Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 337

I know that I’m writing this post very late. I should have written this yesterday or day before yesterday. But it’s better to be late than not turning up. Finally, the true verdict has come after nine months. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Delhi gang rape and murder case which happened on 16 December 2012. It was very inhuman murder. Nirbhaya died on 29 December 2012 in Singapore due to the injuries. But her rapists and killers aren’t going to be free. The court has sentenced death capital to the four accused on day before yesterday. This judgement has sent a message across the country that inhuman acts can’t be tolerated at any cost and the culprits shouldn’t be forgiven. The judgement is extremely right and it’s according to the crime being committed. Day before yesterday, I was watching the news channel. Now I can’t forget that 13 September 2013 is the day when the accused were given the much awaited sentenced. I was happy that at last, the court has given its verdict. But I’ll be happier when the news will be that the four convicts have been hanged till death. This is something I’m eagerly waiting for. I may be sounding like a barbaric person but I’m not. I’m just saying my opinion which I have felt after the sad and tragic incidence. But this feeling has come in response of the inhuman crime being done by the culprits. I’m not alone who is wishing this thing. There are millions of people across the country that is having the same thought as mine.

I’m surprised by the defence lawyer’s actions and his statements. When the judgement was announced then the three convicts started crying and one pleaded mercy. My question here is that did they showed mercy to Nirbhaya when she was pleading mercy? Why weren’t they moved by her tears? They inserted iron rod in her private organs. In the post mortem report it was found that Nirbhaya’s body was brutally injured. So how can they expect mercy when they were doing animal acts? Their defence lawyers slammed the table with his feast in the courtroom when the judge was going. This proves that he showed disrespect to the judge. Outside the courtroom, he blamed that the judgement was biased and it was on the order of the government. His blamed that now the judiciary is working on the direction of the government. My question to him is that why is he showing his anger against the judgement when the entire nation is saying that his clients are not innocent. Yesterday, his statement was in newspapers that he would like to burn his daughter alive if his daughter goes out with her boy friend and stays out late night. This shows that even he is of very sick mentality. I strongly recommend that his practicing licence should be seized. Lawyers of this mentality are indirectly supporting the criminals to do inhuman crimes like we saw in Nirbhaya case.

I strongly believe that there should be no mercy shown to the criminals who do this kind of acts. I strongly believe that the provision of going to the President of India for forgiveness should be removed. After this judgement, there should be amendment in the constitution that there should be no provision of challenging the decisions of the lower courts in the High Courts and Supreme Court, if the convicts have done inhuman acts of torturing before killing. Now the time has come to change the Juvenile Justice Act also. The age limit should be brought down to 15 years from presently 18 years. Now mostly boys of around 14-15 years are becoming the bread earner of their families. This is out of compulsion or due to the thoughts of the parents to have an extra pair of helping hands and there numerous reasons. So there must be some changes in the laws now. It has become the demand of the time now. 

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