Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 263

Today was the first day when I got work to do. After getting ready in the morning, I went to the Dean’s office of the university where I have come as an exchange student. After spending few minutes there, I went to the office of the company where I have to do summer training. I was surprised to know that the owner of the company is an Indian. Well, it would not be wrong to say that I was more happy than surprised. Well, I talked to the lady who owned the company. I think from tomorrow I have to start my work there. Came back to my apartment with my dean after 12 pm. Then went to the university cafeteria at 1 pm. But unfortunately, I was late. The closing time was 1 pm and I was late by 5 minutes. Then I went to have a pizza at the nearest pizza outlet of Domino’s. While returning, I got all wet in the sudden rain which started. I wasn’t having any place to hide. But fortunately, the rain for just couple of minutes. After having pizza, my stomach was fully loaded and I wasn’t in position to eat anything for next 5-6 hours. Then in evening, I went to have my class in the university. It was my first class there. I met an Indian girl. Her name was Savita and she is from Hyderabad. In the beginning I was thinking that she is a single. But after classes, we interacted with each other. Then I came to know that she is married. Now this was shocking news. She offered me to give lift to me in her car. She told me that I should have a light meal at night. So I got tempted to have a sandwich. So I went to Domino’s again to have the sandwich. She waited for me in her car. After that she dropped me home and went to her home. That was my day today. I shall continue to write like this. But I need few feedbacks so that it keeps me motivated to write daily. 

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