Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 11

For the last few days, I am watching a commercial on TV. Its of Tata Tea but the message is of mass awareness. And I have found it very much interesting and a commercial made with some brain. It shows that two people are waking the mass waiting outside the movie hall. They are offering tea to all to wake. The message is that if you are not casting your vote on the voting day then you are sleeping. Hats off to this commercial. Really this is a mind blowing concept. We have a habit of blaming our government for every failure. But we use to forget that we are also part of the system and the Government is the another part of that system. We want everything from the government but when the time comes to vote we just escape from that. Most of the people think and says that what difference one vote will make. That's the difference about which I am going to say. Most of the people just think that voting day is just a holiday for them. But if we will escape from our duty like this then we will not get a good government. And in the absence of a good government there is a lot of wrong things happening in our country and state. The bad government will make bad policies. The young people of our country goes to foreign contries to earn money. They get the proper infrastructure and then they began to praise the infrastructure there. If they can get proper infrastructure there then why can't in our country? We just know how to blame. We blame that the officers in any government department are totally corrupt. Who has made them so much corrupt? Again its we, the people. We use to give bribe to the officers to get our work done. We have shown them the way of corrupt practises and now its we who are blaming them for all these. Its time now to wake up and raise our voices. No government or country is perfect. We have to make it perfect. But instead of doing our job we just go away somewhere else and settle down there. So voting is also our duty and we can't escape from that. If we won't vote for the right party or the right candidate then again we will have the bad government. These politicians think that the people are just fool people who can be driven in any direction in which they want us to drive. Until when this practise is going to continue? We have to wake up and say no to this practise. And we can do it. What we need is just the will power in us. I don't think that the will power inside us has died out. If the will power is not there then it means that we are dead. We are good for nothing. We just wait for someone else to start something new or something good for us. Why should we? Its we, who know the betterment of ours not the others. When the time comes to take initiative then we make excuses that we have our job and we have our families to take care of. Can't we take initiative for our family members? Until when we will make these excuses and will escape from our duties? Just think over it. Let me tell you a real fact. We know that the plastic bags are being used every where in the shops. But I have refused to take the goods in the plastic bags. I use to carry my own jute bag with me whenever I go for shopping. I simply refuse to take the items in the plastic bags. I told every shopkeeper where I go for shopping that if they will give the items in the plastic bags then I am not going to take that. There were some other buyers whenever I go for shopping. And I have seen few of them are doing the same thing which I use to do. You just have to take the initiative and then see the positive result. So when its the voting time then just go and vote. Now we have to change the face of our country and state. If we can praise the other countries then why can't we do the same for our country? The place where we are born, brought up, the place where we get our education. Is it right to take the full advantages from this country and when the time comes to pay back then we just go to foreign countries. I think that its simply avoiding the duties. Jaago now.

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