Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 384

Well, today I’m confused about the topic. I do have multiple topics in the mind. Recently I have covered Indian Chinese border dispute and GST. Recently, I went through something which showed that Mr Manmohan Singh had 96 foreign visits from 2004 to 2009 and Mr Narendra Modi had 93 foreign visits till now. Now I understand that why Congress party criticise Mr Modi’s foreign trips so much? I think Congress party is worried that Mr Modi will break the record of Mr Singh. Well, jokes apart. But seriously if this issue has to be taken in account then I’ll prefer to see the outcome of the foreign visits of both the Prime Ministers.
Well, according to me, it’s obvious for any Prime Minister to have foreign trips as to maintain good relationship with every country in the world. But in my thinking, the outcome should be measured as the success rate of the foreign trips. Then only the foreign trips would be taken as success or flop. But the opposition in the current Lok Sabha isn’t targeting the government on the issues like the outcome of the foreign trips. It’s just re broadcasting the already known facts about the foreign trips. Unfortunately, the opposition doesn’t have any issue like that.
Actually, I was going through a news article. It was related to GST. Jammu & Kashmir assembly was adjourned due to the disturbance caused by few members. The GST bill was being discussed in the assembly. Actually, Jammu & Kashmir is the only state in India which hasn’t imposed GST till yet. Well, this isn’t the first case where Jammu & Kashmir is late in implementing anything. Actually, due to article 370, Jammu & Kashmir enjoy privilege in many issues. According to Article 370, Jammu & Kashmir is allowed to have its own constitution and Indian constitution isn’t fully applicable in the state. The state has its own constitution. Central government can make laws related to defence, foreign affairs and communication and few other things.
Well, I don’t understand one thing. On which basis special treatment is given to Jammu & Kashmir? When Hari Singh, the ruler of Jammu & Kashmir during 1947, signed treaty to joined Indian Union then why article 370 is being given to Jammu & Kashmir? There are many things which are unanswered. It’s a known fact that it was a mistake made by Jawahar Lal Nehru when he took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations. Why isn’t any government thought to merge Jammu & Kashmir to the Indian union like other states? Why didn’t any government thought about amending the article 370? When the major issues are being handled by the central government then why can’t central government treat Jammu & Kashmir like other states? I think there are several questions like this which are to be answered. Time has come to change the outlook of the entire problem.
Until and unless the article 370 is withdrawn till then problem won’t be solved? All those separatist leaders who are on Indian side and on Indian passport but speak for Pakistan should be asked to join either India or Pakistan? Until people like Hurriyat leaders will be there till then the problem of riots will happen in Kashmir valley. Already Pakistan has occupied one third Kashmir illegally, now it wants full Kashmir by hook and crook. That’s why Pakistan is supporting militants by giving them training and weapons. Indirectly Pakistan provided money to the Kashmiri youths for riots. Actually, Pakistan always plays the religion card to lure Kashmiri people to merge with Pakistan. But the condition of migrant Muslims isn’t good in Pakistan. They are treated as second class citizens in Pakistan. Actually, it’s dream of Pakistan to be the largest Muslim country in the world. According to me, Kashmir issue is just a means of Pakistan’s aim to keep India indulges in fight.

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