Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 390

The politics in Bihar is getting more complex day by day. Allegations and counter allegations are getting stronger there. Recent addition in this issue is allegation of former Chief Minister Mr Jitan Ram Manjhi that Nitish Kumar is trying to save his chair. Incidentally, Manjhi was the first minister whom resignation was asked by Nitish Kumar back in 2005 when Manjhi was accused in fake B Ed degree case. Nitish Kumar later inducted Manjhi after getting clean chit. Now Manjhi is saying that in 2005, Nitish Kumar took just two hours to remove him but one week has passed since CBI’s FIR but Nitish is silent on Tejaswi Yadav. According to Manjhi, Nitish Kumar is just saving his chair.
Interestingly, the silence of Nitish Kumar is indicating something else. There is something big story hidden in Kumar’s silence. Having a clean image for zero tolerance about corruption, Kumar’s silence is saying that there is something else going in his mind. Otherwise, he doesn’t need so much time to sack Tejaswi from his post. Either he is expecting explanation from Lalu Prasad Yadav or he is planning something which will go beyond anyone’s imagination.
But now, there is more twist in the story that my expectation. The drama has taken such a twist that now it’s almost clear that the coalition in Bihar will end soon. Nitish Kumar has asked Lalu Prasad Yadav to disclose all the income sources for the entire Yadav family which Lalu Yadav has denied to provide. It’s clear that Nitish Kumar has no choice but to sack Tejaswi Yadav. Now Lalu Yadav is ready to play the sympathy card in the election if his son is sacked. Not only this, all the ministers belonging to RJD will resign collectively. This has become double edge sword for Nitish Kumar. If he remains silent then his clean image will be tarnished and if he sacks Tejaswi then coalition will break. It’s clear that Tejaswi won’t resign.
Let’s see now which way the political wind will go in Bihar. This is something which will impact in near future also. In near future, I mean 2019 general elections. All the opposition parties are trying to unite against Mr Narendra Modi. But I must say one thing that this is the first time that Modi phobia happened to all the opposition parties. Although, Congress party is trying to make a middle path so that the coalition in Bihar won’t break. But I doubt that it will work. RJD and JD (U) are now blaming each other. I doubt that now there will be any talk between Lalu and Nitish about the coalition. Although BJP is extending its support to Nitish but it’s unclear that it will be fruitful. Well, nothing can be said in politics. In Indian politics friends becomes foe and foes becomes friend very rapidly. So, it’s really tough for me to say anything right now. But I think that there will be election in Bihar very soon. Now it’s up to the coalition partners how they will go.
According to the current scenario, I think the friendship between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar is coming to an end. This coalition won’t go long. Both of them have taken it on their egos now. Let’s see what’s the outcome of the current scenario will be. But I wish that there should be fresh election in the state so that there will be more clear situation. I agree that election is a costly affair but currently assembly won’t allow the coalition between BJP and JD (U). So, it will be better to have election so that there will be fresh scenario in the assembly. It will show the real strength of the current coalition partners.

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