Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 264

Today was a nice day for me. Nice day in the sense that I got some work to do. In the morning, after getting ready, I went to the company where I’m doing my summer training. I went there at the right time. My boss, the owner of the company, was there. She gave me my work station which is half of a room with a desktop. My work was to do the data entry. She gave me few papers and a format to work out. She explained me the work and she went for her meeting. She was busy in the meeting room and I was busy in the work. Although the work was very simple but it was new for me. So I took time to get adjusted and started my work. Around 1 pm, my boss came to my workstation and asked me what I would like to have in lunch. She simply that whether I would like to have pizza? I said yes. She sent one of her employees to bring the pizza for all of us. Then I had my pizza with my boss. After lunch, I told her that I have to catch my evening class so I need go. She looked at my work and she permitted me to go. I came back to my apartment and took rest. Then I went to the cafeteria of my B school to have something to eat. After having food, I went to my class. The class went till 9 pm. I enjoyed the class. Got some new things to learn and had a class exercise to do. It was fun to learn the new thing. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 263

Today was the first day when I got work to do. After getting ready in the morning, I went to the Dean’s office of the university where I have come as an exchange student. After spending few minutes there, I went to the office of the company where I have to do summer training. I was surprised to know that the owner of the company is an Indian. Well, it would not be wrong to say that I was more happy than surprised. Well, I talked to the lady who owned the company. I think from tomorrow I have to start my work there. Came back to my apartment with my dean after 12 pm. Then went to the university cafeteria at 1 pm. But unfortunately, I was late. The closing time was 1 pm and I was late by 5 minutes. Then I went to have a pizza at the nearest pizza outlet of Domino’s. While returning, I got all wet in the sudden rain which started. I wasn’t having any place to hide. But fortunately, the rain for just couple of minutes. After having pizza, my stomach was fully loaded and I wasn’t in position to eat anything for next 5-6 hours. Then in evening, I went to have my class in the university. It was my first class there. I met an Indian girl. Her name was Savita and she is from Hyderabad. In the beginning I was thinking that she is a single. But after classes, we interacted with each other. Then I came to know that she is married. Now this was shocking news. She offered me to give lift to me in her car. She told me that I should have a light meal at night. So I got tempted to have a sandwich. So I went to Domino’s again to have the sandwich. She waited for me in her car. After that she dropped me home and went to her home. That was my day today. I shall continue to write like this. But I need few feedbacks so that it keeps me motivated to write daily. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 262

Again a day has come to its end. I know its early morning in India. But it’s evening in America. Sometimes the time zone difference makes a lot of difference. For me it’s the end of Monday but for my readers its beginning of Tuesday. Well today, in America, it’s Memorial Day. A day on which every America pays a tribute to all those American soldiers who sacrificed their live for the country. It’s a national holiday here. So all the offices and educational institutions were closed. I was thinking about the soldiers. Soldiers of any country are only soldiers. All of them are committed to defend their country and dedicated to their country. It’s an honour for them to sacrifice their lives for their country. But a soldier’s life is very tough. He has to leave his family and home to stay at the border of the country or has to go to some another country on deputation. He has to live in the tough situations to save the country. A tough life for the brave men of the country known as soldiers. The tough training which they get makes them physically and mentally strong to fight. Even though they are trained to fight but I think that every soldier wants peace in the world. A soldier knows the barbaric side of the war. A battlefield is a place where there are dead bodies all around. War means destruction. Destruction leads to no where. Peace is the only way to achieve anything. So I hope that there is peace every where in the world. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 261

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog. It’s over a month now. But in the past one month, I was extremely busy. So I didn’t have much time to write anything. My mind was pre occupied with some works. In the beginning of this month, I was busy in getting the paper work done for the interview at American consulate in Kolkata for visa to come to America. In the second week, I got the interview date and time so I went to Kolkata for that. In two days all my works were done and in another one week I got my visa to me. After that, I booked my air ticket for America via London. I started my journey on 23rd May. But due to the different time zones, I reached my destination on 23rd May. I came to America as an exchange student for the summer training programme and study. The Director of the MBA programme was there at the airport to receive me. With him, I came to the place where my accommodation has been arranged. It’s a two bedroom apartment with all the basic amenities which a person needs to live. Now it has been four days here. But still I feel like a lonely person. The dean of the institute is an Indian. He helped me in getting few things done. Now when I’m in the university campus, I don't feel like a stranger. Actually weekends are holidays in the America. So my classes and the training haven’t started yet. May be after the things get rolling, I’ll feel better. I hope it will. I met an Indian boy who helped me in getting a mobile sim card through which I can talk to my family back in India. But due to the difference in the time zone its different feelings. When its morning here in America then its evening in India at the same time. So I have to maintain the time difference in mind while calling there. Now I’ll try being regular in writing blogs. May be this will be the one of the ways to keep myself occupied. In the last three days I was busy in watching different things on internet and downloading movies. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...