Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 13

Today, I was watching a clip on the youtube. Its been titled India's New Anthem. Its an awesome video. And very encouraging one also. Hats off to all of those people who are in the creative team of that video. It has shown the real face of the politicians and the working culture of the government departments. These politicians never cares about the common man. They remember the common man during the election time. Rest of the time they are not bothered that how a common man is living. But in these video its been shown that how a small child decides to change the system. It has a message that if a man decides to change the system then he can. What he needs is only the will power and the initiative to change the system. But that's the problem with we Indians. We will talk a lot about changing the system and all things but when its time to do something then we will not take the initiative. At the time of action, we get the attitude of surrender. When its time to fight, we just kneel down. And then we blame that nothing can happen to this country. This country is going to downfall. If you love your country then why you leave this country and go to foreign country for money. If you have the guts then stay here and change the country. It can happen. Just wake up and have the will power to change the country. Its our country and we have to make it perfect. Not only for only ourself but for the generation coming after us. But we are not thinking about all these things. We are ready to compromise and blame others but aren't ready to do something good. Actually we have migrating tendency. We just say that 'nothing can happen' or 'what difference can I make in all these?' That's the true nature of we Indians. Just migrate from the present situation. Its not our job. But there are few examples were common man has joineed hands with each other and has set a nice examples also. For example there is a colony in Patna. Its called Patliputra Colony. This colony has around 380 big plots of land out of which 300 plots are occupied. People are living in this colony since 1955. And they have a co-operative society. And this society is resposnsible of making roads and drainage systems in the area. Putting the street lights. Getting the electricity connections in the whole colony. This colony is the posh colony of Patna. And it has shown the way that if there is a will then there is a way. And it has set the example that of we get united then we can change the system. We can't get dependent on any other. If government is unable to provide then we can do that on ourself. The thing is to get united. We can't blame the government for everything. If the government is bad then its our duty to not to give our votes to the party whose government was there. Just ignore them and give your vote to the better candidate. We have to change somewhere to change the face of our country.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 12

In today's time, we are forgetting something. We are forgetting friendship. Today, we have lost contact with our friends with whom we use to share our lunch in schools. We have forgotten those friends who were there in our graduation. The friends who were in hostel with us. We had friends always with us. But now, we have lost the excuse to be with them. But do we really need any excuse to be in contact with friends? I don't think so. If we will need excuse to be in contact with friends then its not the friendship. Not according to me. We have forgotten those days when we use to bunk the classes and use to sit in college canteen or went to watch movies. Those time when we use to come from late night movies then jumping the hostel wall to go in. How can we forget tension during exam times? Those sleepless nights before exam. But now, in the present, we are not having those friends with us. We are professional friends now. Friends who are working with us in the office to meet the deadlines of the projects and assingnments. The friendship which we are having now is not that much simple. The current friendship is totally professional. Nothing personal. If I'm doing something for you in office then I need something in return. But it was not there with our old friends. They were with us without any condition. Where are those friends now? We don't know. Frankly speaking we have lost them. And we are not bothered to know about them. How much we have changed now? I don't think that today anyone is interested in searching old friends. Who cares and who has the time to do all these? It will be better if we do some work then we will earn some extra money. Money has become the centrestage of everything. Everyone is running after money. I am not telling that money is not important. It is important but what is the use of these money when you don't have your true freinds with you. We need someone near to us to share our emotions. From emotions I mean your happiness, your sorrow, your pain. Everything. We are losing contact with everyone now due to this work load and all. What's the use of these type of work? We don't have time for our parents because we have to meet the deadline of the project. Then after that we don't have time for our kids because we have to work hard to earn more and more money for them. We are becoming robot now. What is the use of so much money when we are not there with our parents and kids when they need us most? There are some occasions when they need us with them physically more than they need our money.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 11

For the last few days, I am watching a commercial on TV. Its of Tata Tea but the message is of mass awareness. And I have found it very much interesting and a commercial made with some brain. It shows that two people are waking the mass waiting outside the movie hall. They are offering tea to all to wake. The message is that if you are not casting your vote on the voting day then you are sleeping. Hats off to this commercial. Really this is a mind blowing concept. We have a habit of blaming our government for every failure. But we use to forget that we are also part of the system and the Government is the another part of that system. We want everything from the government but when the time comes to vote we just escape from that. Most of the people think and says that what difference one vote will make. That's the difference about which I am going to say. Most of the people just think that voting day is just a holiday for them. But if we will escape from our duty like this then we will not get a good government. And in the absence of a good government there is a lot of wrong things happening in our country and state. The bad government will make bad policies. The young people of our country goes to foreign contries to earn money. They get the proper infrastructure and then they began to praise the infrastructure there. If they can get proper infrastructure there then why can't in our country? We just know how to blame. We blame that the officers in any government department are totally corrupt. Who has made them so much corrupt? Again its we, the people. We use to give bribe to the officers to get our work done. We have shown them the way of corrupt practises and now its we who are blaming them for all these. Its time now to wake up and raise our voices. No government or country is perfect. We have to make it perfect. But instead of doing our job we just go away somewhere else and settle down there. So voting is also our duty and we can't escape from that. If we won't vote for the right party or the right candidate then again we will have the bad government. These politicians think that the people are just fool people who can be driven in any direction in which they want us to drive. Until when this practise is going to continue? We have to wake up and say no to this practise. And we can do it. What we need is just the will power in us. I don't think that the will power inside us has died out. If the will power is not there then it means that we are dead. We are good for nothing. We just wait for someone else to start something new or something good for us. Why should we? Its we, who know the betterment of ours not the others. When the time comes to take initiative then we make excuses that we have our job and we have our families to take care of. Can't we take initiative for our family members? Until when we will make these excuses and will escape from our duties? Just think over it. Let me tell you a real fact. We know that the plastic bags are being used every where in the shops. But I have refused to take the goods in the plastic bags. I use to carry my own jute bag with me whenever I go for shopping. I simply refuse to take the items in the plastic bags. I told every shopkeeper where I go for shopping that if they will give the items in the plastic bags then I am not going to take that. There were some other buyers whenever I go for shopping. And I have seen few of them are doing the same thing which I use to do. You just have to take the initiative and then see the positive result. So when its the voting time then just go and vote. Now we have to change the face of our country and state. If we can praise the other countries then why can't we do the same for our country? The place where we are born, brought up, the place where we get our education. Is it right to take the full advantages from this country and when the time comes to pay back then we just go to foreign countries. I think that its simply avoiding the duties. Jaago now.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 10

Today I'm confused. I am confused regarding the topic again. Today I don't have any major topic in my mind. I'm thinking that whom to target today. Then suddenly I realised that who could be better target than the great politicians of our country. For example, take the case of Tata and Mamata Banerjee. She has literally driven out the Tata Motors out of the West Bengal. She might feel happy in this but she is not realising that by her act the loss is not of Tata but its the loss of the people staying in Singur. The people who were directly related with the production of Nano. Not only the workers but the vendors who were having their sites near the Nano factory, they are also at the loss. But Mamta Banerjee didn't cared about them. And why should she? She was more bothered about the farmers whose land has been acquired for the Nano plant. But I want to know that how many times Mamta Banerjee cares about the farmers there. In my view, she has just used them for the sake of publicity and nothing else. Where were she when these farmers were commiting sucide? She was not near to them. And now she is caring for them. Actually her publicity was going down. People were forgetting her. She was losing her charm amongst the public. She was looking for someone who would be her political attack. And she found no one better than Tata Motors. She has been targeting the West Bengal government but she is not getting so much political attention. But in the case of Nano plant, she got what she has desired for. She got the publicity and people remember her now. But what about the people who were at the loss by shifting of the Tata from Singur. But these politicians never cares for the general public. They remember the general public only when its election time. Rest of the time, they need the general public as a means of fulfilling their political wishes. Nothing else. And its the general public all the time at the loosing end.

Friday, September 26, 2008


  1. दर्द को बयान करना चाहतो अल्फाज़ ना मिले। अकेलेपन को हटाना चाहा कोई साथी ना मिला।
    अजीब है यह ज़िन्दगी भी, जो भी चाहा इस ज़िन्दगी से वही ना मिला।
    फिर भी जी रहा हूँ इसी जिंदगी को जैसे इससे कोई शिकायत ही नही।
    क्या हुआ जो हम ने जिसे चाहा वो हमे मिली ही नही।
  2. जिंदगी चलते रहने का नाम है। अजीब रवायत है यह।
    दो घड़ी बैठ सकता नही कोई इस जिंदगी में। जिंदगी किसी के लिए रूकती ही नही।

Day 9

We all live life but are not aware that what we exactly we want from our life? All of us are having different goals about our lifes. Some of us wants to live a successful life. A life where you get what you wish. Success, money, name and fame - everything what a man can think about. Some of us wants to have a decent live. Theire wishes are not so large. They want to live a normal live where the basic needs of life are fulfilled. But there is another class of people who are struggling to survive daily. They also have some basic needs and expectations from life but are unable to fulfill those expectations. And there is one more class. A class which is like the second class. Having limited needs. The main need of this class is the satisfaction. These people are not satisfied spiritually. They are the thinkers, philosophers - whatever name you want to give them. These people are always looking for the answers like what is the real meaning of this life? Why we have come to this earth to live? They are trying to get answer to the questions like this. And they are always trying to establish the contact with the supreme authority in the form of satsangs, bhajans and creating awareness about god and his messages. And they have a huge collection of religious books with them which they read and try to understand the meaning of what's written there? And I think that's good. In this fast age, we are totally forgetting the real meaning of life. Somewhere in this age of commercialisation, we have lost the real fun of life. We use to have many things in our childhood but the generation next to ours is not having those things. We are forgeting the meaning of life. Is life being all about just going to office in the morning, coming back to home in evening? Is life only to have the workload and tensions of the office to the places wherever you go? What is the use of earning so much money when you don't have some mental rest and mental peace? I don't deny the importance of money in today's time but what is the use of earning so much of money when you are not there to enjoy that? You are not there to have fun with those money. So the people belonging to the fourth class are good. They don't get bored with the search of god. The people of the first class get bored with their lifestyle after a certain time period. In the starting they enjoy it very much but later on they becomes slave of their own wishes. Second class of people always thinks they have some responsibilities and some duties to perform and they spend their whole life in that. And the third class of people. They are struggling for the basic needs of the life. They don't have interest in other things. They will not look for anything else which don't satisfy their basic needs.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 8

Today again I am confused what to write? There is a topic in my mind but the confusion is that wheather I should write about it or not. The topic is Love. Actually last night I was listening to some romantic songs on radio. I was thinking that today the Love has changed its meaning. Because I think that no body can give the perfect defination of Love. A person can define the love according to his concept or thought but that can't be universally accepted. There will be some another version for someone else. Well I was talking about the meaning of Love. Today Love means going out with your boy friend or girl friend, buying expensive gifts for each other, paying huge bills of phone - landline or mobile it depends what you use - having dinner out. Today the Love has been commercialised. If you have money in your pocket then you are the best lover in the world. If not then you are not. Money has become the language of Love. This is the degradation of Love. I'm not against Love. I'm against the commercialisation of Love. But in this age, we have a bad habit of copying the western countries. We are forgetting that the western countries whom we are following are pure capitalist countries. Their interest is in making money. That's all. They know how to play with the emotions. Well that's what exactly happening in the whole world. And when you don't have much money to meet the demand then you are not a good lover. You will be compared with your old image. And then one day finally break up. You go your way and I'll go my way. This has become the mentality of modern lovers. Sometimes another type of Love happens. Sometimes modern day technology helps people from different parts to come in contact with each other. Sometimes people meet on net then they began to talk over phone and they began to fall in Love. And then after spending few time with each other, you have to listen that you are not compatible with me or I don't think that we can't spend life together. All these things are happening in today's Love. Sometimes I think that its better that I am away from this modern Love. Its good to be single than having these type of Love. And you never know that whether the person you are loving is going to be with you for the whole life or not? Today the trend is like this - come, meet, spend sometime with each other. If you are good and wealthy then we are going to continue. If not then we should get seperated before its too late or I think we should end this relationship right now. There is no use of continuing this relationship. Is this the true Love? Is this the way of Love? Is there anyone who can tell me what's Love and what's its real meaning in this modern age?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 7

Yesterday evening, I was watching clips of some old movies on youtube. Then I compared with the new ones. Some movies with the remake version of the old ones. I found that the old ones were more melodies and more entertaining with respect to the new ones. The new re make ones are toatally waste of time, money and talent. But still there are few people in our Bollywood especially some directors who are just mad about making the re make of some old and hit movies. When will these people understand? At least people will be saved from watching such a boring movies. What is the aim of these directors to make the re make? Is it to torture the viewers? I just like the old movies but on the same time there are few new movies which are just too good. Its not like that we don't have any good new movies. If we go a bit in past say 14 years back, then we will have good new movies from that point of time. And the super stars of the current time are also just too good. But there is one Super Star who is just unbeatable. No body is there to come near to him. Yes, I am talking about Mr Amitabh Bachchan, a living legend. He is simply superb. A mind blowing actor. What to say about him? Everyone is aware of his fine acting and the level of acting. He simply fits in any kind of role. I have found that he don't have to do some thing extra. Well the main topic of our discussion was the difference between old movies and new movies. I just got carried away with the discussion of Mr Bachchan. What to do? I can't stop myself from being talking about him. Well, I was saying that its not like that the new movies are not good. You can watch Dil Chahta Hai, Munna Bhai Series, Lagaan, Swadesh and many more like this. I just hate the remake versions of the old movies.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 6

Well today I have decided to write something else. Everyday writing on the same topic makes me bore. Well I have observed that in today's time everyone is getting more and more busy. A person is so much involved in his life that he don't have time for himself, his family and his friends. Where are we heading towards? Why are we running so much after money that we don't have time for ourself only? People are moving out to foreign countries for money. What this money will do when you don't have your near and dear ones with you? Money can buy the commodities but not the happiness. So stop running after money and start living for yourself also. We have forgotten to live for ourself. Previously we use to hang out with our friends and we use to have every information about them. But now, months or may be years have passed that we have any news of our friends. We have lost the reason to enjoy our life. Slowly slowly we are becoming robots. Without emotions and feelings. Just doing our duty like machines. We have the contact number of our friends in our cell but don't have any reason and time to call them.

Monday, September 22, 2008


कलम उठाई तो कुछ लिख डाला। भावनाओ को शब्दों का रूप दे डाला।
घायल है जब दिल तो आखो से आँसू निकल पड़े। जब इन्हे कोई स्वरुप देना चाहातो शब्द ही न मिले।

मयखाने में हाथ में थी शराब और ओठो पे शिकायत भी थी। लेकिन शिकायत करते भी तो किस से?
व़हा तो सभी गैर थे और अनजान मेरे गम से। कोई और न मिला तो कह दिया हाल-ऐ-दिल अपना हमने साकी से।
एक वही थी भरी महफिल में मेरे दर्द को सुनने वाली। बाकीयों को पिने से फुर्सत ही कहा थी?

Day 5

Today I am very much confused. Today I was not in a mood to write anything on the blog. But don't know why I sat down to write. Actually I am still very much disturbed regarding the current issues being faced by our country. The recent attacks. Then raids on the hide outs. Arressts and investigation. How long we have to see all these things? When will all these things stop? What is the motive of the people behind all these blasts? Can't they put their demand verbally? Why they have to do the blasts all the time? These questions are always there in my mind. And there is not a single answer of all these questions in my mind. Well what to say now. I don't have any other topic to write now. Whatever I'm trying to write other than this then after a line or two, this topic is again coming to my mind. What to do now?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


After knowing the views of Mr Subramanian Swamy, I was thinking about what he was trying to say. The point on which was talking was to stop the illegal immigration from Bangladesh. He told that the immigration like this is the way of Islamisation in the world. Very indeed true. The recent attacks in India and around the world involves the Muslims in that. Everywhere, in every attack there is involvement of Islamic organisations. People from different Islamic organisations are doing all these things in the name of jehad, which means holy war. The war which they have started against the whole world in the name of jehad is not an holy one. Which holy war demands or says to kill innocent people? Which holy war says to make small children orphans? Due to some political benefits of the top brass of these Islamic organisations, the innocent people are dying. Its the common man, who is getting killed and who is suffering due to all these things. There is not a single attack or blast in the last 10 years which doesn't includes or figures towards any Islamic organisation. What the hell these Islamic organisations wants to prove? What are their real intentions? By killing the innocent people, is their god going to get pleased? They are not doing all these things to please their god. They are doing all these attacks, blasts and killings to satisfy their inner fear. These people are doing nothing good but are doing bad for their own community. Now every where, every Muslim family is been not feeling safe to live. They are living in small areas where only Muslim families are living. Every Muslim family has come under the suspicious list of not only the police but also of the public. Some people in Islam are giving bad name to the whole Muslim community and will continue to do that until they are stopped. These people are so much blind that they are not able to see that they are burning and destroying the same place where they are also living. They can't go somewhere and live by burning this planet. The so called grass root workers or jehadis, the name which they have donned to please themselves, are nothing but mindless creatures. They are the biggest fools of this world. And they have one more quality added to them. They are cowards. They are killing innocent people and small kids and are calling themselves true jehadis. They think that they are going to get their seats reserved in heaven by making these blasts and killings. I want to know that is their god cruel or kind? He can't be so cruel like them. He is very kind and he will not allow this type of acts done on innocent people.

Day 4

Mr Subramanian Swamy was in Patna to address a meeting organised by Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). He was talking about the illegal immigration from Bangladesh. He was saying that if imigration by Bangladeshis will continue like this for the next 40 years then Hindus in India will reduce to minority. According to Mr Swamy inflitration is a way of Islamisation in the world. And I agree to some extend with Mr Swamy. Indeed these illegal immigrants are a serious threat to the national security of ourr country. They are living illegally in our country and are using our resources to survive. They are now giving us competition in our business. Their main target is to acquire the land first, then capture the business and then drive us out of our own land and business. I wonder that the Central government headed by the Congress party is doing nothing to stop all this illegal immigrations. I want to know that what is the force which is holding the Prime Minister to do all these things? National Security is the thing which directly comes under the supervision of the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister is unable to take any action against all these illegal immigrants then who will do this job? Will someone from any foreign country will come to do this? Why we have a Prime Minister who is having his hands tied? Why don't we have a dynamic leaders in our country anymore? Where are the leaders like Sardar Patel and Netaji Bose? Today India needs tons of tons of thousands leaders like Sardar Patel and Netaji Bose. We need some dynamic leaders to save India.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 3

How long all these blasts at the crowded places and at the places of worships will take place in India? How long the innocent people have to give their lives in the different part of the country to open the eyes of politicians and the intellegence agencies? In the recent past, at various places in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Delhi these blasts are taking places। How long all these things will go on? When will the guilty people be arrested? Until when we have to see more people to die on the streets like this? When will all these blasts stop? Why we are so easy target for the terrorists? Why its always we, the Indians?
कब तक बहेंगे आसू माओ के? कब तक बहेंगे खून बेगुनाहों के?
कौन है इंसानियत का कातिल? कब तक लाशो के अम्बार लगेंगे?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 2

Why the intelligence agencies in India are so slow to react to anything? There are constant bombings in our country but the intelligence agencies are not able to know all those things in advance so that it could be stopped. But no. Every time a lot of innocent lives are lost then only the intelligence agencies are coming in action. And then its the same old thing. They start waiting for another incidence to happen so that they can come in action. I can't understand this nature of our intelligence agencies. If this is due to the political bosses sitting over them then how long the intelligence agecies would like to be a source of entertainment of the political leaders? Its time to show the political people that the intelligence agecies are meant to serve the country not the political leaders. But if the laziness and slowness of the agency is due to its own then how long we have to wait for them to become active? How many innocent lives are there to be lost to get them work properly?

Day 1

Today a thought came in my mind to write daily on this blog. And I felt that indeed it's a nice idea. Sitting ideally or sometimes spending time over the net in doing some useless things its always better to do something creative. And I think that writing is also a means to express yourself. You can say or tell your views to so many peoples at a time without being present in front of them. And this happens only in the case of good reading and good writing. Writing definetely dosen't means that you have to write a story or novel - fiction and non-fiction- both are included, or to write an essay or a poem. That's all the pure and old form of writing. But there is a drawback in this system also. Sometimes the reader doesn't gets the exact meaning of what the writer has writen. The reader thinks according to his own interpretation and sometimes it leads to understand something else. It all depends on the perception. But still a huge number of people are still here who are interested in reading and writing. Now its your time to write few comments about this thought. Write whatever you want to write.


Sometimes you don't have any word to express your emotions. Sometimes you express yourself in front of someone very easily. Same thing is with me. Some times I write for my pleasure and sometimes just for the sake of writing. I love to write. Right now, I don't have anything in my mind to write but still I'm writing for the sake of writing. I don't want to leave this habit. Actaully it happens that you have a layout in your mind but you don't have words to write about it and sometimes it happens that you have words to write but no title to give it. Confusing? Isn't it? I know it is. And exactly this is the case with me. I don't have any title to give to my thoughts which are coming in my mind. I just want to write. Don't be confused so much. I just wrote all this to take all those thoughts coming in my mind out to you people. I know that I can't see you right now. I don't know who you are? But I know that you are sitting and reading this post just for the sake of reading. So if you want to say something about my writing then say it out. Positive and Negative. I want both comments.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


न जाने तुम पे इतना यकीन क्यों है? तेरा ख्याल भी इतना हसीं क्यों है?
सुना है कि प्यार का दर्द मीठा होता है। तो आँख से निकला आसू नमकीन क्यों है।

चाहत है किसीकी चाहत को पाने की चाहत है चाहत को आजमाने की।
वो चाहे हमे-चाहे न चाहे पर हमारी चाहत है चाहत में मिट जाने की।

मिलते है अच्छे दोस्त सिर्फ़ खुशनसीबो को मेरी किस्मत से जलना छोर दो।
अगर तमन्ना हो मिलने की मेरे दोस्त से तो बस अपनी नज़र आईने की तरफ़ मोड़ दो।

कभी न सिकायत कि बात लबों पे लायेंगे कहा है दोस्त तो दोस्ती निबयेंगे।
कभी हमारी बुराई हमारे सामने करना कसम खुदा कि हम भी आपकी हाँ में हाँ मिलायेंगे।

तेरी तस्वीर आँखों में बसी क्यों है? जिधर देखो उधर तू ही क्यों है?
तेरी यादो से तकदीर है लेकिन तूझे न पाकर तकदीर रूठी क्यों है?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


which form of entertainment you like most - theatre or cinema hall?
do you think that theatre in india is losing its impact on the audiences?


what do you think about life?
what's your perception of life?
do you think that life is just live and die one day?
do you think that life is a chance to some duties and responsibilities?
what is life according to you?
how do you define life?

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...