Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 1

Today a thought came in my mind to write daily on this blog. And I felt that indeed it's a nice idea. Sitting ideally or sometimes spending time over the net in doing some useless things its always better to do something creative. And I think that writing is also a means to express yourself. You can say or tell your views to so many peoples at a time without being present in front of them. And this happens only in the case of good reading and good writing. Writing definetely dosen't means that you have to write a story or novel - fiction and non-fiction- both are included, or to write an essay or a poem. That's all the pure and old form of writing. But there is a drawback in this system also. Sometimes the reader doesn't gets the exact meaning of what the writer has writen. The reader thinks according to his own interpretation and sometimes it leads to understand something else. It all depends on the perception. But still a huge number of people are still here who are interested in reading and writing. Now its your time to write few comments about this thought. Write whatever you want to write.

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