Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 264

Today was a nice day for me. Nice day in the sense that I got some work to do. In the morning, after getting ready, I went to the company where I’m doing my summer training. I went there at the right time. My boss, the owner of the company, was there. She gave me my work station which is half of a room with a desktop. My work was to do the data entry. She gave me few papers and a format to work out. She explained me the work and she went for her meeting. She was busy in the meeting room and I was busy in the work. Although the work was very simple but it was new for me. So I took time to get adjusted and started my work. Around 1 pm, my boss came to my workstation and asked me what I would like to have in lunch. She simply that whether I would like to have pizza? I said yes. She sent one of her employees to bring the pizza for all of us. Then I had my pizza with my boss. After lunch, I told her that I have to catch my evening class so I need go. She looked at my work and she permitted me to go. I came back to my apartment and took rest. Then I went to the cafeteria of my B school to have something to eat. After having food, I went to my class. The class went till 9 pm. I enjoyed the class. Got some new things to learn and had a class exercise to do. It was fun to learn the new thing. 

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