Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 7

Yesterday evening, I was watching clips of some old movies on youtube. Then I compared with the new ones. Some movies with the remake version of the old ones. I found that the old ones were more melodies and more entertaining with respect to the new ones. The new re make ones are toatally waste of time, money and talent. But still there are few people in our Bollywood especially some directors who are just mad about making the re make of some old and hit movies. When will these people understand? At least people will be saved from watching such a boring movies. What is the aim of these directors to make the re make? Is it to torture the viewers? I just like the old movies but on the same time there are few new movies which are just too good. Its not like that we don't have any good new movies. If we go a bit in past say 14 years back, then we will have good new movies from that point of time. And the super stars of the current time are also just too good. But there is one Super Star who is just unbeatable. No body is there to come near to him. Yes, I am talking about Mr Amitabh Bachchan, a living legend. He is simply superb. A mind blowing actor. What to say about him? Everyone is aware of his fine acting and the level of acting. He simply fits in any kind of role. I have found that he don't have to do some thing extra. Well the main topic of our discussion was the difference between old movies and new movies. I just got carried away with the discussion of Mr Bachchan. What to do? I can't stop myself from being talking about him. Well, I was saying that its not like that the new movies are not good. You can watch Dil Chahta Hai, Munna Bhai Series, Lagaan, Swadesh and many more like this. I just hate the remake versions of the old movies.

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