Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 385

Well, today I’m not confused like yesterday. Today also I have multiple topics to write. But I know what to write and how to write. Actually my both topics are about international relations of India. Of course the first topic is about the ongoing tension between India and China. Chinese media is giving statement after statement. I think that these statements are provoking in nature as China wants India to attack first. Then this will give China upper hand as it can show internationally that India has invaded China and to defend itself Chinese army is with war with Indian army.
Both the armies have deployed their tanks at the border. Chinese navy is patrolling in Indian Ocean region also. This means that China is planning to attack on land as well as by sea. Now the recent statement of the Chinese state run media is that India has become shameless and it will be taught a lesson. There will more losses in India than 1962 war when India suffered loss. Actually, Chinese media is frustrated with the Defence Minister Mr Arun Jaitley’s statement that neither India nor Indian army is same as it was in 1962. After that the statement of Indian army chief, Gen Bipin Rawat that Indian army is capable of fighting two and half front war. Gen Bipin Rawat has indicated towards the two front means Chinese border along with Pakistani border and half front is internal conflict. Since then Chinese government and Chinese media is trying to provoke India. But it’s the patience of Indian government and Indian army which is making situation under control.
Actually, the tension was sparked by the Chinese government by starting building the road Donglang area in Sikkim. The Chinese government has violated the 2012 agreement with India. But the Chinese government is blaming India that India has violated all the agreements. Chinese state run media has even said that Donglang tension will become normal if Indian army retreat with dignity otherwise they will be kicked out from the region by the Chinese soldiers. This is clearly like the thief has entered the house and is threatening the house owner to vacant the house.
Another topic is the warm welcome extended to Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi by Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli Prime Minister broke the protocol and personally welcomed Mr Modi at the airport. Then Mr Netanyahu greeted Mr Modi with folded hands and said in Hindi welcome my friend. Israel is giving its support to India and has promised India that in case of war with China Israel will be with India. Actually, the Israel visit by Mr Modi is crucial not only for improving the ties between both countries but its impact will be on Pakistan also. Israel has banned any visit of Pakistani government into Israel. So, this meeting has upset Pakistan also. Now I think the tension at the Indian and Chinese border will intensify more. May be the tension at India Pakistan border will increase.
Well, the kind of reception which Mr Modi has received there has proved that Israel is serious to improve its ties with India. Mr Modi met all the religious leaders of Israel. It’s a ritual which is reserved only for the Pope and the President of United States. This has proved that Israel is true friend of India. Both the Prime Ministers have talked about the mutual working in the field of technology, science, innovation and higher technical education. A good start initiative to improve the science and technology aspect of both countries. Well, this is the first time that any Indian Prime Minister has visited Israel on official visit. So, there are a lot of expectations from this official visit of Mr Modi.

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