Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 386

Sometimes, it happens that I don’t want to write on a topic further.  But I write it again and again. Actually, daily the things changes from the past situation. Just like take the case of Chinese intervention at the Chinese – Indian – Bhutan’s tri junction border. I know that you will get annoyed by the Chinese topic again. But the tension at border is intensifying every day. Every day the Chinese government is issuing a statement or another. On the one side it’s releasing the statement through which the Chinese government is saying that Indian government is misleading the people and Indian troops have illegally invaded the Chinese territory near Sikkim. But on the other hand, Chinese naval ships are being seen in the Indian Ocean region. I’m unable to understand this move. If the dispute is at the border of India and China then what’s the role of Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean?
Well, China always has the dispute of border with its neighbours very often. Yesterday I saw a news article in which the Chinese spokesperson is blaming Indian government for misleading the people. Chinese spokesperson said that India is doing wrong and the proposed road side is just 2000 meters away from the Indian border at the Sikkim state. Now this is the area of worry. Chinese authority is accepting the fact that it was constructing the road to carry load up to 40 tonne. Recently Chinese army has tested its 35 tonne tank in the Tibet plains. China is diverting the issue and misleading the international community by saying that Indian troops have illegally invaded the Chinese territory. Obviously, its concern for Indian government that if there will be any suspicious activities around its border. Now the question arises that what’s the need of Chinese authority to build road where it can easily transport its tanks near Indian border? What’s the plan of Chinese army by doing this? Is the road is made just to have strategic advantage at the time of war with India?
I think Indian army and Indian government is right. This is the first time when the Chinese government is saying that Indian troops should vacant the area and return to its base. The recent visit of Mr Modi to Israel is also an issue on which China and Pakistan are restless. What will happen in the coming days will be very crucial.

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