Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 262

Again a day has come to its end. I know its early morning in India. But it’s evening in America. Sometimes the time zone difference makes a lot of difference. For me it’s the end of Monday but for my readers its beginning of Tuesday. Well today, in America, it’s Memorial Day. A day on which every America pays a tribute to all those American soldiers who sacrificed their live for the country. It’s a national holiday here. So all the offices and educational institutions were closed. I was thinking about the soldiers. Soldiers of any country are only soldiers. All of them are committed to defend their country and dedicated to their country. It’s an honour for them to sacrifice their lives for their country. But a soldier’s life is very tough. He has to leave his family and home to stay at the border of the country or has to go to some another country on deputation. He has to live in the tough situations to save the country. A tough life for the brave men of the country known as soldiers. The tough training which they get makes them physically and mentally strong to fight. Even though they are trained to fight but I think that every soldier wants peace in the world. A soldier knows the barbaric side of the war. A battlefield is a place where there are dead bodies all around. War means destruction. Destruction leads to no where. Peace is the only way to achieve anything. So I hope that there is peace every where in the world. 

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