Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 381

Well, today I thought to write something else. But today’s post will be in continuation of yesterday’s post. I won’t write about Pakistan and any terrorist organisation today. Actually, we always forget that we have another nonsense creating neighbour in east. Now they are trying to enter in Indian territory. Yes, I’m talking about Chinese illegal entry in to the Indian territory. Actually, China is notorious about calming other countries territory as its own. Previously, it claimed Arunachal Pradesh as a part of south Tibet. Now it claimed Doklam plateau of Bhutan as Chinese territory. When Bhutan protested then China’s illegal claim then China rejected Bhutan’s claim calling Bhutan as liar. This shows the insane mental condition of Chinese authorities.
Indian army chief, Gen Bipin Rawat, said that Indian army is ready for two and half front war. But Chinese authorities are saying that Indian army should learn from history. Now they are indicating towards 1962 war. It’s true that India was defeated by China but that was due to weak leadership at New Delhi and insufficient war equipment of Indian army. China has already illegally claimed Aksai Chin and Shaskam Valley after 1962 war. Actually, the bitter truth of that war is still fresh in the minds of Indians. During 1962 war, an appeal was made by the Indian army for volunteer blood donation for the injured Indian soldiers. At that time, all the communists parties in India refused to give blood donation for the Indian soldiers and urged the people also for non participation in blood donation. According to the Indian communist parties, Chinese soldiers were their comrade brothers and they won’t give blood to the enemies of Chinese soldiers. This has already showed the pathetic mental condition of Indian communist’s parties.
China and Pakistan are having friendly relationship since 1950. Both of them are having military as well as economic and political alliance since 1950. That’s why Chinese soldiers are illegally entering in Indian Territory in Sikkim now. Indian army has defended its boundary that has lead to fight between the both the sides. Actually, as I have said earlier in this post that Chinese government has insane mental condition due to which it’s invading Indian Territory as well as Bhutan’s territory and claiming the territory to be Chinese territory. Border dispute is an old weapon for diplomatic war for Chinese soldiers. Last week, Chinese soldiers has illegally entered and started beating Indian soldiers. Obviously Indian soldiers have to retaliate. No one can tolerate this. But surprisingly, Chinese government is blaming Indian army and Indian government.
I think time has come to give some freedom to Indian army. By freedom, I mean that freedom of taking action free from political intervention. I know that we have a large range of weapons with us. In fact, China and Pakistan has blamed India that India is accumulating so many weapons and nuclear weapons which is leading to the race of accumulating weapons in South East Asia. But my question is what the need of storing so many weapons is? Just for display on Republic Day parade. Obviously not. I’m not saying that we should declare war with China and Pakistan. I’m saying that time has come to boost up the moral of Indian soldiers. If Chinese soldiers can enter in our territory and can show that Indian soldiers has done trespassing. Then why can’t we do the same thing with China. Actually, Chinese intervention is an old habit which is going unchecked. That’s why Chinese soldiers are infiltrating any region without any hesitation.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 380

I know that I was absent for a week. Actually, I was busy in various types of works. Well, I told you about a problem which I was facing in last fortnight. I wasn’t able to concentrate on writing also. But I tried a lot to write in that time also. Well, in the last one week I had solved that problem. Actually, I was having personal problem and due to professional work I wasn’t able to solve that problem. Now that problem is being solved and I’m feeling fresh. A little bit of worry is still there but me knowing how to overcome that. Anyway there is always a solution which satisfies your need and the problem.
A sense of happiness and satisfaction is there with me. You can say it inner peace. Fresh mind and inner peace are good for everyone. I have heard that by practising yoga helps to achieve inner peace also other than preventing many diseases. Well, I’m not a person who does yoga. I just said what I have heard. Don’t worry. I won’t preach you about the advantages of yoga and all. Well, there is something else going on in my mind. Actually, an article has caught my attention. I don’t know how to react on this. Well, according to me it’s a clear case of anti national activity. But the article hasn’t come from any reliable source so I’m worried about its authenticity.
Well, the article is about terrorist Syed Salahuddin. Syed Salahuddin is the most wanted terrorist for India and he is the head of terrorist organisation Hizbul Mujaheddin. Now what is disturbing for me is that the misuse of tax payer’s money. According to the article, Syed Salahuddin has 5 sons and all the 5 sons are working in Srinagar and not in Pakistan. Syed Salahuddin is hiding in Pakistan but his family is in Srinagar. Shakeel Yousuf, the eldest son is working as medical assistant at Srinagar’s Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science. Javed Yousuf works as computer operator in Education department. Shahid Yousuf is Research Fellow at Sher-i-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science. Wahid Yousuf is a practising doctor at Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science. Mueed Yousuf, the youngest one, works at Entrepreneurship Development Institute in Srinagar.
Now this is a reason for big worry. If this news article is false then there is nothing we can do much about it. But if it’s true then it’s really wastage of money and threat to the nation. On one side, the government is condemning the activities of the father; the government has labelled him the most wanted for breaking the country. On the other hand, the same government is giving the jobs to all sons in the same city in different departments. This is double stand which is neither good for the country nor for the government. In my view, the entire family should be send beyond the border where the father is staying. There is no need to support the family of the most wanted terrorist in India.
I’m wondering that how come this information is leaked after so many years? Why was this information held till now? If this information is correct then how they got the government jobs so easily? Wasn’t the state government aware that all these 5 men are son of India’s most wanted person? If the state government was aware then why the state government did employed all the 5 sons of a terrorist? Is national integrity nothing for the state government? I don’t think that this is right. The central government should take action in this issue. Father is working to destroy India and his sons are working in India. This is really disgusting. In my view, it’s indirectly supporting the actions of Syed Salahuddin. All his sons are doing job in Kashmir only. Is there any strategic planning to make base in Kashmir valley?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 379

I know yesterday I bored you with my meaningless post. But you don’t have any choice. I have already told you that you have to bear with me on this issue until you write comments for improvement in my writing. But it’s your wish that whether to write comments or not. I can’t force you. In the same manner, until you give feedback, I’ll write in any manner which I’ll like. It’s my wish. Anyway you may be thinking that today I’m totally opposite to what I seemed yesterday. Yesterday I looked dull and de motivated. Today I’m looking charged and motivated. But it’s not like that. Still my frustration hasn’t gone. But I have found a path due to which I’m going to have some peace in mind.
Well, I was thinking about what to write today. Today I’m topic less. But I have to move on. It’s useless to expect something from you. Anyway, last night I was reading novel. Suddenly, I began to think that I don’t have any novel of Harry Potter series. Personally speaking, I like Harry Potter series. I have watched all the movies of Harry Potter. Well, then I began to thought that why Harry Potter series became so huge success? Why people began to wait outside of the book stores to have the print copy of the series? Why the movies based on the novels were huge hits? Was this just due to that the book series were based on magical world?
As far as I have thought then I found that based on magical world was one of the reasons. Well, we all loved the magical setting like flying cars, flying broomsticks, flying sports and various other things. You know that a human mind goes in every direction. In the same way, my mind began to think that what are the other factors? My mind answered that the plot of making Harry Potter a hero is also a major factor. A boy became orphan in his first year, been mistreated by his maternal aunt and uncle and his cousin. His being famous as he has forced the most evil wizard to vanish makes him more popular. His struggle through the years at Hogwarts while studying shows that he is been opposed by all the followers of the evil wizard but still he overcomes all the difficulties with the help of his friends. Harry got two best friends and a lot of admirers. According to me, this was also one of the reasons.
Second reason which came in my mind was that the way in which friendship is showed is also a crucial factor. Harry became friend with Ron easily. Friendship with Hermione took time but their friendship went on till the end. Of course with some misunderstanding took place between them but that’s the part of the friendship. In true friendship, misunderstanding never stays for a long time. Third reason which came in my mind was that few suspicious characters which add more interest in the story line. For example the character of Severus Snape has always confused me till the end. Since the Philosopher’s Stone till the end, this character has always been humiliating Harry Potter and then on the other hand been saving him also. In the Deathly Hallows, he sacrificed his life just to save Harry Potter’s life.
Fourth reason according to me was introduction of various forms of characters like half giant, house elf and demontors. These things also created uniqueness in the story line. It’s due to all these things that all the novels of the Harry Potter series were such a huge success. Of course the main attraction was the magical charms been used by the magical wands.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 378

What to write today? Well, today I’m in lazy mood. I don’t want to do any work. Although I had sound sleep last night but I’m feeling sleepy. Well, I don’t have any topic to write. This is because there are many things which are going on in my mind. There are few things in which my presence is required but I’m unable to do those things. This is leading to frustration. Actually this is the reason why I’m unable to concentrate on writing. Well, being busy in professional work doesn’t hamper my writing. But frustration kills not only the peace of mind but it kills the concentration and creativity also.
Same thing is happening with me. I know that how I can overcome my frustration. But I need time for that. I’m waiting for the right time. It’s not long time to get away from the frustration. You can say that it’s round the corner. But today I was doing net surfing only. Actually, I want to have something concrete to write but I know I can’t write today. So just for the sake of writing I’m writing today. Actually, today I’m using writing as a tool to focus. I know you might be thinking me to be mad that’s why I’m writing senselessly. But I don’t want my mind to be empty and to think abnormal things or negative things.
Actually this happens with everyone at some point of time. One handles the situation according to his or her own way. I handle it by writing without aim or by doing net surfing or whatever comes in my mood. I think I can’t write anymore. It’s useless to write anything without concentration.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 377

Well, another Monday passed and with its hectic schedule. No matter what I do to write on Monday I always fail in that. Yesterday also I was in hectic mood. I tried to write in the evening but I felt that the energy has drained out of me. So, I couldn’t write yesterday.  Actually, I was disheartened also. Due to the defeat of India in Champions Trophy final by Pakistan has broken my heart. But surprisingly, interesting news came in my attention. On Sunday night itself, there was hockey match between India and Pakistan. India beat Pakistan by 7-1.
It’s just an irony that we Indians are over possessed by cricket and are ignoring other games. It’s not like that I’ll praise hockey and will condemn the play performed by the cricketers in the final match. In my post titled Day 375, I took the example of Australia. Actually, there encouragement by the government and the respected sports authorities also act positively for the encouragement. Family support is also there. But in India, the case is different. If we look in to the matter then we will find that there are still so many things which become hurdle in the encouragement for other games. Sometimes it’s the lack of funds, sometimes its non support of the administration, sometimes it’s due to lack of family support.
Actually, the typical mindset in us is that only cricket is the game which can be played easily. We ignore other games. Even though hockey is our national game but we ignore that. This is the basic thing. We want our athletes to excel but we don’t want to send someone from our family or even ourselves for the game. We compare ourselves with others that why we are technically behind other countries in other games. Then we start blaming. We blame government and sports organisations. But we forget that government can give encouragement and support to the athletes. The athletes won’t descend directly from the sky. The athletes have to come from amongst us.
So we have to think that only cricket isn’t the game in India. There are many games in which we have the potential to be the world champion. In kabaddi, we are the world champions since it has been incepted as the international sports event. So, it’s time to change our mindset. Then indeed we can have more medals in international events.  

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...