Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 389

I know that I was absent for four days in a row. But there were some personal and professional commitments which kept me engaged and exhausted. But today, I thought that anyhow I have to write. Well, there are few things in the recent days which have made my mood off. First thing was the attack on the Amarnath pilgrims by the terrorists. Killing of innocent people won’t get terrorists what they sought. Actually, terrorists are coward people. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves but it’s a truth that they are coward people. That’s why they attack innocent people and then get vanished. This proves their sick mentality.
They are brainwashed and they are trained in hide and attack mode of operation. They thing that they will be awarded with some extra terrestrial things after death by the God. This is totally bullshit. Till now, Indian army has terminated around 100 terrorists in the Kashmir valley. Indian army has done this operation in collaboration with CRPF and Jammu & Kashmir police. Actually, Amarnath pilgrims were spotted and then targeted. I think terrorists attack was done with an intention to create communal disturbance.
Second thing is the ongoing political tension in Bihar. Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family have being charged with various corruption charges. The raids at their various premises have opened many corruption charges which have become an issue for the coalition in the state. It’s a known thing that everyone says that he is innocent if blamed for corrupt practises. But the raid conducted by the CBI, IT and ED has indicated that there are several cases involving huge amount of money. Name of Deputy CM of Bihar, Tejaswi Prasad Yadav in the corruption charges has created the political stir in the state. Tejaswi is calling himself innocent and clean along with being honest. But the outcome of raids is contradicting his statement. Now there is tussle with in the coalition government over the resignation of Tejaswi Yadav.
Actually, Nitish Kumar has a clean image over zero tolerance over corruption charges. In the past he has asked his ministers to resign after being charged in corruption charges. Either Nitish Kumar has asked his ministers to resign or he has dropped them from his ministry. But now he is in dilemma over Tejaswi. Now he has either to save his image or his government. Although he hasn’t asked Tejaswi to resign till yet. Some leaders are saying that media is just making sensational news by taking Tejaswi’s name.
Now BJP has extended its support to Nitish Kumar in case of coalition breaks down. I don’t know what the reason behind this is and I don’t want to go in detail of that. But one thing is sure that politicians enjoy inside the jail also. VIP treatment is given to them. Few get noticed and many get unnoticed. It’s like only tip of the iceberg is visible and the rest of the iceberg is invisible because it’s submerged in the water. Recently the case of Ms V K Sasikala, former general secretary of AIADMK. According to media report, a letter has been sent to the DG&IG of police along with DG (prisons) of Karnataka. According to the letter, Sasikala has give Rs 2 crore bribe to senior jail staff to have VIP treatment and to have separate kitchen. Coincidently, Abdul Karim Telgi is also logged in the same jail. In the letter it was alleged that under trails were assigned as aides to Abdul Telgi. Some more allegations were made in the letter which was sent to the media also. This has indicated the condition at the jails which is really wrong.
The letter also alleged that drugs are easily supplied to the inmates in the jail. Few incidences of manhandling the jail hospital staff was also mentioned in the letter. I was thinking that if this is the condition of the central jail of a state then what will be the condition of other smaller jails across the state. Then what will be the condition of jails across the country. I don’t know how to comment on this issue. This isn’t the first time which has been reported. Previously also there were numerous times when there was news in the media that politicians and high profile prisoners are getting VIP treatment in the jails. But no action has been taken till yet. I think that suspending the culprit officials isn’t the right solution. Generally, the culprit officials are either suspended for few months or are transferred to other department. In my view, those officials should be terminated from the service and cases of corruption and misuse of official post should be started. Maybe through this the message will be given to others that wrong doers won’t be spared.

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