Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 6

Well today I have decided to write something else. Everyday writing on the same topic makes me bore. Well I have observed that in today's time everyone is getting more and more busy. A person is so much involved in his life that he don't have time for himself, his family and his friends. Where are we heading towards? Why are we running so much after money that we don't have time for ourself only? People are moving out to foreign countries for money. What this money will do when you don't have your near and dear ones with you? Money can buy the commodities but not the happiness. So stop running after money and start living for yourself also. We have forgotten to live for ourself. Previously we use to hang out with our friends and we use to have every information about them. But now, months or may be years have passed that we have any news of our friends. We have lost the reason to enjoy our life. Slowly slowly we are becoming robots. Without emotions and feelings. Just doing our duty like machines. We have the contact number of our friends in our cell but don't have any reason and time to call them.

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