Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 335

I don't know what to say now. The flood situation in Bihar is still critical. Around 59 lakh people have been hit by the flood so far. 20 districts out of 38 districts in Bihar are been affected by the flood. Till yesterday, 176 people were drowned in the flood water. There has been forecast of heavy rain and cloud busting in Patna area by the Indian Metrological Department. An official from the IMD has said that the cloud busting will be like as it happened in Kedarnath in July this year. It will likely to happen in the second of September. It’s suggested that in 24 hours around 300 mm of rain fall is expected to happen. This forecast has increased the tension for the Patna District Administration. The district administration has declared high alert and had deployed more units of NDRF and SDRF. Although the water level in the Ganga River in Patna has gone down by 6 cm and 9 cm at two different Ghats. But still the Ganga is flowing above the danger level. The condition is still not stable. Although, the decrease in the water level in the course of Ganga’s route have been recorded but still the decrement at Patna isn’t still satisfactory. Statistically speaking, then Allahabad had recorded decrease of 112 cm, Varanasi has recorded 92 cm and Buxar has recorded 23 cm down in the water level.

Actually the Ganga has 12 districts of Bihar in its route where it has done destruction on the large scale. Bhagalpur and Katihar are the worst effect districts due to the flood. I don't know what will happen in coming week but I’m having my fingers crossed and praying that no rain should happen. It will only worsen the situation. For the last two days, the weather in Patna city is bright and sunny. Today, as I’m writing this post, the bright sun is there along with cool breeze in Patna. Well, I’m just praying that the water level should decrease to its normal level and the flood should retreat. Thousands of people are now trapped and thousands of agricultural lands are flooded. I just wish that everything should become normal soon. 

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