Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 379

I know yesterday I bored you with my meaningless post. But you don’t have any choice. I have already told you that you have to bear with me on this issue until you write comments for improvement in my writing. But it’s your wish that whether to write comments or not. I can’t force you. In the same manner, until you give feedback, I’ll write in any manner which I’ll like. It’s my wish. Anyway you may be thinking that today I’m totally opposite to what I seemed yesterday. Yesterday I looked dull and de motivated. Today I’m looking charged and motivated. But it’s not like that. Still my frustration hasn’t gone. But I have found a path due to which I’m going to have some peace in mind.
Well, I was thinking about what to write today. Today I’m topic less. But I have to move on. It’s useless to expect something from you. Anyway, last night I was reading novel. Suddenly, I began to think that I don’t have any novel of Harry Potter series. Personally speaking, I like Harry Potter series. I have watched all the movies of Harry Potter. Well, then I began to thought that why Harry Potter series became so huge success? Why people began to wait outside of the book stores to have the print copy of the series? Why the movies based on the novels were huge hits? Was this just due to that the book series were based on magical world?
As far as I have thought then I found that based on magical world was one of the reasons. Well, we all loved the magical setting like flying cars, flying broomsticks, flying sports and various other things. You know that a human mind goes in every direction. In the same way, my mind began to think that what are the other factors? My mind answered that the plot of making Harry Potter a hero is also a major factor. A boy became orphan in his first year, been mistreated by his maternal aunt and uncle and his cousin. His being famous as he has forced the most evil wizard to vanish makes him more popular. His struggle through the years at Hogwarts while studying shows that he is been opposed by all the followers of the evil wizard but still he overcomes all the difficulties with the help of his friends. Harry got two best friends and a lot of admirers. According to me, this was also one of the reasons.
Second reason which came in my mind was that the way in which friendship is showed is also a crucial factor. Harry became friend with Ron easily. Friendship with Hermione took time but their friendship went on till the end. Of course with some misunderstanding took place between them but that’s the part of the friendship. In true friendship, misunderstanding never stays for a long time. Third reason which came in my mind was that few suspicious characters which add more interest in the story line. For example the character of Severus Snape has always confused me till the end. Since the Philosopher’s Stone till the end, this character has always been humiliating Harry Potter and then on the other hand been saving him also. In the Deathly Hallows, he sacrificed his life just to save Harry Potter’s life.
Fourth reason according to me was introduction of various forms of characters like half giant, house elf and demontors. These things also created uniqueness in the story line. It’s due to all these things that all the novels of the Harry Potter series were such a huge success. Of course the main attraction was the magical charms been used by the magical wands.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 378

What to write today? Well, today I’m in lazy mood. I don’t want to do any work. Although I had sound sleep last night but I’m feeling sleepy. Well, I don’t have any topic to write. This is because there are many things which are going on in my mind. There are few things in which my presence is required but I’m unable to do those things. This is leading to frustration. Actually this is the reason why I’m unable to concentrate on writing. Well, being busy in professional work doesn’t hamper my writing. But frustration kills not only the peace of mind but it kills the concentration and creativity also.
Same thing is happening with me. I know that how I can overcome my frustration. But I need time for that. I’m waiting for the right time. It’s not long time to get away from the frustration. You can say that it’s round the corner. But today I was doing net surfing only. Actually, I want to have something concrete to write but I know I can’t write today. So just for the sake of writing I’m writing today. Actually, today I’m using writing as a tool to focus. I know you might be thinking me to be mad that’s why I’m writing senselessly. But I don’t want my mind to be empty and to think abnormal things or negative things.
Actually this happens with everyone at some point of time. One handles the situation according to his or her own way. I handle it by writing without aim or by doing net surfing or whatever comes in my mood. I think I can’t write anymore. It’s useless to write anything without concentration.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 377

Well, another Monday passed and with its hectic schedule. No matter what I do to write on Monday I always fail in that. Yesterday also I was in hectic mood. I tried to write in the evening but I felt that the energy has drained out of me. So, I couldn’t write yesterday.  Actually, I was disheartened also. Due to the defeat of India in Champions Trophy final by Pakistan has broken my heart. But surprisingly, interesting news came in my attention. On Sunday night itself, there was hockey match between India and Pakistan. India beat Pakistan by 7-1.
It’s just an irony that we Indians are over possessed by cricket and are ignoring other games. It’s not like that I’ll praise hockey and will condemn the play performed by the cricketers in the final match. In my post titled Day 375, I took the example of Australia. Actually, there encouragement by the government and the respected sports authorities also act positively for the encouragement. Family support is also there. But in India, the case is different. If we look in to the matter then we will find that there are still so many things which become hurdle in the encouragement for other games. Sometimes it’s the lack of funds, sometimes its non support of the administration, sometimes it’s due to lack of family support.
Actually, the typical mindset in us is that only cricket is the game which can be played easily. We ignore other games. Even though hockey is our national game but we ignore that. This is the basic thing. We want our athletes to excel but we don’t want to send someone from our family or even ourselves for the game. We compare ourselves with others that why we are technically behind other countries in other games. Then we start blaming. We blame government and sports organisations. But we forget that government can give encouragement and support to the athletes. The athletes won’t descend directly from the sky. The athletes have to come from amongst us.
So we have to think that only cricket isn’t the game in India. There are many games in which we have the potential to be the world champion. In kabaddi, we are the world champions since it has been incepted as the international sports event. So, it’s time to change our mindset. Then indeed we can have more medals in international events.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 376

I know yesterday I was absent. Actually, I was busy in official work. Usually Saturday is half day duty but yesterday administrative work load was a bit more. Anyway I won’t bore you with my official schedule. Well, I was thinking what to write today. Actually, I don’t want to write about today’s cricket match between India and Pakistan. I know the verdict. Pakistan is going to be defeated again. My statement might hurt some so called seculars and Pakistan lovers but I don’t care. It’s because I don’t love Pakistan. I love India and I’ll support India only whether its cricket match or war or any other issues. India will be above for me always.
I know you might think that I’m becoming patriotic again. But it’s not like that. I know what I’m doing. Supporting India is obvious. Anyway today morning I wasn’t in good mood. Something was there which was creating problem for me and I was unaware of the cause and the problem. Suddenly, I started to surf the net to get distracted from the negative thoughts. Right now, I’m listing to soft music like flute. Believe me; I’m having mental peace now. I’m enjoying the flute. In childhood, I wished to learn about how to play flute. But that’s a dream which is still a dream for me. Actually, the reason for me to learn flute was once I saw Mr Hari Prasad Chaurasia playing flute very comfortably.
Second reason was that I have always seen Lord Krishna having flute in his hand. Well, there has been a unique attraction in Lord Krishna which has attracted me towards him always. Not just his teaching through Bhagwat Gita but his actions are inspirational. For example, after becoming the king of Dwarka how he welcomed his friend, Sudama and how he changed Sudama’s condition without letting Sudama even know about that. This shows that friendship shouldn’t be forgotten even after become the ruler and always be there to help your friend according to your capacity. One should stand for his or her friends.
There are numerous things which I can cite now. But it will be lengthy also. I don’t think you can read that much. Right now, I believe that with the grace of Lord Krishna I can write few more things. Right now, I’m feeling energetic and fresh. It’s totally contrast with my situation today morning. Well, Krishna’s friendship with Arjun was also remarkable. Just for Arjun’s sake, Lord Krishna agreed to become Arjun’s charioteer. Numerous times, I have seen picture of the Kurushetra where Krishna is charioteer and Arjun is in the chariot. Sometimes, I used to wonder that how come Lord himself agreed to become charioteer of a common man like Arjun. Previously I used to think that it was due to friendship and love towards Arjun. But later on, I realised that it’s not the case. Lord Krishna, knower of all knowledge, becomes the guiding force for Arjun, a common man. Lord Krishna drove Arjun everywhere to perform his duty. Actually, I used to think that Arjun should be the charioteer but I was wrong.
Through Arjun, Lord Krishna gave his knowledge about duty and its consequences. He taught us about the real meaning of live, duty and salvation. Another thing which inspires me is that in one hand Lord Krishna is having flute and in another hand he is having his weapon, Sudarshan chakra. This symbolises that he is preacher of love and peace but he is a warrior also. To defend rightness, to save innocent people and many other things he is ready for the war also. Numerous times I have heard the story that when Lord Krishna used to play his flute then everybody used to get divine peace and couldn’t control themselves from dancing. I’ll call this his leela through which he has amused everyone.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Day 375

Last night, I was watching the cricket match between India and Bangladesh. I knew that Bangladesh wouldn’t stand against India because they haven’t played enough in this tournament. Although, Bangladesh tried to gave a tight competition which they did to an extent. But at last they were nailed by India. Now everyone is keen about the match between India and Pakistan. This is the first time that Pakistan has ever reached the final of the Champions Trophy. It’s also a fact that Pakistan has never won any match against India in tournaments like World Cup and Champions Trophy. I want India to beat Pakistan again. You might call me partial patriot just because of cricket then I’ll say that it’s not like that. I’m just supporting the national cricket team of my country.
In any game, two teams are in the ground playing against each other. Both the teams play to win the match. But only one wins the match. It’s due to the technique and skill along with the team work and mutual understanding between the players which makes one team winner. Same thing is with the cricket. But when the Indian team is on the ground then it’s not just a game. It’s a passion. It’s the game of expectations. I’m not saying that cricket fans in other countries don’t do this. But it’s a different think in India. Let’s take an example here. I’m talking about Australia. There it doesn’t matter to anyone that how much you are earning per month? Which car do you drive? Although, its natural questions in India. The basic difference in Australia and India is that in Australia people ask that which game you play. That’s why I have observed that in Olympics and other international athletic events Australia always wins more medals than India. Population wise India is five times bigger than Australia. But in sports, it’s a huge difference between both the countries.
Well, the story is something different in India. Socially, there are so many hurdles to fulfil one’s dream. One has to get support from family, friends, and society as a whole. Cricket is taken as the only sport which is popular in India. Ironically, other sports are being ignored. Technically, there is a governing body for every sport on national level which is being assisted by the state level governing bodies. But still, why there is so much difference between cricket and other sports? The basic thing is that the unsupportive approach of the authorities officials. The members of other sports authorities know that they will get their salaries on time. It doesn’t matter whether there is any achievement in that field or not. They show their concern that there will be no sponsors and no viewers in other sports in comparison to cricket. If there is hockey tournament or kabbadi tournament or badminton tournament or tennis tournament then the viewers are very less in comparison to a cricket match. There will be no earning as per expectations.
I remember a movie very well. The name of the movie was Chak De India. Of course, now you have recognised the movie and its story. Here I’m referring it just for an illustration. How the coach has to deal with the authority officials? How there is discrimination of men’s team and women’s team? What is the attitude of senior players towards others? How much it’s difficult to get the right kits for the practise? While viewing, you must have thought that these are the difficulties which have to be overcome by the hero. But in reality, it’s the damn truth. There is a sports authority named Sports Authority of India. Its main focus to develop the talent of athletic in their respective fields. It’s a central platform for development of swimming, relay race, volley ball, basket ball etc in India. It provides hostel facility and training to the talented persons. But my question is what the reality in there is?
There was another movie named Dangal. In that it’s shown, the Geeta Popat has to go to a similar institute about which I’m talking about. It’s shown that it’s a place where coaching staff is there along with other facilities. Here my question is that is it just showed in the movie or is it in real also? If it’s in reality then is it at every state and in the same condition? There are many talented people who don’t play cricket. They are talented in other sports but why there aren’t so many medals in other sports?  

Day 379

I know yesterday I bored you with my meaningless post. But you don’t have any choice. I have already told you that you have to bear wi...