Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 8

Today again I am confused what to write? There is a topic in my mind but the confusion is that wheather I should write about it or not. The topic is Love. Actually last night I was listening to some romantic songs on radio. I was thinking that today the Love has changed its meaning. Because I think that no body can give the perfect defination of Love. A person can define the love according to his concept or thought but that can't be universally accepted. There will be some another version for someone else. Well I was talking about the meaning of Love. Today Love means going out with your boy friend or girl friend, buying expensive gifts for each other, paying huge bills of phone - landline or mobile it depends what you use - having dinner out. Today the Love has been commercialised. If you have money in your pocket then you are the best lover in the world. If not then you are not. Money has become the language of Love. This is the degradation of Love. I'm not against Love. I'm against the commercialisation of Love. But in this age, we have a bad habit of copying the western countries. We are forgetting that the western countries whom we are following are pure capitalist countries. Their interest is in making money. That's all. They know how to play with the emotions. Well that's what exactly happening in the whole world. And when you don't have much money to meet the demand then you are not a good lover. You will be compared with your old image. And then one day finally break up. You go your way and I'll go my way. This has become the mentality of modern lovers. Sometimes another type of Love happens. Sometimes modern day technology helps people from different parts to come in contact with each other. Sometimes people meet on net then they began to talk over phone and they began to fall in Love. And then after spending few time with each other, you have to listen that you are not compatible with me or I don't think that we can't spend life together. All these things are happening in today's Love. Sometimes I think that its better that I am away from this modern Love. Its good to be single than having these type of Love. And you never know that whether the person you are loving is going to be with you for the whole life or not? Today the trend is like this - come, meet, spend sometime with each other. If you are good and wealthy then we are going to continue. If not then we should get seperated before its too late or I think we should end this relationship right now. There is no use of continuing this relationship. Is this the true Love? Is this the way of Love? Is there anyone who can tell me what's Love and what's its real meaning in this modern age?

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