Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day 382

Today, I thought to write some different topic. But my mind is occupied by the tension at the Indian Chinese border. Now the Chinese government is saying that Indian army has entered into the Chinese territory. This is really ridiculous. Chinese troops have invaded Indian Territory and now it’s saying that Indian army has done wrong and Indian army can rectify its wrong doing. I think Chinese government is still thinking that Indian army is of same as it was in 1962. I know that since 1962 Chinese army has developed itself many folds.
Chinese army is the largest army in the world. Indian army is the third largest army in the world. Both sides are well equipped with every type of weapons and artilleries. If we add up Para military forces along with the reserve forces of the army then Indian army is the largest army in the world.  But the point here is that what will be the impact if there is war between India and China? It’s sure that there will be heavy casualties from both sides. I’m sure that Pakistan will also launch war against India just to engage India from both sides and to help China.
I’m just thinking that what will be the scenario at that time? It’s true that war time is tough time for the entire nation. War affects the economy and other aspects too. Chinese intentions aren’t clear yet. Why the Chinese government is trying to build road Doklam plateau? What’s so urgency to build Road 40 which can bear the load up to 40 tonnes? Recently Chinese army has conducted trials of its 35 tonnes tank in the plains of Tibet. Doklam plateau can give upper hand to Chinese army as it’s the area between Sikkim and Bhutan. I think that’s why Chinese government is putting pressure on Bhutan to surrender that area to China. This is the clear case of internal border violations. I know Bhutan is a small country which can’t defend itself without Indian intervention in case of Chinese attack. But the question is still the same. What’s the Chinese intention behind all these things?
Is China trying to create the scenario of tension which will lead to the war and then in international community it wants to show that India has started the war. There is something bigger going on in China. I think there is something which China wants to achieve through chaos.

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