Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 388

Well, today I was in mood to write something light. Recently, I have been writing about current affairs and politics. Actually, I was writing on the topics on which I wished to write. But today, I thought that there should be some change. Well, unfortunately, some recent changes have forced me to write on the current affairs again. Today’s topic is the ongoing unrest in the Darjeeling. Well, the hill queen is burning over the arrogance of the leaders. Such a beautiful place has now turned in to area of violence and protests.  
As usual now the blame game between state government and central government has started. The verbal fight will go on for about a week. But at the end, public has to face all the tensions and losses. Tea and tourism are two major source of income for Darjeeling. But both the sectors are badly affected by the ongoing Gorkhaland movement. Recently protestors have targeting the toy train station and have vandalised the waiting room at the railway station and setting fire there. They have burned a police van also. Now the question arises that what will protestors gain after damaging the government properties? Government will get the railway station repaired and the police department will get another van.
As I have said above that tourism is one of the major income sources. Burning railway station is going to hamper the tourism sector only. I think some major steps have to be taken by the government. It’s a proven fact that the state government isn’t capable of controlling the situation. The movement has taken violent form after killing of three people in the police firing. Now the state government is asking for Para military forced to be deployed in the Darjeeling. But central government is saying that state government has refused to have 4 battalions of CRPF. This is the thing which I don’t like. What’s the use of all these blame games? Both the governments have to keep their political differences aside and have to work jointly to end the violence in the Darjeeling.

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