Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 387

Well, recently, I have writing about Indo Chinese tension and about the foreign visits of our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi. In one of the recent posts, I have compared his foreign visits with our ex Prime Minster, Mr Manmohan Singh. But we have seen the grand reception Mr Modi received when he went to America during the tenure of Mr Barak Obama. In the Donald Trump’s regime, Mr Modi visited America again and he got same reception. We have seen the reception of Mr Modi in Portugal also. The grand welcome in the current Israel visit of Mr Modi is in front of us. The tight schedule of Mr Modi during his recent three nations visit is also in front of us. I was just wondering that our elected Prime Minister is getting grand reception around the globe but in India he isn’t getting that much appraisal. The standard of opposition parties have gone so low that anyone can abuse Mr Modi by calling him mad, arrogant and whatever came in their mind.
It’s not like I’m going to write the appraisal post for Mr Modi. I’m just writing what I thought. There are few leaders who live in India and have got elected to the parliament but they openly refuse to say that Mr Modi is their Prime Minister also. It’s not like that if a person is elected and he becomes Prime Minister then it’s not like that he is Prime Minister for those who voted for him. Prime Minister is for the entire nation. Irrespective of the votes, he has to work for every one’s welfare. Actually, the opposition parties are crossed their limits and lost their minds and tongues. So, they don’t know what exactly they are saying and what does that means. Actually, Congress leaders are extreme in saying detoriating things about Mr Modi. Those leaders are forgetting that Mrs Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister and she declared emergency during her tenure and suspended all civil rights and put the entire opposition behind the bar. Luckily Mr Modi isn’t doing anything like that. In spite of being blamed as dictator and mad and all the rubbish things, Mr Modi is continuously working for the development of the nation. He is doing what a Prime Minister is supposed to do.
But the opposition parties are still in their pathetic condition. Actually, Congress party has ruled for 60 years and it thinks that ruling India is their birth right. Interestingly, Congress rule has given more corruption than development. I think Congress party isn’t getting any proof of corruption against Modi government so it has gone beyond the limit in Kerala. The notorious beef party in Kerala shows that Congress party can go to any level just to oppose Modi government. Well, I think that Congress party orchestrated the award returning movement. In my view, the recent actions taken by the Indian army in the Kashmir valley shows that now the army can act sensibly in the valley to avoid further tension. But unfortunately this is also not acceptable for the Congress party and the so called seculars and liberals. I don’t understand one thing that what’s in the mind of Congress party if the present government is working for the development of the nation? If Congress is so much worried about the nation then why didn’t it worked when it was in the power?

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