Sunday, September 21, 2008


After knowing the views of Mr Subramanian Swamy, I was thinking about what he was trying to say. The point on which was talking was to stop the illegal immigration from Bangladesh. He told that the immigration like this is the way of Islamisation in the world. Very indeed true. The recent attacks in India and around the world involves the Muslims in that. Everywhere, in every attack there is involvement of Islamic organisations. People from different Islamic organisations are doing all these things in the name of jehad, which means holy war. The war which they have started against the whole world in the name of jehad is not an holy one. Which holy war demands or says to kill innocent people? Which holy war says to make small children orphans? Due to some political benefits of the top brass of these Islamic organisations, the innocent people are dying. Its the common man, who is getting killed and who is suffering due to all these things. There is not a single attack or blast in the last 10 years which doesn't includes or figures towards any Islamic organisation. What the hell these Islamic organisations wants to prove? What are their real intentions? By killing the innocent people, is their god going to get pleased? They are not doing all these things to please their god. They are doing all these attacks, blasts and killings to satisfy their inner fear. These people are doing nothing good but are doing bad for their own community. Now every where, every Muslim family is been not feeling safe to live. They are living in small areas where only Muslim families are living. Every Muslim family has come under the suspicious list of not only the police but also of the public. Some people in Islam are giving bad name to the whole Muslim community and will continue to do that until they are stopped. These people are so much blind that they are not able to see that they are burning and destroying the same place where they are also living. They can't go somewhere and live by burning this planet. The so called grass root workers or jehadis, the name which they have donned to please themselves, are nothing but mindless creatures. They are the biggest fools of this world. And they have one more quality added to them. They are cowards. They are killing innocent people and small kids and are calling themselves true jehadis. They think that they are going to get their seats reserved in heaven by making these blasts and killings. I want to know that is their god cruel or kind? He can't be so cruel like them. He is very kind and he will not allow this type of acts done on innocent people.

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