Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 336

These days the flood situation in Bihar has flooded my mind too. I’m only watching the news channels and going through the internet version of the daily newspapers. Well, the reports of water level going down are coming from every where but still the flood is there in 20 districts in Bihar. Actually, the forecast of havoc rain which may occur has put everyone on high alert in the Bihar government. The statements are there that Patna city is safe but still all the preparations have been done by taking the forecast in to account. The weather department is saying that the rain in Nepal can make the situation worse in the North Bihar. Gandak, Koshi, Bagmati are few amongst the important rivers flowing in Bihar from Nepal. West Champaran, East Champaran, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, Saharsa, Supaul, Arahia and Kishanganj are the districts which are there on Nepal Bihar border where the situation can get worse due to the rain in Nepal. Already the Koshi River has always created flood in the stated districts. But the main focus is on the forecast. It may happen or it may not happen. So, there is unclear picture now.

Although the water levels are down but still the danger is there. The Soan River is flowing 1 meter down from the danger level but the Ganga River is still 40 cm above the danger level in Buxar. In today’s newspaper, I have read that although the flood water has retreated from the areas where it went, but the situation hasn’t changed much. Now the reconstruction of roads and dams has to be done along with the precaution of stopping any illness in the area. The areas from where the flood water has retreated are now full of bad smell and the probability of getting ill is on high. The state machinery is in full action but still it has to cover some areas where people are still trapped. At many places, people aren’t leaving their homes and going to the relief camps as they fear of thefts. So, the district administrations are having problem in reaching to those people. Although the report of mismanagement has come from couple of relief camps but still the state machinery is doing its best to stop any disease to spread and in the flood relief operations. 

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