Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 9

We all live life but are not aware that what we exactly we want from our life? All of us are having different goals about our lifes. Some of us wants to live a successful life. A life where you get what you wish. Success, money, name and fame - everything what a man can think about. Some of us wants to have a decent live. Theire wishes are not so large. They want to live a normal live where the basic needs of life are fulfilled. But there is another class of people who are struggling to survive daily. They also have some basic needs and expectations from life but are unable to fulfill those expectations. And there is one more class. A class which is like the second class. Having limited needs. The main need of this class is the satisfaction. These people are not satisfied spiritually. They are the thinkers, philosophers - whatever name you want to give them. These people are always looking for the answers like what is the real meaning of this life? Why we have come to this earth to live? They are trying to get answer to the questions like this. And they are always trying to establish the contact with the supreme authority in the form of satsangs, bhajans and creating awareness about god and his messages. And they have a huge collection of religious books with them which they read and try to understand the meaning of what's written there? And I think that's good. In this fast age, we are totally forgetting the real meaning of life. Somewhere in this age of commercialisation, we have lost the real fun of life. We use to have many things in our childhood but the generation next to ours is not having those things. We are forgeting the meaning of life. Is life being all about just going to office in the morning, coming back to home in evening? Is life only to have the workload and tensions of the office to the places wherever you go? What is the use of earning so much money when you don't have some mental rest and mental peace? I don't deny the importance of money in today's time but what is the use of earning so much of money when you are not there to enjoy that? You are not there to have fun with those money. So the people belonging to the fourth class are good. They don't get bored with the search of god. The people of the first class get bored with their lifestyle after a certain time period. In the starting they enjoy it very much but later on they becomes slave of their own wishes. Second class of people always thinks they have some responsibilities and some duties to perform and they spend their whole life in that. And the third class of people. They are struggling for the basic needs of the life. They don't have interest in other things. They will not look for anything else which don't satisfy their basic needs.

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