Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 334

Well, for the last few days, I was trying to write something on the blog. But unfortunately, there was something which was holding me back. Actually, these days, the holy river Ganga is in furious form. The Ganga is flowing around 129 cm above the danger level from my hometown, Patna. Although the district administration is fully alert and it has made all the necessary precautionary arrangements but it’s a matter of worry for all the Patnaites that the Ganga is flowing at such a high level. For the last one week, the weather was under control. Till Saturday, the water level was constant but since today morning, it’s raining in instalments. It rained about an hour in morning and now in evening, it’s again raining for an hour. That’s adding more worries about the increment in the water level. The Ganga River and its associating rivers like Gandak, Sone is flooding various areas like Ara, Buxar, Bhagalpur etc in Bihar. The water level of the Ganga is still high in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. I think half of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh has already been flooded by the Ganga.

I don't understand that how Ganga has become so furious. I think it’s all the after affect of the recent catastrophe in Uttrakhand in the Amarnath area. Although there are 8 divisions in Patna district where the flood has done destruction, along with that the Patna district administration is catering the needs of those who have lost their homes in Saran district due to flood. Really, it’s a tough time. The water level of Ganga in Bhagalpur is so high that it’s about to cover the Vikramshilla bridge. Bihar hasn’t got its proper monsoon but its facing the destructive part of the flood. If we talk about the statistics then Central Water Commission has recorded two different water levels of Ganga at the two different banks in Patna. On Sunday morning, that is yesterday morning, Ganga was at 48.98 meters, 129 cm above the danger level at Gandhi Ghat. The water level was 50.89 meters, 40 cm above the danger level. This means that still, the Ganga is in furious form. I’m just praying that sooner the furious form gets over and Ganga retains her normal form so that there shouldn’t be more loss of lives and crops. Till now, mostly the damage has been made to the crops. I hope this shouldn’t happen on large scale. 

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