Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 261

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog. It’s over a month now. But in the past one month, I was extremely busy. So I didn’t have much time to write anything. My mind was pre occupied with some works. In the beginning of this month, I was busy in getting the paper work done for the interview at American consulate in Kolkata for visa to come to America. In the second week, I got the interview date and time so I went to Kolkata for that. In two days all my works were done and in another one week I got my visa to me. After that, I booked my air ticket for America via London. I started my journey on 23rd May. But due to the different time zones, I reached my destination on 23rd May. I came to America as an exchange student for the summer training programme and study. The Director of the MBA programme was there at the airport to receive me. With him, I came to the place where my accommodation has been arranged. It’s a two bedroom apartment with all the basic amenities which a person needs to live. Now it has been four days here. But still I feel like a lonely person. The dean of the institute is an Indian. He helped me in getting few things done. Now when I’m in the university campus, I don't feel like a stranger. Actually weekends are holidays in the America. So my classes and the training haven’t started yet. May be after the things get rolling, I’ll feel better. I hope it will. I met an Indian boy who helped me in getting a mobile sim card through which I can talk to my family back in India. But due to the difference in the time zone its different feelings. When its morning here in America then its evening in India at the same time. So I have to maintain the time difference in mind while calling there. Now I’ll try being regular in writing blogs. May be this will be the one of the ways to keep myself occupied. In the last three days I was busy in watching different things on internet and downloading movies. 

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