Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 2

Why the intelligence agencies in India are so slow to react to anything? There are constant bombings in our country but the intelligence agencies are not able to know all those things in advance so that it could be stopped. But no. Every time a lot of innocent lives are lost then only the intelligence agencies are coming in action. And then its the same old thing. They start waiting for another incidence to happen so that they can come in action. I can't understand this nature of our intelligence agencies. If this is due to the political bosses sitting over them then how long the intelligence agecies would like to be a source of entertainment of the political leaders? Its time to show the political people that the intelligence agecies are meant to serve the country not the political leaders. But if the laziness and slowness of the agency is due to its own then how long we have to wait for them to become active? How many innocent lives are there to be lost to get them work properly?

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