Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 381

Well, today I thought to write something else. But today’s post will be in continuation of yesterday’s post. I won’t write about Pakistan and any terrorist organisation today. Actually, we always forget that we have another nonsense creating neighbour in east. Now they are trying to enter in Indian territory. Yes, I’m talking about Chinese illegal entry in to the Indian territory. Actually, China is notorious about calming other countries territory as its own. Previously, it claimed Arunachal Pradesh as a part of south Tibet. Now it claimed Doklam plateau of Bhutan as Chinese territory. When Bhutan protested then China’s illegal claim then China rejected Bhutan’s claim calling Bhutan as liar. This shows the insane mental condition of Chinese authorities.
Indian army chief, Gen Bipin Rawat, said that Indian army is ready for two and half front war. But Chinese authorities are saying that Indian army should learn from history. Now they are indicating towards 1962 war. It’s true that India was defeated by China but that was due to weak leadership at New Delhi and insufficient war equipment of Indian army. China has already illegally claimed Aksai Chin and Shaskam Valley after 1962 war. Actually, the bitter truth of that war is still fresh in the minds of Indians. During 1962 war, an appeal was made by the Indian army for volunteer blood donation for the injured Indian soldiers. At that time, all the communists parties in India refused to give blood donation for the Indian soldiers and urged the people also for non participation in blood donation. According to the Indian communist parties, Chinese soldiers were their comrade brothers and they won’t give blood to the enemies of Chinese soldiers. This has already showed the pathetic mental condition of Indian communist’s parties.
China and Pakistan are having friendly relationship since 1950. Both of them are having military as well as economic and political alliance since 1950. That’s why Chinese soldiers are illegally entering in Indian Territory in Sikkim now. Indian army has defended its boundary that has lead to fight between the both the sides. Actually, as I have said earlier in this post that Chinese government has insane mental condition due to which it’s invading Indian Territory as well as Bhutan’s territory and claiming the territory to be Chinese territory. Border dispute is an old weapon for diplomatic war for Chinese soldiers. Last week, Chinese soldiers has illegally entered and started beating Indian soldiers. Obviously Indian soldiers have to retaliate. No one can tolerate this. But surprisingly, Chinese government is blaming Indian army and Indian government.
I think time has come to give some freedom to Indian army. By freedom, I mean that freedom of taking action free from political intervention. I know that we have a large range of weapons with us. In fact, China and Pakistan has blamed India that India is accumulating so many weapons and nuclear weapons which is leading to the race of accumulating weapons in South East Asia. But my question is what the need of storing so many weapons is? Just for display on Republic Day parade. Obviously not. I’m not saying that we should declare war with China and Pakistan. I’m saying that time has come to boost up the moral of Indian soldiers. If Chinese soldiers can enter in our territory and can show that Indian soldiers has done trespassing. Then why can’t we do the same thing with China. Actually, Chinese intervention is an old habit which is going unchecked. That’s why Chinese soldiers are infiltrating any region without any hesitation.

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