Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 13

Today, I was watching a clip on the youtube. Its been titled India's New Anthem. Its an awesome video. And very encouraging one also. Hats off to all of those people who are in the creative team of that video. It has shown the real face of the politicians and the working culture of the government departments. These politicians never cares about the common man. They remember the common man during the election time. Rest of the time they are not bothered that how a common man is living. But in these video its been shown that how a small child decides to change the system. It has a message that if a man decides to change the system then he can. What he needs is only the will power and the initiative to change the system. But that's the problem with we Indians. We will talk a lot about changing the system and all things but when its time to do something then we will not take the initiative. At the time of action, we get the attitude of surrender. When its time to fight, we just kneel down. And then we blame that nothing can happen to this country. This country is going to downfall. If you love your country then why you leave this country and go to foreign country for money. If you have the guts then stay here and change the country. It can happen. Just wake up and have the will power to change the country. Its our country and we have to make it perfect. Not only for only ourself but for the generation coming after us. But we are not thinking about all these things. We are ready to compromise and blame others but aren't ready to do something good. Actually we have migrating tendency. We just say that 'nothing can happen' or 'what difference can I make in all these?' That's the true nature of we Indians. Just migrate from the present situation. Its not our job. But there are few examples were common man has joineed hands with each other and has set a nice examples also. For example there is a colony in Patna. Its called Patliputra Colony. This colony has around 380 big plots of land out of which 300 plots are occupied. People are living in this colony since 1955. And they have a co-operative society. And this society is resposnsible of making roads and drainage systems in the area. Putting the street lights. Getting the electricity connections in the whole colony. This colony is the posh colony of Patna. And it has shown the way that if there is a will then there is a way. And it has set the example that of we get united then we can change the system. We can't get dependent on any other. If government is unable to provide then we can do that on ourself. The thing is to get united. We can't blame the government for everything. If the government is bad then its our duty to not to give our votes to the party whose government was there. Just ignore them and give your vote to the better candidate. We have to change somewhere to change the face of our country.

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