created confusion in Delhi. It has ride on the new change wave. Let’s see what happens in the future. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 340

Yesterday, the polling in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh was done. The exit polls in every state are more or less saying the same thing. The BJP is going to gain power in these states. The major focus was on Delhi. Sheela Dixit is ruling there for the last fifteen years uninterrupted. I feel that now the Modi magic is going to work nation wide for the next year general election. People now want to have change. They are fed up of the Congress rule at the centre and at the places where it has ruled for more than two terms.
Personally speaking, I’m definitely fed up of Congress rule. Even in the general election held in 2009, I voted for BJP. But again the Congress led UPA came in to the power. But this time, the wave is against Congress. Now the stake is between Congress and BJP that which party will become the ruling party. The regional parties are also there but they will be going with the winning horse. Regional parties always tie up or try to tie up with the winning side. But it’s not possible to accommodate every one at one side. That has become the normal trade before the elections. It continues till the next election when the regional parties switch the side. Well, that’s not the main topic today.
The main thing is the effect of Modi miracle in the country. It can’t be denied whether you love him or hate him, you can’t escape from talking about Narendra Modi.  He is having some charisma in him that’s why people across the county are looking at him with some home. I hope and pray that this time the hope of all those who want to get rid of the Congress rule will change their hopes in clear cut mandate for BJP which will enable Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister. Seriously speaking, the country needs at least two full terms of having non Congress rule. That’s possible only if BJP stays at the centre for two consecutive terms.
It might be feeling from my post that I’m favouring BJP and Narendra Modi only. But I’m talking about the change. The change from the pathetic Congress rule which has given nothing else than various scams. The same party cried hell about the coffin scam during Kargil war, but now its own bag is full of scams like 2G spectrum scam, coal scam, illegal land acquisition and helping Robert Vagera out of the terms and various other scams. How can they justify it now? I don’t think that the general public will justify these scams and will forgive Congress party for this.
Now the time has come to give the rein of the country in the hands of someone who can change the atmosphere. So, its time to caste the vote against the Congress party. Many of my readers won’t agree with me and I won’t be surprised if they disagree with me that Narendra Modi is the person who has the ability to change the country’s atmosphere.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 339

I know that I have been late in writing the post. Actually, I was busy in the Navratri. I had Kalash Sthapana at my home. So, I was busy in the puja during the Navratri. Before I forget, I must wish Belated Happy Navratri and Vijay Dashmi to my readers. Actually, I was supposed to write this post on 14th October. But I was busy in kalash visarjan and in the feast at home. That’s why I got late. In the Navratri, I felt immense inner pleasure. Whenever I sat for the puja then all the time I felt the flow of positive energy inside me. It happened due to the presence and blessing of Maa Durga.

But on the Astami, on 12th October, the Phelin cyclone hit the coastal part of Andhra Pradesh and Oddissa. Now the Phelin has moved upwards and had touched Jharkhand and Bihar. Now it has affected the north Bihar area. As I’m writing this post now, the weather is totally clouded in Patna. Rainfall is predicted for the next few days. But since yesterday, there is no rainfall in Patna. But the situation is worse in north Bihar. It’s raining heavily in Darbhanga, Katihar and adjoining areas. The weather department has said that the cyclone is moving towards the Himalaya. So, the most affected areas will be Nepal and the north Bihar. There has been report about more rain fall in that area. Another report is that the water level in all the rivers is increasing again. Although, the level is below the danger level but still the increment has been observed in the water level.

In Jharkhand, Ranchi and Jamshedpur were the most affected areas. The Suvarnrekha River near Jamshedpur is flooded and it has entered the lower part of the city. In the stormy winds, many puja pandals along with the trees have fallen on ground. The same thing has happened in Bihar also. The worst affected part is still Oddissa. Around 9 lakh people in coastal part of Oddissa have been affected. Numerous villages have been destroyed in the cyclone. The stormy winds were blowing with the speed of 200 kmph followed by the rain. There is something wrong with the current time. Three months back, there was catastrophe in Uttrakhand. Now, the cyclone in Oddissa.

This is clear indication that all these things are happening due to the imbalance in the nature. The imbalance has been created by the humans only. Now the time has come to realise that if the humans wouldn’t stop creating the imbalance in the natural balance then this type of catastrophes will repeatedly happen. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 338

    The Supreme Court has given the right verdict before the general elections in 2014. The Supreme Court has directed the Election Commission of India to include a button in all the electronic voting machines by whose side ‘Reject all candidates’ will be mentioned. I welcome this decision. This verdict is very much appropriate to the current situation. Although few political leaders and parties are saying that the Supreme Court doesn’t have the authority to make any constitution. It’s the work of the Parliament. But those leaders are forgetting that the Supreme Court is doing its job. In the constitution it’s already written that if the voter isn’t satisfied with any of the candidates then the voter can disqualify all the candidates. Those leaders are saying that people don't go to the polling booths to caste their vote is equivalent to their right of rejection. I strongly disagree with those leaders.

    Although, the voters, who aren’t interested in the polling system, are staying at home. They are giving the logic that they don't like any of the candidates. But this is not the reality. They aren’t going to the polling booths because they would be in compulsion to select one of the candidates. But if the option of rejection is there then the public will obviously go to the polling booth. Previously, this right wasn’t there that’s why the turnout at the polling booths was very low. Now this verdict will encourage the voters to go and to caste their vote. I would like to say to those leaders that instead of telling Supreme Court that what it can do and what it can’t, it will be much better to improve their images. Those leaders should do their duties rightfully and should clean their images in public’s opinion so that people should vote them instead of rejecting them.

    Actually, the UPA government has passed an ordinance where it’s allowing tainted and convicted leaders to contest in the elections from the jail. I think this should be eliminated first. None of the political parties are coming forward in favour of eliminating criminals to become MPs and MLAs. A lawbreaker can’t become a lawmaker. The political parties and the UPA government should think over this before challenging or commenting over the Right of Rejection verdict of the Supreme Court. I don't know what the real intention of Rahul Gandhi is. I don't know what he is trying to show to public when he said that these types of ordinances should be torn and thrown. I would like to ask him that where was he when his party was framing this particular ordinance? Why didn’t he raise his voice against his mother on this issue? It’s openly known that the Congress party has drafted this ordinance after getting the approval from Rahul Gandhi’s mother. Sonia Gandhi gave her consent over this ordinance. So, why didn’t Rahul Gandhi said anything at that time? Is he trying to show that he has become a real well wisher of the mass? I think it’s just the political drama to confuse the general mass. Nothing more than that.

    As far as the verdict of the Supreme Court is concerned then I would like to say that this verdict has given the authority to the voter to come to the polling booth and to show their real intention. This will make the political parties feel that they just can’t put any candidate in the election from the particular area. Not only this verdict will make the voter more powerful but it will increase the turnout percentage at the polling booth. In the coming assembly elections in Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, the Election Commission of India has declared that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), the button for reject all will be there.

    Now this is the thing, according to me, which was most awaited thing for the Indian voters. As a voter, couple of times, even I wasn’t satisfied with the candidates or the parties on the list on EVM. That time, I have wished that I could have got a button for rejecting all of them at a time. Now it’s possible. If I won’t be satisfied with the person or the party, I’ll simply press the rejection button. With this addition, the Supreme Court and the Election Commission has empowered a voter to express his or her views clearly. Now the politicians won’t take it for granted that they have to choose any one from the list. The political parties will be now careful in selecting the suitable candidate for any constituency. This decision is indeed going to change the system a lot.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 337

I know that I’m writing this post very late. I should have written this yesterday or day before yesterday. But it’s better to be late than not turning up. Finally, the true verdict has come after nine months. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Delhi gang rape and murder case which happened on 16 December 2012. It was very inhuman murder. Nirbhaya died on 29 December 2012 in Singapore due to the injuries. But her rapists and killers aren’t going to be free. The court has sentenced death capital to the four accused on day before yesterday. This judgement has sent a message across the country that inhuman acts can’t be tolerated at any cost and the culprits shouldn’t be forgiven. The judgement is extremely right and it’s according to the crime being committed. Day before yesterday, I was watching the news channel. Now I can’t forget that 13 September 2013 is the day when the accused were given the much awaited sentenced. I was happy that at last, the court has given its verdict. But I’ll be happier when the news will be that the four convicts have been hanged till death. This is something I’m eagerly waiting for. I may be sounding like a barbaric person but I’m not. I’m just saying my opinion which I have felt after the sad and tragic incidence. But this feeling has come in response of the inhuman crime being done by the culprits. I’m not alone who is wishing this thing. There are millions of people across the country that is having the same thought as mine.

I’m surprised by the defence lawyer’s actions and his statements. When the judgement was announced then the three convicts started crying and one pleaded mercy. My question here is that did they showed mercy to Nirbhaya when she was pleading mercy? Why weren’t they moved by her tears? They inserted iron rod in her private organs. In the post mortem report it was found that Nirbhaya’s body was brutally injured. So how can they expect mercy when they were doing animal acts? Their defence lawyers slammed the table with his feast in the courtroom when the judge was going. This proves that he showed disrespect to the judge. Outside the courtroom, he blamed that the judgement was biased and it was on the order of the government. His blamed that now the judiciary is working on the direction of the government. My question to him is that why is he showing his anger against the judgement when the entire nation is saying that his clients are not innocent. Yesterday, his statement was in newspapers that he would like to burn his daughter alive if his daughter goes out with her boy friend and stays out late night. This shows that even he is of very sick mentality. I strongly recommend that his practicing licence should be seized. Lawyers of this mentality are indirectly supporting the criminals to do inhuman crimes like we saw in Nirbhaya case.

I strongly believe that there should be no mercy shown to the criminals who do this kind of acts. I strongly believe that the provision of going to the President of India for forgiveness should be removed. After this judgement, there should be amendment in the constitution that there should be no provision of challenging the decisions of the lower courts in the High Courts and Supreme Court, if the convicts have done inhuman acts of torturing before killing. Now the time has come to change the Juvenile Justice Act also. The age limit should be brought down to 15 years from presently 18 years. Now mostly boys of around 14-15 years are becoming the bread earner of their families. This is out of compulsion or due to the thoughts of the parents to have an extra pair of helping hands and there numerous reasons. So there must be some changes in the laws now. It has become the demand of the time now. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 336

These days the flood situation in Bihar has flooded my mind too. I’m only watching the news channels and going through the internet version of the daily newspapers. Well, the reports of water level going down are coming from every where but still the flood is there in 20 districts in Bihar. Actually, the forecast of havoc rain which may occur has put everyone on high alert in the Bihar government. The statements are there that Patna city is safe but still all the preparations have been done by taking the forecast in to account. The weather department is saying that the rain in Nepal can make the situation worse in the North Bihar. Gandak, Koshi, Bagmati are few amongst the important rivers flowing in Bihar from Nepal. West Champaran, East Champaran, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, Saharsa, Supaul, Arahia and Kishanganj are the districts which are there on Nepal Bihar border where the situation can get worse due to the rain in Nepal. Already the Koshi River has always created flood in the stated districts. But the main focus is on the forecast. It may happen or it may not happen. So, there is unclear picture now.

Although the water levels are down but still the danger is there. The Soan River is flowing 1 meter down from the danger level but the Ganga River is still 40 cm above the danger level in Buxar. In today’s newspaper, I have read that although the flood water has retreated from the areas where it went, but the situation hasn’t changed much. Now the reconstruction of roads and dams has to be done along with the precaution of stopping any illness in the area. The areas from where the flood water has retreated are now full of bad smell and the probability of getting ill is on high. The state machinery is in full action but still it has to cover some areas where people are still trapped. At many places, people aren’t leaving their homes and going to the relief camps as they fear of thefts. So, the district administrations are having problem in reaching to those people. Although the report of mismanagement has come from couple of relief camps but still the state machinery is doing its best to stop any disease to spread and in the flood relief operations. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 335

I don't know what to say now. The flood situation in Bihar is still critical. Around 59 lakh people have been hit by the flood so far. 20 districts out of 38 districts in Bihar are been affected by the flood. Till yesterday, 176 people were drowned in the flood water. There has been forecast of heavy rain and cloud busting in Patna area by the Indian Metrological Department. An official from the IMD has said that the cloud busting will be like as it happened in Kedarnath in July this year. It will likely to happen in the second of September. It’s suggested that in 24 hours around 300 mm of rain fall is expected to happen. This forecast has increased the tension for the Patna District Administration. The district administration has declared high alert and had deployed more units of NDRF and SDRF. Although the water level in the Ganga River in Patna has gone down by 6 cm and 9 cm at two different Ghats. But still the Ganga is flowing above the danger level. The condition is still not stable. Although, the decrease in the water level in the course of Ganga’s route have been recorded but still the decrement at Patna isn’t still satisfactory. Statistically speaking, then Allahabad had recorded decrease of 112 cm, Varanasi has recorded 92 cm and Buxar has recorded 23 cm down in the water level.

Actually the Ganga has 12 districts of Bihar in its route where it has done destruction on the large scale. Bhagalpur and Katihar are the worst effect districts due to the flood. I don't know what will happen in coming week but I’m having my fingers crossed and praying that no rain should happen. It will only worsen the situation. For the last two days, the weather in Patna city is bright and sunny. Today, as I’m writing this post, the bright sun is there along with cool breeze in Patna. Well, I’m just praying that the water level should decrease to its normal level and the flood should retreat. Thousands of people are now trapped and thousands of agricultural lands are flooded. I just wish that everything should become normal soon. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 334

Well, for the last few days, I was trying to write something on the blog. But unfortunately, there was something which was holding me back. Actually, these days, the holy river Ganga is in furious form. The Ganga is flowing around 129 cm above the danger level from my hometown, Patna. Although the district administration is fully alert and it has made all the necessary precautionary arrangements but it’s a matter of worry for all the Patnaites that the Ganga is flowing at such a high level. For the last one week, the weather was under control. Till Saturday, the water level was constant but since today morning, it’s raining in instalments. It rained about an hour in morning and now in evening, it’s again raining for an hour. That’s adding more worries about the increment in the water level. The Ganga River and its associating rivers like Gandak, Sone is flooding various areas like Ara, Buxar, Bhagalpur etc in Bihar. The water level of the Ganga is still high in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. I think half of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh has already been flooded by the Ganga.

I don't understand that how Ganga has become so furious. I think it’s all the after affect of the recent catastrophe in Uttrakhand in the Amarnath area. Although there are 8 divisions in Patna district where the flood has done destruction, along with that the Patna district administration is catering the needs of those who have lost their homes in Saran district due to flood. Really, it’s a tough time. The water level of Ganga in Bhagalpur is so high that it’s about to cover the Vikramshilla bridge. Bihar hasn’t got its proper monsoon but its facing the destructive part of the flood. If we talk about the statistics then Central Water Commission has recorded two different water levels of Ganga at the two different banks in Patna. On Sunday morning, that is yesterday morning, Ganga was at 48.98 meters, 129 cm above the danger level at Gandhi Ghat. The water level was 50.89 meters, 40 cm above the danger level. This means that still, the Ganga is in furious form. I’m just praying that sooner the furious form gets over and Ganga retains her normal form so that there shouldn’t be more loss of lives and crops. Till now, mostly the damage has been made to the crops. I hope this shouldn’t happen on large scale. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 333

  Yesterday was our Independence Day. I would like to wish a very happy Independence Day to all my countrymen. 66 years ago, we got independence from the British rule. Many martyrs sacrificed their lives to gain this independence. Independence Day is just an occasion to salute and to pay our homage to those brave martyrs. They are always alive in our memories and will always be there. After ruling our country for 190 years, British gave political independence to us. That was beginning of a new India.

   But there are many problems in present India. We have to fight those problems to make our country free from all the evils. But one problem is being there for the last 66 years. British gave independence to India but created Pakistan out of undivided India. Pakistan has always been waging war for the last 66 years. In 1965 and in 1999, it had frontier war but indirectly through terrorist activities, it’s attacking India. Recently, 5 Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani army. On 26 November, 2008, Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence sent Kasab and his team to attack Mumbai. Daily there is some news of killing innocent Indians in Kashmir. But we couldn’t do anything to retaliate Pakistani actions. If US can attack Iraq and Afghanistan to eliminate Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden then why can’t we attack Pakistan when we have so many proves against Pakistan? I don't understand that instead of having superior army strength why can’t we have a war against Pakistan? It’s all due to weak political boss controlling the army. In Pakistan, the control is in the hand of Pakistani army. That’s why they can do anything against India anytime. But our army has got its hands tied up and the control is in the hands of politicians who aren’t capable of taking decision. American government sent its marine troops in Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden when it got the sure report that Laden was hiding in Pakistan. But Indian government hasn’t done anything yet in spite of know that all its most wanted criminals like Dawood Ibrahim are hiding in Pakistan. Actually, Pakistani administration is giving support to all those who are against India.

    Time has come to bring some changes in the political as well social condition of our country. We are the largest exporters of doctors and engineers to the world but we have many diseases and poor infrastructure in our country. Time has come to throw corruption out of our country. Corruption isn’t just limited to taking or giving bribes. Dishonesty with one’s duty is corruption. We have to bring the social change in our country. Then only we will have freedom from all evils and then only we will have freedom in real sense. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 332

Now the drama in Indian politics has started to show its colours. For the last six to seven months, the brew was popping up. Now it has boiled up completely. The alliance between BJP and JD (U) has ended yesterday in Bihar. The Chief Minister, Mr Nitish Kumar, has submitted the recommendation of removing the eleven ministers of BJP from his cabinet to the Governor of Bihar. It was accepted in late evening. Now a special session has been called of on 19th June 2012, for the confidence motion. JD (U) has 118 seats and BJP has 91 seats in 243 seated Bihar assembly. For simple majority any party needs 122 seats. This means JD (U) needs just 4 seats to have the simple majority while BJP needs 31 seats. For BJP, it’s a tough job. So they have decided to oppose the confidence motion. There are 4 independent MLAs in the assembly. JD (U) is heavily dependent on them. Congress has 4 seats in the assembly. In my view, they will help JD (U) indirectly by being absent from the assembly on the day of confidence motion. With the split, it has been clear that now the 17 years old alliance has come to its end.

I don't know what to call it. Whether it’s a good thing or bad thing for both the parties. Both of them are saying ideological differences erupted between both of them. The primary reason of this split is the selection of Narendra Modi to the post of chairman of the election committee in BJP. Nitish Kumar has been keeping himself away from Narendra Modi since 2009. This was the reason that he didn’t allow Narendra Modi to attend any election rally in 2009 in Bihar. These days, Nitish Kumar is projecting himself as secular leader who has brought development in Bihar. No doubt that he has brought development in Bihar. Under his leadership, Bihar has achieved more in eight years what it has lost in fifteen years under Laloo-Rabri regime. But people voted him in power in 2005 because he was part of NDA. People looked at him as partner of BJP. But now, the scene has totally changed.

This split is going to harm both the parties. Other parties will try to take undue advantage of this split. The time was to unite to work in favour of NDA. People are fed up with the UPA’s second term. So the time was to show the people that NDA is much better than UPA. That’s why BJP has projected Naredra Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. But it failed to hold its greatest ally, JD (U) with it. If Nitish Kumar wouldn’t have gone against Modi then the split would haven’t had happened. In the coming days, the picture will be clearer. Then I’ll be able to express my view on its effect on the national politics. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 331

    For the last few days, I was silent. This silence was intentional. I was watching the fast changing Indian political scenario. A lot of things were happening in Indian political front. But the incidences of the past one week are more debatable. Today’s newspapers are filled with the outcome and its effect of the recently concluded general meeting of BJP in Goa. It has totally changed the whole scenario. Being the largest national opposition party, BJP is going through a bad phase. Although the Goa session has initiated the phase change in BJP but still it’s internally divided. Slowly and gradually, Narendra Modi is being projected as the face of BJP on the national level for the past one year and so. He is being projected as the next Prime Ministerial candidate. Till now, the BJP was going under the guidance of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. In real terms, these two persons are the foundation pillar of BJP.

    But something was wrong with the BJP. The general opinion across the country is fed up with the second term of the UPA government. But BJP hasn’t been successful to harvest this anti UPA sentiment of the people. In my opinion, there was some lack in the coordination between the leaders in BJP would be one of the reasons. It’s true that the change was needed in BJP but it should be done a bit earlier. Now Lal Krishna Advani has spent 55 active years in the Indian politics. I’m not saying that his desire to become the next Prime Minister is wrong. Well, he was the deputy Prime Minister in the late phase of the NDA government. After being so close to the post, one’s desire to be on the post naturally increases. But now, the scene has changed. One decade has passed since that incidence had happened. Now there are some drift in the NDA partners over the increasing popularity of Narendra Modi. Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, has openly stated that his party won’t be the part of NDA if Narendra Modi will be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the general elections due next year.

    After the selection of Narendra Modi as the chairman of the election committee in BJP, Nitish Kumar has said that he has to think about the coalition in Bihar. The Congress party’s problem is now easier. BJP is having drifts with in itself. Everyone knows that the BJP is the only alternative of Congress. Even people are in mood to change the UPA government. But the main opposition alliance itself is weak. The coalition partners are having differences with the BJP. The time has come in BJP for the change in command. Its really tough time for the BJP. It has to change its leadership while keeping the coalition partners happy. But after the election of Narendra Modi as the chairman, Advani has resigned from three important posts he was holding. Now the efforts are being made to make him calm. Personally speaking, then I admire Advani and Modi a lot. India needs strong leaders like them. So, according to me, the time isn’t of having differences with each other. Advani has got more experience than any one else except Vajpayee in the BJP. So, in my view, he should be the mentor now. The next generation leaders like Modi, Arun Jaitely, and Sushma Swaraj need guidance from Advani. This combination will be more fearful for the Congress party.

    If Advani agrees to be mentor and Modi works under his guidance then the BJP can come over this turmoil very easily. It can reduce the tension about the coalition partners and can bring back the drifting partners. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 330

I know I was absent for a long time. But previously I was busy in the final term examinations of my PGDM course. A month has passed since it got over. But still, I was inactive in writing the blogs. Well, there wasn’t any particular reason except one that I was doing various works at home. Being at home, always gives pleasure to one. Actually, some renovation work is going on at my home. So, it kept me engaged for this one month. The work is still going on. I thought to spend few minutes for my blog. Even I wasn’t feeling happy that I wasn’t writing any blog in spite of being free from all the academic works.
Well, today is the first anniversary of my American trip. One year ago, I was on my way to America. But due to different time zones, I was enjoying the mid afternoon time although it was night in India. But that’s the part of international travelling. Jet lag and time zone differences are always there when you are travelling a long distance. My entire one way trip to America took around thirty hours in total. It included the flight time as well as waiting time for the connecting flights. But due to different time zones, it appeared as just twenty one hours to complete my journey. Anyway, that happens.
But one year down the memory lane, today, I’m missing those moments. While going to America, I was feeling lonely. When I reached Heathrow airport in London, then I was feeling alone. I was on international travel and that too alone. There was no one to talk with. There were many faces but all of them were strangers for me. I was going to a place where I knew no one. I wasn’t even having the contact number of the concerned persons who were supposed to be contacted in case of emergency or need. I didn’t know that who will come to receive me. But still I was on my trip. Being far from home and loneliness was making my mood down on a one hand and going to an unknown place and getting experience personally was on the other hand. Finally when I reached Columbia in South Carolina in America it was half past eleven according to their local time but it was 24th May and it was nine in the morning according to Indian Standard Time.
But today, I can say that I learned while enjoying when I was in America. I got nice support and I came to know a lot of things about their culture and their way of living. It’s not as it’s shown in the Hollywood movies. It’s totally different from that. Every city or state has its own culture and living standard. There are a lot experiences which I’m now with me. Along with that I’m having sweet memories which bring a smile on my face. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 329

The sixth version of Indian Premier League or IPL in short has started. Tuesday night was the opening ceremony of that. Although, I haven’t watched that but I’m sure that there were millions or rather say billion of people across the country having their eyes glued on their television screens. The matches will start from today and will go till 26th May. Approximately, it’s a two month’s event in which different teams will go for the cup.
    I was wondering that what’s so special about the IPL. I’m aware that it’s the shortest form of the cricket. There are a lot of actions and excitement there in this version. But what exactly is there which force audience to watch it with so much enthusiasm? Why there is so much bidding of the players before where the amount goes to billions of Rupees? Many international and national players, irrespective if their countries, plays in IPL. Actually, its total wastage of money. The amount of money involved in these can do many other things which can be used for the development works. But no one is much bothered about that.
    In my view, the IPL is totally commercialised. The focus is on the show business area. Many big stars of Bollywood are the owners of few teams in IPL, so it’s obvious that they will be involved in the affairs of IPL. The real excitement of cricket is lost in IPL. The initial concept of IPL is borrowed from the county cricket in England. But the glamour has been added so much that the real fun and excitement has been lost. The advertisement shown on television and advertisement being aired on different radio stations across the country as well as the lucrative advertisement in print media makes hype for this event.
    The players, national and international, are earning more than what they generally earn from their regular matches. If we consider the normal matches, be it one day or the test, then the players play for the national pride. Just like what happened in the recently concluded test match between India and Australia. The whole country was happy with the clean sweep of 4-0 of the test series. But now, in IPL the Indian players will play with the Australian players in the same team. Although, the main logic of keeping the international players in Indian teams is to create the harmony amongst the players. But in IPL, money is the main factor for the players to play.
    In my view, the focus should be on the pure cricket. The auction and glamour should be minimised if not taken out of the IPL. Then it would be a better form to watch and enjoy. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 328

I know I have not written anything on the blog for the last three weeks. I was busy in my academic works. Then I went to my home. Actually, I didn’t want to show the flaw writing of mine. I write when I have clear concept about the topic to write. That makes my writing flawless. Well, I don't have particular topic to write today but I know what to write. Actually, today I was thinking about the coming days. The coming two months are going to be memorable part of my life. These two months are the last two months of my academic life. After that, no college, no classroom, no lectures, no bunks and no college canteen. Life will be totally changed. After the college life, I’ll be busy in job. Then meeting deadlines for projects, chasing sales targets, meeting clients will become priority. Then it won’t be any discussion about boring lectures. Then it will be about the salary and increments.
Really, time has passed very fast. Today, while thinking, I remembered my first day at my B school. It seemed to be of last week. But now, the term is coming to the end. But life is like that only. We pass every stage like this. First we were in school, then in Graduation College and now the B school. Every stage has its own importance and good part of memories is attached to every phase. The days of those phase always brings a smile on the face and memories of good friends. Everyone says that we will be in contact forever but due to the hectic schedule in life everyone looses contacts except with few selected ones.
Anyway, I have still two months to enjoy my college life. Two month’s time to have fun with friends. I’m going to enjoy every moments with my friends. The group studies during exam times, the without reasons weekend parties, the little fights over the payment of tea, the combines efforts to prepare reports, the copying of assignments  aren’t going to come back after these two months. Life is going to change a lot. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 327

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A day for love. A day of remembrance St. Valentine for his message of love amongst each other in the human race. But I didn’t wrote anything yesterday. Actually I’m still divided between in favouring this ritual and in opposition of this. If I’m sounding confused then it’s not your fault. Actually both kinds of things are going on in my mind.
I’m in favour of this because spread of love is a good thing. Being in love isn’t a bad thing. But it shouldn’t be confined to one day in a year. It should be done and it should be expressed daily to your some one special. Love isn’t depended on the size of the gift which you give to your loved one. It’s depended on the intensity which is in your heart. Actually, love can’t be defined and it can’t be measured. It’s a feeling above the materialistic things. Rather I would call it a divine feeling. When you are in love with some one, then the happiness and a genuine sweet smile on the face of your loved one is more than the entire treasure of the world. The thing which is there when you see your loved one happy can’t be described in words. It’s a feeling which is felt by heart and soul. This is the thing which money can’t buy. So instead of celebrating love one day, we should celebrate the love everyday of our live. It’s a thing which goes on and on and increases with every passing day.
Now come to the part when I’m against the so called hype about the Valentine’s Day. Every year, some political and social parties and groups ransack the parks and restaurants where lovers meet each other and they attack the lovers. Their protest shouldn’t be confined to the westernisation of love, as they propagate, but it should be against the atrocities on women like gang rape, rape, molestation, dowry killing, sexual abuse, domestic violence and all the crimes which are being committed everywhere in the country everyday. They should target to eliminate these crimes if they really want to save the Indian society being getting worse. I would say that they should start the campaign to stop killing of unborn female kids when they are in the womb of their mother. In Indian culture and in Hindu philosophy, girls are treated as goddess. So, they should focus their attention and effort in saving girl children and in protecting their rights. They shouldn’t target lovers in parks and restaurants for the cheap publicity in the media. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 326

Yesterday night, I was talking with one of my juniors while having dinner. Our talks were general then it got diverted towards some unsolved questions. Actually we saw a television commercial which was saying that tobacco causes cancer and alcohol is injurious to health. Our talk was on the comparison between a smoker and non smoker. A smoker is going to die early than the non smoker. But death is final. Actually death doesn’t differentiate between a smoker and a non smoker. In Hindu religion, death is called as ultimate truth. Death is inevitable. No one can escape from the clutches of death.
Then I told him that the concept of heaven and hell is man made. It’s not created by God. This doesn’t mean that I’m not a God fearing person. I believe in God. After all, the God is creator of everything in this world. He created every living and non living thing in this world including human being. The only reason that human is superior is due to its brain. Even animals have their brains with them but only human is the only species which has developed so much. This has happened due to the proper utilisation of the brain. The concept of heaven and hell is the product of human brain. Actually, every religion in this world has stated that its followers should be nice and have good actions. If the followers are on the path of helping others and performing their duties in the rightful manner then they would be rewarded as getting a place in heaven. If they don't help others and hurt others then they will be burning in the hell. This differentiation has been done to stop the followers from indulging in the destruction. Because founders or foremen of every religion were really wise persons. They knew that the mutual harmony and helping nature only can lead to the positive output like constructive work. This is the highlighted thing which has been said in every religious sculpture and has been preached.
If a person is helpful and serving to the society then he or she is highly appreciated and respected. On the other hand, if the person is hurting others and is harming the society at large then he or she is considered as villain and the person is hated. Its all like cause and effect. The cause is the action which a person does. The effect is the result of those actions. The effect is differentiated as heaven and hell. The pleasure and happiness is the heaven on earth and the pain and hatred is the hell.
The second part was that, according to Hindu philosophy, a soul is immortal. The soul doesn’t take birth and it doesn’t dies. Here rises my question. My question is if the soul is immortal and free from the cycle of life and death then the population of the world must have been constant. Then how the world’s population is increasing? It shouldn’t happen. But the population should be in control. For every living being, a soul is necessary. According to Hindu philosophy, it’s said that the soul lives in various living beings before entering a human body. Then in that case, the growth of other creatures should be in control. But it’s not happening like that also. Just as I said above that I’m a God fearing person. I’m not saying anything against him. I believe in him. But I’m not superstitious. That’s why I’m asking these questions. If anyone of you have answer then do reply me in the comment box. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 325

I know I'm late in writing the blog now. I was supposed to write this blog yesterday itself. But day before yesterday evening, I got this news that Afzal Guru was hanged day before yesterday morning around 8. But somehow, I didn't write anything. Today since morning, I was busy in doing other works. But finally, I sat down to express my view on the death penalty execution.
Well, in my view, the execution has taken a long time. 12 years is indeed a very long time for any terrorist to be hanged. I think this has happened due to the long proceedings and the loop holes in our constitution. I don't want to go in the past of this case because everything is fresh in people’s mind. The death execution of Afzal Guru is a clear message to all those terrorist’s organisations who are working against India. India isn't going to compromise on the security issue whether it’s internal or on the borders. So the death execution is justified. There should be no compromise on the national security. Every country has zero tolerance about the attack on the national security. India is not any exception to this.
But few international human rights groups are saying that India should abolish the death execution. I disagree with them. I strongly condemn them. This shouldn't happen with the terrorists. Afzal Guru was the mastermind of the Indian Parliament attack. In my view, he would have been hanged immediately after the sentence was passed. Why we waited for so many years after sentence was passed? The human rights groups are saying that the death executions are brutal. I don't agree with them when the death execution is done on a terrorist mastermind or a terrorist. Terrorist mastermind or a terrorist are the people who plot the seeds of hatred and kills innocent people. There is no scope of change in hard core terrorists. One of the international human rights group’s Indian head has said that India should abolish death execution to satisfy some public opinion. I totally disagree with this statement.
Death execution of Afzal Guru wasn’t to satisfy any public opinion. He was the mastermind behind the attack on Indian Parliament. Security force’s soldiers were killed in those attacks. Why didn’t these human rights groups said anything that time? Why were they silent? Now the law has done the right thing then these groups are making hues and cries. Actually these groups are favouring the terrorist’s organisations indirectly. I support these groups if there is any atrocity on innocent but not in the case of terrorists. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 324

I was just going through the internet version of a national daily English newspaper. There was an article about the notorious Delhi gang rape. The trial of the crime has started and the Supreme Court has agreed to review the provision of the Juvenile Justice Act. At present, the Juvenile Justice Act clearly states that if the accused of any crime is less than 18 years of age then the accused will be send to a Juvenile Home on remand. Actually the Juvenile Justice Act has two sections under it, Act 82 and Act 83. Act 82 says that if the accused is under 7 years of age then there is no offence. Section 83 says that there is no offence if the child is above 7 but under 12 and has not attended the maturity stage to know his conduct and its consequences. In both the sections, its clearly stated that there is no punishment for the kids up to 12 years of age. Its true that the children up to 12 years aren’t capable of thinking about the consequences of their acts if the act is of crime. But whatever happened in Delhi gang rape is another type of crime and the accused is just 3 months short of being 18.
My point is that in another 3 months, he is going to attend the legal age and he would be considered as an adult. He knows about his acts and its consequences this means he is fully aware of the crime he did on the night of December 16, then how can he escape from being punished? The sentence should be passed against him. However the Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Central Government to lower the age of Juvenile Justice Act from 18 to 16 years of act. I think in many ways, its going to help in curbing the crime now. The accused in the gang rape case have done inhuman act. When they didn’t showed any mercy on the victim and done such cruel act after rapping her then how could they expect mercy and on which grounds? Didn’t they think for a moment that their act is going to make the victim suffer emotionally and physically? Then how could they expect that they should be treating leniently? Did they show mercy on her? On top of their shameful act, they just pleaded innocence when the judge read out the charges on them. This shows that the humanity in them has died. They are now trying to save their neck.
Well, right now, I’m not going to discuss about their mental state. Today, my intention is to write on Juvenile Justice Act. I don't know what was the intention of the law makers while making this law, but its true that the children up to 12 years aren’t capable of thinking about crime and its consequences. Their mental state isn’t that much developed. But the provision of sending them to a Juvenile home on remand to improve the accuse child of doing any crime is something troubling. There are long lists of reports where the child has escaped from the custody home or have indulged in doing crimes inside the custody home. When they came out of the custody home, then majority of the children becomes hard core criminals. Then what’s the use of such homes which becomes the training centres of the children to become criminals? In my view, the notification of reducing the age to 16 is justified because somehow for a normal child, the expectation increases that he or she would know their acts and its consequences. In poor families, the children of 16 years of age, start earning also. If the NGOs can demand for not punishing the children of 16 years and above then why aren’t they doing anything to stop the child labour? Because a person below 18 will be treated as a child. I think majority of the NGOs in the country now aren’t doing much for the social service. Lets see how the Central Government reacts on the notice sent to it by the Supreme Court. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 323

Yesterday, there was a seminar on entrepreneurship in my B school. It was conducted by one of my faculty members. He explained about how to make a business plan and what should be there in the business plan. But his opening line opened a new channel of thought for me. His opening line was that it’s better to be a job giver rather than a job seeker. I totally agree with my teacher. In today’s time, Indian job market is in pretty bad shape. Millions of MBA graduates and technical graduates like engineers and doctors are passing out of numerous B schools and technical colleges across the country. But the numbers of companies offering jobs are very much limited. There is a huge gap between the supply of fresher and the demand by the company. In this scenario, literally the slop of employment is taking a dip. In the present scenario, young entrepreneurs are required in India.
When I was in America, I had many instances when I talked with the Dean of the business school at Claflin University. Once our discussion was on the topic of entrepreneurship. He told me that India is lagging behind about 60 years in comparison of America in terms of entrepreneurship. The job seekers in India are more than those in America. But in America, job givers are much more than those in India. Actually, the mentality of Indian youth has become job seeker. To start an enterprise, an entrepreneur has to be risk taker. Business involves high risk. Now the Indian youth don't want to take the risk. The youth wants a comfortable income. Everyone expects some five or six digit salary per year in foreign currency. But they are forgetting that the knowledge, on which they are dreaming of high salary, has been gained in India. Instead of going abroad, they should utilise the same knowledge in India as an entrepreneur and can be a job giver. Being an entrepreneur will increase their prestige.
The youth in India is forgetting that every big organisation was small when it was incepted. It was the vision and the hard work of the entrepreneur which has made that company big. They took the risk of being new and took every challenge which came in their way. I think almost all the successful entrepreneur in today’s business world have started their company in a small place and with small initial capital. But today, they are multi billionaire. They accepted the challenges and took the risk with ease because they had the support of their employees. Their employees made their company rise. This is the point which I want to say. There are plenty of talents in India. They just need right direction and right opportunity. This can be achieved by giving right and correct opportunity to them. So the time has come to become an entrepreneur. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 322

Sometimes something unplanned leads to a pleasant experience. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Yesterday morning, it was a usual Sunday morning. I wake up a bit late than the schedule time. After all, Sunday is the only day in the week when I wake up late. But the surprise was the visit to Allahabad. I just got the time to get ready. The plan was to go to Allahabad to have the bath in Ganga River. Yesterday was full moon. An auspicious day to have the bath. The car was booked by one of my friends. We started our journey about quarter to ten and reached there at quarter past twelve. We walked about five kilometres because our rented car was parked in the parking area. The police barricade was there to control the movement of vehicles. When we reached the bank of Ganga, it was an experience which can’t be explained in words. It can be said that I got the spiritual feeling there. Then we took off our clothes to enter in Ganga. The water was cold but the spirit in us encouraged us to take the bath. After taking few dips, a sense of satisfaction and devotedness came to my heart. That time, the water wasn’t giving the coldness. The moment was so relaxing that till now I’m having the peace in mind. After bath, we came back to Varanasi again. The trip was short but the memory has become a part of my life and it will be there with me life long. To have the bath in Ganga was my plan more last six months but I never imagined that my wish will be fulfilled in this way. Some good things happen suddenly and without any planning. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 321

First of all, Happy Republic Day to all Indians. Indeed a great day to celebrate. 63 years ago, on this very date, we became a democratic republic. After the independence, we needed to have constitution to ensure the right and duties of the citizens and law for the country. Finally it was executed on 26 January 1950.
But today, we need to ask few questions to ourselves. The gang rape which happened on 12 December 2012 is the current example that we need to transform our society and the social values. There are many questions which we have to ask from ourselves. Why are we so weak that we don't want to change the constitution to make provision for the hardest punishment? Why always we try to escape from being one by saying about the traditions and cultures? Why still after more than six decades of independence and being republic, we are still a developing country? Why don't we try to change the political system of the country? Why we think that nothing can be done about this country?
We always say that the corruption and political system has declined the entire system. If the youth of any country will say like this then really nothing good can happen to the country. Main problem is that the youth wants to migrate from India to any foreign country. All the foreign countries are developed not just because of its citizens but due to Indians also. The Indians, who are residing in those countries and working there, have contributed to the development of those countries. If the Indians can make those countries developed then why can’t they contribute their valuable knowledge and skill in India’s contribution? If they will do it here then indeed, India will be the superpower very soon. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 320

    What spirituality really means? Does being spiritual means religious? Or it means something else? I’m trying to find the correct answer. But unfortunately, I haven’t come any answer to be called as perfect answer. Everyone has defined spirituality as per their own perception. You won’t believe that while writing this article, my mind is free. Free, in terms, means that recently I haven’t read anything particular about this topic. I’m just writing this article whatever is coming in my mind.
    Well, according to me, spirituality means being in spirit. So, I have divided this term in two terms – spirit and reality. Being in the right spirit is more important. Few people have taken spirituality been granted to be religious. Being religious is something different. But being spiritual means doing the right things and for the betterment of the human society. In all the religions, across the globe, the core thing which has been told is that being a right person and doing things for the betterment of the society. For some people, spirituality means being religious, for some it’s having command over one. Many thoughts as per many people saying this.
    Spirituality, according to me, is just being a good person doing right things. It doesn’t matter which religion one belongs to. Being spiritual isn’t the copyright of any particular religion. Its work of few handful religious scholars who propagate the theory that my god is superior to your god. I bet no religion tells this to its followers. The present unrest in the world based on the religious thoughts is the propaganda of few people. This is not the spirituality. In spirituality, there is no clash between people. Just as I said above that every religion preaches to be the right person on the right path. These things are so much interrelated that it’s obvious for people to treat them as one. If not one then complementary at least. What matter most is the right action being done by the person.
    Almost every person says that he or she believes in god. Indeed god is there. Even I believe in god and I do believe in his presence. But do we really believe in god or we believe in god due to fear? Actually this fear is the dangerous thing. Fear compels people to do things according to one’s perception. Those who believe in god never indulge themselves in wrong doing. Those who fears from god, always try to do right things, just to be on the safe side and to be saved from punishments like going to hell.
    I believe that there is no heaven or hell. A person gets the results of his or her own actions. Depending on the actions and the intensity, the person is awarded or punished. The concept of heaven and hell are made to force people to do right thing. Or it can be said that this concept forces them to do right thing. The fear of punishment is very strong. Every wrong doer has this in his or her mind that I’ll be caught and I’ll be punished. For example, every notorious criminal is scared of the police. The criminal knows that if he or she is caught by police then he or she will be punished.
    Doing right or wrong things depends on the person’s own thinking. According to me, the pleasure of getting awarded or being praised of doing something right is the heaven. The pain of getting punishment or having the punishment is the hell. A person gets either of one on the earth only. Every religion says that there is life after death and the soul is rewarded or punished according to the actions done by it when it was is in the human body. I just want to ask few questions. Who has seen the life after death? Who knows what exactly happens with the soul when it leaves the human body? If the soul is free from the grip of death then how it’s awarded or punished?
    The answer lies in being spirituality. It means in the right spiritual. Do right things and get the pleasure of being satisfied. The pleasure of satisfaction is the thing which can’t be robbed, taxed or taken away from oneself. Doing right things for the betterment of the society is the action which one needs to do. It’s our ego or thoughts which always haunts us to do get the reward. Controlling the senses or having command over emotions is the ultimate goal. It can’t be achieved by meditation alone. It requires right thoughts followed by right actions. That’s the real spirituality. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 319

Today, I was in mood to write something else. But the Delhi gang rape is still haunting me. Few days back and today also, I was having the decision over this issue with my friends. I’m on the side that the rapists should get death punishment for the crime like rape. Few of my friends were against me. Their thought is that if the law is amended and the new clause includes the death sentence to the rapists, then it would become a new aide for the girls to frame anyone. The changes are high that the law would be used in the either way. I’m not denying it. But I still support the death sentence for rapists. It should be verified first. If the rape charges are verified then only the court should pass the death sentence.
Every coin has two sides. Likewise, everything has two sides. It depends on the user that whether the person is using it for the good use or bad use. I’m just saying that the bad use should be stopped. Laws are made for the betterment of the society. It’s not to break the society. More importantly, it’s a person’s own consciousness which should be telling the person of the right or wrong. If the consciousness is guiding the person to the right direction then the result is positive, constructive and full of prosperity. The negative side is always destructive and it’s full of negativity only. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 318

These days, the menace of Pakistan has increased a lot. Beheading of two Indian soldiers is the current example. On top of that, Pakistani foreign minister is saying that India is making false allegation. This is ridiculous. On one hand Pakistani army is killing Indian soldiers and then calling India a war mongering. It’s like a thief is calling another person thief. Pakistan had bad experience of three wars with India. Whenever India has done something for the peace then Pakistan has reciprocated the friendly gesture in terms of war or terrorist attacks. I don't understand why the world community isn’t doing anything? This is now crossing the limit. Neither the world community is doing anything nor is it allowing India to do anything. Pakistan knows only the language of war. So let it be a war. Its enough now. If we look around the globe then every major country is sending its troops to foreign countries to suppress its enemies. Recently France has sent 750 French soldiers in Mali to suppress the enemy. America bombarded Iraq and Afghanistan to catch Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden. Everywhere it’s the same thing. Why can’t India take that step? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 317

I know I was absent for more than one month now. This wasn’t time for me to remain silent. But I was silent due to the sad event which happened on 16 December 2012. A sad and shameful incidence which rocked the country and spread a wave of hatred against the culprits. Yes, I’m talking about the Delhi gang rape. The rape and the inhuman torture done on the victim have made everyone shameful. The saddest part was that the girl died during the treatment. Although the culprits have been caught but the justice is still awaited. The culprits should be given brutal punishment before getting the death sentence. In majority of the gulf countries, the rapists are awarded death sentence maximum one week after their crime is proven in the court of law. Indeed, rape is a crime.
Worst thing is happening after the death of the victim. Many cheap politicians and spiritual leaders are making abstract statements about the victim girl and the culprits. Their statements show their low grade mentalities. I think they are mentally sick. They are making some senseless theories of their own and now they are telling senseless statements. Someone is saying that the culprits are from a particular state, someone is saying that if the victim girl would have called the rapists her brother then they wouldn’t have raped her and tortured her. This is nothing but the sign of their ill mental state. God knows when these people will have stable mental condition.
I just want to say that no one can even think about the pain which the victim girl went through after the incidence. May her soul rest in peace. I really hate the cheap statement game which has begun now. Instead of demanding for the hardest punishment for the culprits, these people are propagating their own senseless theories. But I would like to say that the culprits should get the hardest punishment like the capital punishment without any mercy. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...