Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 3

How long all these blasts at the crowded places and at the places of worships will take place in India? How long the innocent people have to give their lives in the different part of the country to open the eyes of politicians and the intellegence agencies? In the recent past, at various places in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Delhi these blasts are taking places। How long all these things will go on? When will the guilty people be arrested? Until when we have to see more people to die on the streets like this? When will all these blasts stop? Why we are so easy target for the terrorists? Why its always we, the Indians?
कब तक बहेंगे आसू माओ के? कब तक बहेंगे खून बेगुनाहों के?
कौन है इंसानियत का कातिल? कब तक लाशो के अम्बार लगेंगे?

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